Friday, September 26, 2008

We must not forget him!

RPK has said in this article that he hopes the people would not forget him.
This is taken from Haris Ibrahim's blog - ISA candlelight vigil. I will not forget RPK and will make all effort to be there.
Have you read this? I did cringe just reading about the food served to foreign detainees. We are not a starving nation, how can we justify this? Every meal I take now, I will say a prayer for RPK and those in ISA detention.


Lau Weng San said...

Dear Hannah,

Do you think it is necessary to table a motion in the upcoming state assembly to prohibit any party to set-up any structure in the state of Selangor meant for detention without trial (except remand centre)?

With this, nobody, including federal government can think if erecting such place like the one we have in Kamunting, here in Selangor. They can build else where but not Selangor.

Weng San

KIMHO8 said...


I see you there.

USJ resident.

Teh said...

Good evening Hannah,

With regards to food served to detainees and ISA prisoners, I think the authority and the Minister concerned should be served the same food for at least a day for them to feel humility. The prisoners are human beings even though they might have committed a crime.

My pet, an adopted mongrel takes about 3 kg of dog food a week. It costs around RM 40.00 plus per pack. On top of it, she also gets treats for good behaviour.

I really feel sorry for those in our Malaysian prisons.

Susmaryosep! said...

In order to save RPK, DAP must mount an unrelenting campaign to have the "missing" PI Balasubramaniam back in the country, and protected under a "witness protection program" implemented by DAP and PKR

charis14 said...

Malaysia Today stated that the 'FREE RPK' T-shirts will be launched 3rd October. Sales to individuals will be slow and troublesome. Also, the uncertainty re reliability of giving personal information and making payments.

To speed up, I suggest DAPSJ invest an initial order of 500 pcs. Let us know when the stock arrives so we can 'cash & carry' from your service centre. Also, sell these when you go for the many public functions.

In event of leftovers, give it to your official members or those who cannot afford but will gladly wear out.

Replicate this among the PR politicians and we will see 'free RPK' moving adverts everywhere.