Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hari Raya Open House

Date : 25 October 2008
Time : 12pm to 2pm
Venue : Multipurpose hall in SS15, Subang Jaya (next to Modern Market)


Anonymous said...

Hey Hannah!
Thank you for doing such an awesome job in our community. You have really created more awareness concerning the issues occuring in our neighbourhood.We will try support the cause in any way we can. Besides, I just wanna say that you've inspired the younger generation like us to do more for our community. As a politician, you have made a great impact in Subang Jaya and it has only been 6 months. :)

Darick said...

u guys in PR r doin a very good & fantastic job ! well done & well seen !
it's looks very 'SCARY' to corrupted regime racist umno !

nielgoh said...

you're haagen daz pyramid 2day...haha

Anonymous said...

thanks for everything. Your are a person who believes in righteousness and live up to it.
I m so glad to be a resident of USJ all because of you..

razlen said...

I agree with anoynonmous...GUD JOB!!!BTW, the year end school hols is coming...can U organise something for the children i.e.motivation talks, etc, etc...tqvm