Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lady Survival Skills

As promised a few months ago, the Lady Survival Skills seminar is here in Subang Jaya!
Be Street Smart To Survive (Open to Ladies only). This is a crime prevention awareness program organised by my office. Topics to be covered include- Preventing Snatch Theft- Preventing break-ins- Crime prevention- and much more.
SpeakerVol. Capt. K. BalasupramaniamThe Malaysian Safety Activist

Date/Time: 18 October 2008/2.30-7.00p.m.
Venue: Lecture Theatre 7, Sunway University College
Admission: FREE. By registration only. Limited seats available! Priority will be given to N31 Subang Jaya residents (SS12-19, USJ1-15, PJS 7,9,11).
Register here.


Anonymous said...

Captain Bala came to my company and did a series on survival skills. He's been an awesome help and a neo hero at large.

katztales said...

What language will this be in?

Just Sharlene and My Spice Cats said...

Will he give the talk in English or BM?

Anonymous said...

The talk will be conducted in English.

Adun's office

bayi said...

Captain Bala is a fantastic speaker and full of excellent ideas. He has experience in fire fighting, survivor skills during critical accidents as well as the critical needed by ladies' in the event of a robbery or potential rape case.

My company has in the past organised many talks by Capt Bala as part of our CSR practice to the public. In every one of these talks, Capt Bala was highly rated no less than 8/10 at least.

Ladies, register for the talk immediately and you will wish that you have brought along your daughters and relatives!

This free seminar/workshop is one of the best gifts your state rep has given to you!

Well done, Hannah Yeoh. Way to go!