Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Press Release - Selangor Investment Mission to Taiwan deferred

16th Sept 2008 Press Release by Hannah Yeoh, Assistant to State Executive Councillor for Investment, Industry and Trade:

I regret to announce that the proposed investment mission to Taiwan announced by Teresa Kok last week will be deferred until further notice due to her detention under the Internal Security Act ("ISA"). At a meeting on 15th Sept, the organising committee which comprised members of the Selangor Business Council that was chaired by me in Teresa Kok's absence, unanimously agreed that it would be meaningless and counter-productive to embark on such a trip in view of the very negative image of the political and economic outlook for Malaysia in the aftermath of the arbitrary and wholly unjustified detention of Teresa Kok under the draconian and undemocratic ISA legislation.

The Selangor Business Council is a consultative body whose members are drawn from key business and professional bodies who help advise the state government on investment and business development strategies. Council members unanimously expressed outrage at the abuse of the ISA and called upon the Minister concerned to immediately and unconditionally release Teresa Kok from detention.

The Home Minister's unjustified detention of Teresa Kok is a blot on Malaysia's political stability and investment climate and has caused severe damage to Malaysia's international reputation as a preferred investment destination. It is unacceptable that an elected state and federal legislator who is holding office in a state government is treated in such an arbitrary and uncivil manner.

It is imperative that the use of the ISA against civilians be stopped forthwith and immediate steps to review, if not, to repeal altogether this draconian law.


NEO said...

Sad to know that YB Teresa Kok is arrested under ISA. Moreever, the arrest was extended for another 28 days!

May I know how to get more information about the investment mission to Taiwan?

myvoice said...

Can someone tell me now who is the main culprit that give threat to our national economy?

An idiotic move by non other than the HM and AAB. Poor YB Teresa, hope you are strong enough to overcome the present turmoil. We pray that may God the Al-Mighty shall take very good care of you!

B.O.S.S said...

Teresa is back! Yeah Yeah Yeah!

myvoice said...

Thanks God for your precious help in getting YB Teresa released from ISA arrest. Amen!