Monday, October 13, 2008

Buck up! Maintenance of public areas lacking

Last week, I did a random check on maintenance works at SS15 and SS19. I will continue to do random checks to ensure that MPSJ's contractors perform.

Hazardous!...Hannah is obviously not very pleased with the condition of this children's slide located in SS19.

Random Check by ADUN Subang Jaya discovers amenities upkeep shabby in SS15 and SS19 Gaping hole in the middle of the children's slide in SS19.

Missing manhole covers, shabby benches, precarious and rusting signages, uncollected garbage, broken children's slides and potential mosquito breeding grounds. Within an hour, a random check by ADUN Subang Jaya Hannah Yeoh of two locations, one each in SS15 and SS19 unravelled a potpourri of bad maintenance by contractors engaged to upkeep the recreation fields in the municipality of Subang Jaya.

Hannah having a look at this signage which is not buried into the ground at the SS15 Hexagon field along SS15/3B.

In the SS15 Hexagon field along SS15/3B itself, she noticed exposed wires from a light pole, benches which were in bad shape, broken basketball court frames, litter (which included many empty beer bottles) and rubbish bins filled to the brim.

Time to replace or a new coat of paint?

What's happened here?

A check along Jalan SS15/3B found workers now repairing and replacing manhole grills which had gone missing more than a month ago, leaving huge holes along the road which posed a danger to motorcyclists and cyclists.

Replacing work being carried out. The grilles are now made of concrete to prevent theft.

In SS19 field, infrastructure was unkempt and were potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Rubbish strewn all over which included styrofoam packets, whisky bottles, plastic were found around the racing track for the miniature motorised race cars. A children's slide was found broken, posing a risk to children who may unknowingly play and use it. A gaping hole right in the middle of the slide obviously caught Hannah's attention and concern.
"This is a risk to children who may unknowingly use the slide. They can hurt themselves"

Hannah taking photos of rubbish all over the area in SS19. Even the structure needs a new coat of paint and repairs.

"Rubbish all over can also become a potential health hazard to the vicinity as they can become mosquito breeding grounds," she said to SJ Echo in a random check around the neighbourhood.

Rubbish everywhere in the SS19 playground

"I want the contractors engaged by the Subang Jaya Municipal Council to buck up."
"I will immediately bring this to the attention of the council and want to see action taken to address these shortcomings," she said, adding that she was disappointed by the level of maintenance of public amenities in the two areas.

Time to change this signboard?

Uncut grass, untrimmed trees and vandalism on the public amenities made Hannah frown.
The message after the one hour check was clear - Buck Up or Else!


abi said...

Whoa...conditions are pretty bad ha!These are pretty dangerous, kids go to playgrounds and if the playgrounds are in such conditions?!

The contractors and those using these parks have to be more considered! When you use it, clean up your mess!

Christopher Tay Hanmin said...
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Banne said...

All these checks should be done by MPSJ. It's not for us to tell the contractors. pointless to blame the contractors. The one to be blamed is MPSJ. Real sad, it needs the Adun to highlight this matter. We pay our rates to MPSJ. They're our contractors!

Anonymous said...

you should invite public to send in photos of any malfunctioning or dirty playground. We can raise people's awareness thru your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hai Hannah, I would like to say that MPSJ maintenance is not solely to blame. The public vandalism problem is also need to be look into. Maybe MPSJ can spare some parking attendance to go round to this places to keep an eye for public vandal instead of spending so much time looking at car dashboard for parking ticket. TQ.

The Hedonese said...

ya, i always pass by that area with missing man holes and last week, was pleasantly surprised that they have been fixed. Good idea too w new solution where the covers wont get stolen anymore... kudos!

temenggong said...

Surely someone is in charge of maintenance of public amenities, and obligated to making weekly inspection rounds?

You are doing a good job in exposing these shortcomings with photos!

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for all the good works and all your hard works.
I m so glad I m a resident of USJ. Unfortunately the price of houses in USJ is plummeting now.
Anything you can do ? Just kidding.
Take good care of your health and I hope you will continue your good works.

Anonymous said...

There are 2 playgrounds in SS19/1 area. YB Hannah went to SS19/1. The one in SS19/1G is no different. The maintenance is the same as the one visited by her. Assumed that MPSJ has maintenance contract for regular maintenance inclusive of keeping the place clean(unless MPSJ has different arrangement). How do they approved the payment if no work is done?

James Lim said...

Yes, I do agreed that sometimes it's not the local council that's to be blamed.

What's with our mentality? Third class? I would like to think so.

Malaysians are a very selfish lot. They will do anything to damaged property as long as it does not belong to them. Same goes to rubbish. They will throw rubbish anywhere as long as it's not near their compound. But Malaysians forgot that they pay taxes too. So the local council will use the Malaysian taxpayers' money to repair and restore the damaged properties. So at the end of the day, who's forking out the money? Malaysians-lah. A good what goes around, comes around.

As long as Malaysians' third class mentality is not changed, we will see the act of vandalism repeat itself.

CE said...

i wish to comment about the missing manholes grating (or you all call it grills).

And wish to find out what kind of installation detail in engineering point of view.

If the local council is still providing the just 'sit on' kind of thing, please tell them : 'Please save our money'.

If no improvement on the installation detail is provided.

It will missing again, as the steel scrap is around RM700 per tonne.

Please check out this............

Mathew said...


This is the main problem we have observed in the past years, lack of "pro-active" action by MPSJ to address issues.

The organization seems to be re-active to issues and if there are no issues, then everything is ok.

2 main changes need to happen:

- We Malaysian needs to start complaining.

- We need a paradigm shift in the government and while I agree this takes time, even with PR in power, there is limited change happening.
Maybe there is already some action being taken but the results on the field are very the final gauge.

While the MP's have a very different approach, it's the state government machinery which needs to also change & this I agree will take time and should continue to be one of the key visions for the future.

Sunway Resident

viv said...

dear hannah,
while you're at it, do take a look at the field next to jln usj4/9

esp after a downpour. parts of the field and the jogging track will be waterlogged. and because the trees/bushes are not regularly pruned, the fallen leaves and branches are hazardous to park goers, esp young children and the elderly.

the jogging track/walkway needs to be rectified as it is uneven, and tiles are broken.

then there are the lampposts that did a disappearing act. they were installed briefly - sans lights. then even the posts went missing. now, only the screws/bolts are left on the ground. another hazard.

the children's swings? pathetic. broken and left unrepaired for eons.

the pergola has been abused by some people who even knock nails into them to hang their personal stuff.

and this is only one field in usj, hannah.

Anonymous said...


You shall be credited for raising so many problems around SJ. We start pointing fingers at who is not maintaining this or that, so what if things have been fixed? I bet you, things will go back to the same as before.

I believe this idea is not new. I propose we to increase the law enforcement officers to provide security for the area. Also we could propose to increase state budget to increase the benefit of local law enforcement officials and entice new blood to join to the force?

Of course the use of CCTV, servillain video camera to catch law breakers will definitely reduce the need for more officers, but each cost RM1000? You kidding me? You seriously need to examine this.

tokmoh said...

I noticed there's a lot more manhole along that SS15 road that has yet to be covered.

I hope u can check to ensure that they're on schedule. It's an eyesore to see them uncovered everyday I pass by it.

Panir said...

Dear Hannah

In MPSJ's organisation structure, I am sure there will be those in charge of development and those in charge of maintenance. And the usual practice is to engage contractors to maintain parks and public amenities. What needs to be done is to ensure that a senior office is SOLELY RESPONSIBLE to ensure that contractors are doing their job. Another officer should be authorised to do random audits and if they find that the contractor has not done his job and the maintenance officer has "tutup mata" we will need to discipline or if necessary fire the office responsible. Errant contractors must be penalised. In the first place they must have a performance bond (cash or Bank Guarantee) placed with MPSJ. If they undercut or do not meet specs for maintenance we can then forfeit their bond.

Besides this then comes public education to make sure residents do not mis-use or abuse parks and amenities. Next comes prevention of vandalism which can again be minimised by getting co-operation from nearby residents by encouraging nearby residents to "adopt" their local park.

By cracking the whip at MPSJ and public education I believe we can slowly get our parks and amenities back in good shape and change our 3rd World maintenance mentality to first world.

Keep up the excellent work. We truly appreciate your personal interest in our welfare.

Panir Selvam

Old Fart said...


you ought to probably visit a local council in Australia or New Zealand abuot how they upkeep thier parks. Mind you, a lot of the "dirt" that you see on the park bench or the concrete structures is really nothing more than moss, mould or lichen and there are ways to get rid of them without having to correct these eye sores by the more expensive painting. New Zealand has a worse climate when it comes to moss and mould growth. Yet they are able to keep these eye sores well under control.

Unfortunately in this country no one really attends to the growth of moss and mould until it is too late. And so you find that the paint job that comes with a 10 year guarantee hardly lasts 3 years as by then the moss and mould take root and grow. You want a cheap solution to this problem in your constituency there is..but you got to be prepared to test it out..the commerical cleaners don't like this and will not support this as it eats into their business. The paint companies too may not like it as they now may end up selling less paint.

Anonymous said...

no difference in the playground condition in SS18. Recently I notice one playground in SS18 has a high fence built. But the condition of the playground is terrible. Not sure what that fence is for, nobody plays football in that playground.

I think problem is those playground equipment are too prone to damage... Just remove them, make the ground even and let the children run around the green grass is good enough already.

Or build something more durable.

Elizabeth Wong said...

Great you pointed this out. I shall take some pics of the park/playground in my area for your perusal. My kids like to go to the nearby park but each time we go, I have to tell them to stay away from the playground equipments for there are just so many broken parts. It's hard to get them to stay away, so we just don't go to the park as often. :(

I like the idea of removing the playground equipment and just let the kids run freely..or install something durable. For now, I'd be happy just to have those equipment removed and let my kids run around...

Anonymous said...

I saw a new chilren playground equipment on the big SS18 field. No doubt something is done, but please dont do it just for sake of showing off.

The most important thing about the playground is the condition of the field and secondly the usablility and durability of the equipment. That piece of equipment look so flimsy, I doubt it will last more than 3 month. Furthermore the ground that it stood on is soo terrible and unsafe. Children can easily and stumble and die on the spot. This is just a waste of money.

For a good playground, most important is the field, make it even/flat and waterlog free. Like the other reader said, as long as the field is good, even without equipment is still better.