Friday, September 12, 2008

Public briefing on LRT

Photo courtesy of SJ Echo

I have been invited by some residents of SS14 to brief them together with all other interested residents from my constituency on the LRT Kelana Jaya extension to Subang Jaya-USJ-Putra Heights. I recently requested for a meeting with Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad and will be briefing the residents on the outcome of the meeting. See you there!


Anonymous said...

The LRT meeting should be indoor at the civic hall SS15. 1430 hrs is either very hot or wet if it rains .

SJ said...

It's been fixed and police permits have already been obtained.
Canopies have been provided by MPSJ with sound system.

Sept 14
SS14 Basketball Court/Playground..

See you there

Alan said...

To the 1st poster, "Anonymous",

The main target audience of this meeting is for SS14 residents, that is why Hannah got to choose a place which is nearer for those residents there.

I live in USJ, and I do not mind to be there, even if it is very hot or got sudden rain. There is one thing called umbrella!

If later SS15 residents request
Hannah to organize such an event,
do you expect Hannah to choose a place in SS14???

I even travelled all the way to
Permatang Pauh to have a look,
before that by-election. If we
are really eager to know more
about certain infomation, location
is not the main issue. The main issue is whether we really want
to explore ourselves to know and
learn more.

Anonymous said...

Am a residence in SS14 for the past 20 years. Am not against LRT . But am against the route it is taking through residence area. Which not many really depend on it. Why not run through Sunway area where a lot of students and low cost apartments residence will benefit. As suggested by our ex-YB Lee Hwa Beng coming through the industrial area of Sunway Phyramid and industrial area to reach Summit. Am disappointed with your non commitment attitude of not standing to fight for us.

navalan parkunan said...

Am staying in SS14, I strongly propose let it run through housing long as it benefits public. I want to stop using my car in this uncertain/future economic conditions and would love to travel in LRT to KL.

pro-LRT for subang jaya

please make it happen, before federal government change their mind.


Living in subang jaya for 15 years

Jules said...

I was at the public briefing by Rt. Hon Assemblyperson.
Firstly I applaud you in briefing the public about the proposed LRT route. It is like a breadth of fresh air.
Secondly I reflected on what was said by various people, yourself included and I would like to suggest the following be done:
(a) you should ask SPNB for a copy of the study on route extension and make this public. The reason is to enable all of us (and your office included) to identify and determine whether the study examined all the issues or was a desktop analysis.
(b) As the ADUN for Subang Jaya, you can help the residents by organising Town Hall discussions on the subject-matter and to obtain a consensus whether the LRT runs through or not.
(c) We shld get MPSJ to do a study as to who goes fm their home to destinations and where their destinations are; would they use the LRT to go to KL for work because if they dont then the problem of traffic congestion persists. Bottomline is that the problem that the LRT line introduction is intended to be solved needs to be examined and analysed. By the sounds of things this has not been done by MOT.

charis14 said...

navalan parkunan "... strongly propose let it run through housing long as it benefits public."

I should also support since my home is...
...close enough to benefit from the project yet
...distant enough from the construction chaos & permanent daily traffic chaos

However, in solidarity with those who will be negatively affected, I am saying NO to routing the LRT thro residential areas.

The 2-hub suggestion (Putra/KTM Interchange & STAR extension to Sunway/USJ) creates the least problem. Just invest some of the savings towards (a) feeder buses & (b) adequate low cost parking.

Anonymous said...

Going through the Sunway industrial area would be better. Going through SS14 where there are high density of resident houses, offices, high rise buildings is not a good idea. How do you feel if the LRT run through your resident area SS18? Think about others, serve others, and work for us who voted change (not you). BTW, just be humble when you do your duties not seeking publicity
Please post this message good or bad...(transparency) and there is no need to moderate and approved before posting to your posting...Are you just preaching and talk transparency. All comments MUST be posted in the interest of TRANSPARENCY. Let other judge

Anonymous said...

I would like to make an announcement. I live in USJ6 quite close to the place where they (Sunway) are stationed their main construction equipment.
I'm really livid mad with MPSJ enforcement, the useless department who does not give a rat a#s about their penduduk in USJ6.
On one early morning, as early as 3.00am, on Easter Sunday 08/03/2012, I was gasping for air, choking to death because of an awful burning smell emitting from Sunway’s construction site.
Earlier on Saturday, 07/04/2012 while I was watching TV, I got that same poisoning smell, something like electrical wires & rubber burning.
Now that’s not all, I wasn't the only one who had experienced this traumatic event but the daughter of my sister's friend of who also lives in USJ6, suffered the same faith. By the way her daughter is asthmatic. She could easily die in her sleep because of her respiratory system shut down due to the polluted air. I mean doesn’t this selfish, greedy humans have a heart? I guess not…its all about $$$$ & power.
My room is air-conditioned and still that burning smell managed to penetrate in my room waking me up 3.00am, wee hours of the morning.
This cruel individuals does not even care about public health whatsoever, the only thing that runs in their lifeline is how much money they can pocket from this project.
I was suffocating in my room, my head felt giddy, I felt like vomiting, really it made me sick like hell. Isn't this cancerous? Of cause it is who doesn’t know about it, this bloody poison emission is CANCEROUS…numb nuts. These morons don't care anything at all. I called MPSJ to make a report that Sunday, 3.00am, 08/04/2012 and guess what? This is the reply I got. "(Me) Hello Selamat pagi Encik, saya nak buat aduan berkaitan dengan pembinaan LRT dekat tempat saya di USJ6/^@. (MPSJ) Yeah ada apa Encik. Saya tak dapat tidur kerana mereka (Sunway Construction) mencemar udara sehingga saya hidu benda bau busuk macam getah dibakar.
So he (MPSJ) told me that they couldn’t do much bout anything as it was out of their hand. All they could do is record down my complaint and besides that, nothing more. They ask for my particulars and that was closed (NFA) No Further Action. So what is MPSJ's job description? Summons, car-parking offences, collecting quite rents, etc???
I guess Sunway is a big fish so they do not want to get their hands burnt, afraid being told off by their superiors. For them public safety is a thing of the past. What’s a couple of casualties to them, everyday people are dying? No point making a big fuss right?? Negligence and lack of intelligence, that’s what I call it.
Why does the public always have to voice out something before the authorities take action??? What is this country coming to? Nobody wants to take responsibility over his or her actions.
The word "Safety Comes First" might as well be flush down the toilet.
If MPSJ really took my report seriously, I wouldn't have got these recurring burning smell just yesterday 09/04/2012 at 6.45pm again. That goes to show MPSJ is not bothered about my report.
I will get feed backs from all this neighboring who would like to share their same experience as me and we collectively get support hire the best lawyers in town and sue the Municipal & the contractor for their lack of commitment towards public health.
Call this 1 Malaysia??? Huh that's a load of crap.