Friday, October 24, 2008

Calling all residents of SS18

This month we'll be having our 2nd Town Hall meeting at SS18 for the residents in SS18 only.
Date: 31 October 2008 (Friday)
Time: 9pm to 10pm only
Venue: Field at SS18/3D, SS18/6, SS18/4 (Opposite mamak bistro/7-eleven/sukumaran)
This is an opportunity for me to engage with the residents and to update the residents on certain policies and issues concerning Subang Jaya. See you there!


Anonymous said...

YB Hannah,

I made a call to your Subang Jaya service center on Saturday 25 Oct 2008 at about 11.00 am. I was trying my luck as I know your opening hours is from Monday to Friday. My initial objective was to get some information on "Skim Takaful Warga Eams."

I would like to highlight to you that the voice from the other end of the line was terribly tired, cold and not welcoming at all. I feel like talking to an Iron Rod from a refrigerator. It was so discouraging listening to such a voice. I understand that your are not working on Saturday but if you are not prepare to take up a call please don't.

I understand that maintaining a service center is not easy especially Pakatan Rakyat was just came in power not long ago. But a very important point for you is the person pick up call for you in your office has to be presentable or else it will jeopardize your image.


Don't worry, I am not a subang Jaya voter but stay very near to Subang Jaya. I was just wondering if I can register my mother for the Skim at your office and now I don't think I will do that.

Alan said...


This afternoon, I attended the Hari Raya Open House organized by Hannah Yeoh.

Probably because I always like to bring along my camera and take photos, Hannah not only could recognize me now, but also she was able to remember my name. It is easy for us to remember "Hannah Yeoh" because there is only one Hannah Yeoh, but imagine Hannah Yeoh could call you by your name when she meets you again. There are so many residents in Subang Jaya, and I believe that Hannah could really remember and call up thousands of Subang Jaya residents' names in years to come. she truely shows a good example that she is a total different politician. You truely have a good memory, Hannah. :)

Before going, I also invited my Malay neighbour & many friends to attend. My neighbour praised Hannah for what she has done for Subang Jaya community so far.

Things that Hannah have been doing now are just totally different from what the previous ADUN did. Salute!

One of the most significant differences to me is that whenever you all meet Hannah Yeoh out there, you will not feel like she is a typical politician. She is just like your friend or your neighbour. Her friendliness is not a pretending one, but I truely know that such friendliness is Hannah Yeoh's real personality, which is from the bottom of her heart. A person like Hannah does not need to pretend to be friendly, so that she could get your future supports. That kind of friendliness is just like how your good friend treats you.

This country is truely lacking of such a real friendly politician like Hannah Yeoh.

Back to the topic...
By organizing this kind of Town Hall Meeting, that truely needs efforts, time and energy. To those who never attend the 1st Town Hall Meeting before, kindly attend this 2nd meeting which will be held in SS18.

As a resident in this community,
we all got to know what has happened. Now, our wakil rakyat, Hannah Yeoh, will organize such a meeting from time to time, we just should not miss that, especially to those who stay around SS18.

Bring your friends and your family members to attend any town hall meeting organized by Hannah Yeoh.

I know that some people will see Hannah Yeoh as a politician and may link such town hall meeting as another type of political event. Some people even have very traditional mindset thinking that when they need to point finger or raise voice, they will only attend.

We should not have such a traditional mindset. This kind of town hall meeting is not a political speech, but a meeting about the issues related to all of us in Subang Jaya.

Now, we have a great ADUN like Hannah, who takes initiative in organizing such a great town hall meeting for residents, we also need to take initiative to attend, especially when one particular town hall meeting is related more about one particular area. For example, the up coming meeting will touch on issues more about SS18, so SS18 residents should go there and listen and inform (not to raise voice, but to inform politely) Hannah about certain issues which you all face that you all think that certain changes or improvements have to be made.

Do you all remember how often the previous ADUN organized such a town hall meeting and updated residents about issues in this community last time? I have tried to refresh my memory for many times, but I cannot remember any!
I have stayed in Subang Jaya for more than 13 years. Last time, I only could know more about what had happened in Subang Jaya through newspapers, Subang Jaya Echo or those leaflet published by MPSJ.

Now, a person like Hannah will personally meet up with residents from time to time, we should appreciate such great efforts and we should bring more friends and family members to attend, so that our future generations will care more about what has happened around their own community and work together with Hannah in making this place to become an even better place to live.

Again, thanks for organizing such an open house for the community. I may attend the other Open House (for Deepavali) by 1st November.
The main purpose of attending the open house is not about eating, but to show my on-going supports and to meet up with other residents in this community. :)

Have a wonderful holiday to all.

USJ 8 Resident.

Alan said...

To "Anonymous",

As an "outsider" of the case which you mention above, if you really experienced such a situation, at least you should inform Hannah about who was the one answering your call and how the person actually talked to you or what kinds of words that the person used which made you feel so upset.

I do not mean to offend you, but seeing the way you wrote, you are really childish, especially the last sentence that you wrote.

If you think that there should be an improvement on the way Hannah's associates answering people calls, state that out clearly and constructively.

The way you wrote is like those people who say thing like this, "We vote for you, so you just got to perform perfectly and help us out 100%, and please don't say NO to us, if not, you will never have my vote next time!"

If that associate really made such a mistake, point that out clearly to Hannah, so that she could follow up.

We all make mistakes from time to time, and experiences come from mistakes, most of the time. Once a person makes a mistake, and if you do not give a single chance to him/her, is that good for everyone, including you? You never make any mistake in your life? If after you make a mistake, and one person writes like the way you wrote, without giving you a single chance to make improvement, how do you feel?

Think about that.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have nothing to say but I wish that all ADUNs, Parliamentary delegates and Ministers have the same sort of heart, mind, sense of responibility, sense of proper civic duty, friendliness and righteousness as you.

"If a club is only as good as its members, then I feel very lucky to be in this club"

change it into

"A country is only as good as its citizens are. Work hard, do the right thing and the time will come when we will feel extremely lucky to be in Malaysia".

Please teach your children to do the right thing and demonstrate it to them.

Prayer Warriors said...

To "Anonymous",

I agree with Alan that you should at least inform Hannah about the whole conversation with the other person.
Not to offend you,learn to appreciate and give encouragement to someone who has contributed her time and effort for others.
You need to broaden up your mind so that you can accept others mistake,again sorry for saying that...