Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Merdeka celebrations in my constituency

I have never celebrated Merdeka this way before. Back-to-back Merdeka celebrations happening all over my constituency. As the state assemblyman, I am mindful of my role as an agent of reconciliation for all the different races living in Subang Jaya and I will work very hard to ensure unity and not further division (caused by race based politics). Below are some photos to highlight the multiracial community in the Subang Jaya constituency:

Kayuhan Merdeka organised by MPSJ

Singing the national anthem with senior citizens of USJ5

This group of senior citizens embraced me like their own daughter/grand daughter and one grandmother advised me to persevere no matter how tough the task becomes

Launching the Shafiee Basketball tournament

Young basketball players all ready for their matches

Merdeka Breakfast celebration with the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association

Cutting the birthday cake for Malaysia

Singing patriotic songs with the youth group from Subang Jaya Buddhist Association

Meeting the single mothers in SS19 flats

My assistant Timothy filling up forms for single mothers for free rice aid from Selangor State Government

Together with the parents and children of Sri Subramaniar temple at PJS7

The kids with their trophies won at the sports carnival.

Meeting the single mothers at Angsana in USJ1

With Carol Rasiah at USJ1

With the children of USJ3ABCD

Fun events at the USJ3ABCD Merdeka party

Residents of USJ3ABCD in queue for food

I was exhausted by the time the celebrations were all over. I thank God for sustaining me and for blessing me with good health to continue serving my constituents. Happy 51st, Malaysia!


pt said...

Whoa! All that in one day! Amazing stuff :) Im sure that the praises that your constituents are singing off you will go a long way and hopefully in good health as well!

Happy Merdeka!

Baby said...

You must be tired but happy and fun on that day.

The best part is that the residents knew you're there for them even on an event like this.

Anonymous said...


Good job. At least you are not the type that only attended the official state level functions; your participation at community level is really great.

Ron Hassan

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah

in regards to Bandar Utama land grab. Please also check the below.

Land meant for MPSJ Sports complex in Putra Heights , 1o/4 Putra Permai is no longer for MPSJ Sports complex. Some thing fishy going on and alos the land set aside for surau and market.

2. The new shops in USJ Taipan 1, was set aside for public utilities but now shops are built on it. Look at the new build market , above floors are office space.

3. Same in Bandar Sunway and Subang Jaya SS.

I hope you please look into all the above and please keep us inform in your blog.The land thieves have stole and still stealing land in your area.

Concern USJ citzen

bluskyes said...

wow, hannah, looks like you had a super-busy merdeka day!!! thanks for sharing all the great events organised by Malaysians in your constituency...really feels like these events have much more meaning than the huge government-led million-dollar events. congratulations on a job well done so far, and may you keep finding the strength and tenacity to keep up the great work!!!