Monday, September 29, 2008

MPSJ's budget briefing for 2009 - 2010

I was present at MPSJ for their budget briefing for year(s) 2009 - 2010. When given the opportunity to present my views on the proposed budget, I raised the following concerns:-
  • MPSJ needs to focus on improving infrastructure in the Subang Jaya zone. Efforts and budget must be focused on solving traffic congestions especially in USJ 1. With new commercial units and condominiums being completed in USJ 1, traffic situation will become worse at the traffic light near Giant.
  • MPSJ must also allocate funds to solve lack of car parks at Taipan and SS15 commercial areas. This point was subsequently dismissed by MPSJ. MPSJ replied that there are sufficient car parks and the traffic congestion is merely caused by drivers parking indiscriminately. While the latter is true, I strongly think that insufficient car parks is also the cause of this menace.
  • MPSJ must allocate sufficient funds to curb dengue as the Subang Jaya zone has always been a hot zone. There should be no excuse of lack of funds when it comes to fighting dengue because it is a matter of life and death.
  • Earlier I was informed that construction of a pedestrian bridge would cost MPSJ RM500,000 - RM700,000 per bridge. I requested for 2 pedestrian bridges to be given the priority ie. the traffic light at SS19 at Persiaran Tujuan (to avoid main traffic flow coming to a halt just to allow one person to cross the road) and one more to be constructed at USJ 6 connecting to the Metrobus hub at Persiaran Kewajipan (it is almost an impossible task for children to cross the main road and to prevent death from happening again).
  • Lighting of parks must be given a priority. In a community like Subang Jaya, parks are one of the greatest assets for the residents. I want the residents to feel safe walking in the parks in the evening.
  • MPSJ should also consider providing public washrooms. I cited the example of senior citizens coming out to exercise in the parks in the morning and facing the inconvenience of finding a public washroom.
  • MPSJ must also improve MPSJ kiosks as traders have complained about becoming drenched whenever it rained. I also highlighted that any development of infrastructure such as this must not be half-hearted. Quality of materials must be ensured. This includes repairing pot-holes and etc.
  • I also raised my concerns of CCTV. Rental of 100 units of CCTVs is RM103,333.33 per month (inclusive of maintenance fees). This matter is now being reviewed by the State Exco Ronnie Liu and I will continue to push for a review of the agreement.
  • MPSJ to invest in bins with lids for lower income area ie. low cost flats to overcome serious rat problem. MPSJ rebutted that this should be the responsibility of the relevant Joint Management Body(ies). Some of these JMBs have a deficit in their accounts and this matter would not be resolved if we sit and wait for their accounts to be in a healthy state. JMB has its own set of issues (which I will not discuss here).
  • I also asked for a stricter review system on non-performing contractors. If works done are not satisfactory, their contracts must not be extended and payment should be adjusted accordingly.
  • Sufficient budget must also be given to solve flood problems.
  • Moneys must not be wasted unnecessarily.

I will raise public transportation issues at the state level for a more wholesome solution, rather than just at Subang Jaya. Nevertheless, our councillor Theresa Ratnam Thong has also raised this at the last MPSJ full board meeting for MPSJ's consideration.

I will continue to speak up for the best interest of residents and to ensure that their payment for assessment commensurates with quality public services.


UniversalTraveller65 said...

Dear YB Hannah,

MPSJ is beholden to the people.It's the taxpayers money that is being spend.

1. Why the Budget is not made public?
2. Why there's no public objections,recommendation&review?
3.Who approves the budget?
4. Are the WakilRakyat involved in the Budget proposals?

Reform the Management of the MPSJ and all councils in Selangor thru legislations. Hold Councils accountable & responsible to the Legislative Assy. and the people. Make public the Accounts of all the councils. Tax payers have the right to know what/where is the "MONEY" is going to.

Alan said...

Hi Hannah,

I just want to know if extra parking spaces needed at Taipan,
where will that be?

I cannot figure that out, as
Taipan area seems to me that
there is really no extra space
can be built for extra parking spaces.

There is one building at the
center of Taipan, which is for
parking purpose. However, not
many people will go there and
park their cars. I think many
are truely lazy nowadays, so
they just simply stop their cars
in front of those shops,
which is not a parking space,
but on a road side.

If several clear sign boards
can be put up, showing the
direction heading to that
parking building, I think
it could help a bit. Also,
MPSJ enforcement team got
to put extra efforts in
making sure that people
will not simply park their
cars on roadside at that area.

USJ 8 Resident.

Anonymous said...

If there is a carpark provided and if the rakayt are not using it, then the majlis should clamp those cars and force them to shame and pay fines. That is the only way to educate them. Otherwise for eternity, there will always be traffic jams and insufficient car parks because they wanted to park near to their desination. The majlis should provide bicycle parkings to encourage resident to cycle.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB,

I fully support the need to build a pedestrian bridge across Persiaran Kewajipan. A lot of students from USJ 6 are crossing this road daily to go to SMK 8 and so are the people who stay in the apartments dashing across the road to take public transport. These folks and kids are risking their lives especially with cars speeding down the road from the Summit traffic lights. There have been instances of fatal accidents occurred. We do not want to see it happened again. In fact , I have brought this matter up with the previous ADUN and he repsonded by saying it wasn't a priority!!

Anonymous said...

Dear YB,

Now that the councillors from the PR has settled down in MPSJ, I would like to propose that a comprehensive audit be carried out (similar to that taken by Penang State Government)on MPSJ. By conducting such an audit, the PR government needs to highlight any mismanagement of funds, abuse of power and whatever corrupt practices, if any, which have been going on for the past decades in MPSJ.
MPSJ is one of the richest councils in the country with a big budget. The audit execrcise will uncover any misdeeds which the previous administration has perpetrated. Actions need to be taken against any officers involved.

katztales said...

There is enough parking in SS15 - if you walk a few hundred meters during peak times. Doesn't bother me but the elderly and mums with kids have a problem because of the terrible pavements. Perhaps fixing even pavements with no huge holes in them and ramps so you can push a pushchair up them would be a solution?

As for rats: I suggest neutered community cats. We have a colony in our back lane and there isn't a rat in sight.

You're doing a good job keeping us up to date. Appreciate it!

Darick said...

wow....! hannah,
this wat LGE's CAT stand for !!!
u really did a good job by being complyenince, transparancy & accountability. this will make d umno/bn regime run for their live to survive in d next GE!
keep up ur good hard work for d people.

petluc said...

I strongly believe in Social Responsibilities of Our Corporate citizens. The corporations should be encouraged to adopt public parks in the vicinity, which will lessen the burden on the funds of the council.
Let the corporations adopt the parks and pay for the infrastructures such as lighting, park benches etc...and have the council plus the local RA's to be responsible for the maintenance.
We will end up with a win-win-win situation for all.
Hope to see something like this start off in USJ

Anonymous said...

i send a email to MBSJ months ago requesting them to just light up the Stadium a bitso that we can do some exercise after 8pm after coming from work either from PJ or KL but i didn't receive any reply.

If PR called themself "the Rakyat government", come on, how much can it costs to extend to 9pm to light up jest few bulbs ?

else, PR is no different than BN.