Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Money Basics Series

My office and the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) are organizing a personal finance monthly series “Money Basics” to educate the public on how to better manage their lives in these trying times. Given the rising cost of living and aspiration to enjoy better quality of life, Malaysians are well advised to learn and plan their finances adequately. This will prevent one from getting into a debt spiral. Financial planning services should be sought while you are still in good financial health and not just when you are in financial difficulties. Emergencies such as hospitalization, illness and loss of income source are events beyond our control and being better planned financially to face them will help to reduce the mental stress.
The programme will consist of a talk every month ranging from retirement planning, mortgage, medical health care, investment planning, children’s education, debt consolidation etc. At the end of each talk, participants will have a Q & A with the speaker.

October Title : Retirement Planning
Date : 18 October, 2008 (Saturday)
Time : 9.00am -12.30pm
Language : English
Venue : Dewan Kenanga Auditorium, Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ), Persiaran Perpaduan USJ 5, 47610 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Admission : FREE!
As participants are limited to 80 only, registration is on a first-come-first-served basis. Pre-registration is required for all participants. Walk-in participants will not be allowed. Priority will be given to N31 Subang Jaya residents (SS12-19, USJ1-15, PJS 7, 9 & 11).
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Hi&Lo said...

YB Hannah,
What more can your constituents ask for from you. You care for every aspect of their lives.

UniversalTraveller65 said...

Dear YB Hannah,

It's very laudable the programs u do for ur constituents. I would make an appeal to u to have the State G'vment / PKR reps commence such program to reach all constituents.

Anonymous said...

I want to go with my beloved wife but only after I've registered did I found out that I was only allowed to register for one person. So, what is the solution?

Anonymous said...

your website is the best. structured, organized, neat and clean. I will vote for the best blogspot in Malaysia among politicians

Anonymous said...
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Albert said...

Dear YB Hannah,

Keep it up the good work! I just want to share that FPA Australia have an excellent Financial Planning Toolkit for teens / students. It's free! This toolkit can help youngster to control their money
and get on track for an easier financial future. Even though it is an Australia program, the basic fundamental is still applicable. I even blog about it 2 weeks ago in

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,
While you are working with FPAM to have speakers to give this talk, please make sure FPAM gets licensed financial planners to give this talk. Not all CFPs in FPAM have a license to practice financial planning. If unlicensed individuals give talks it may affect your credibility because the speakers could just be financial product agents in disguise (eg insurance and unit trust agents) who are only giving talks with the intention push their companies products and make quick commissions. The advice and tips given by these individuals may not be to the best interest of the audience and you would then do a disservice to your constituents.
GOD Bless!

Licensed Financial Planner.

granddaddy said...

Report on Retirement Planning Seminar

Hannah has done well in starting this “money” series. The above talk should be used merely as a catalyst to encourage the public to educate themselves in the area of financial literacy in order to plan their retirement.

In looking for a Financial Planner, it is wise to take note of one very important piece of advice by Robert Kiyosaki – look for a person who is already financially independent and who does not depend on your fees to sustain him. Having achieved financial independence, he is qualified to show you how, if you wish to achieve it, especially in the areas of investment. And to help you plan for retirement.

Read more...,


Anonymous said...

Response to GrandDaddy....

Thats like saying Tiger Woods who is the best golfer in the world does not need a golf coach because he is obviously better than any coach. In fact Tiger Woods has a golf coach and pays him very high fees to help him be a better golfer. I think it is too much of a generalization that you need a person who is already financially independent to guide and coach you in critical financial decisions. That would mean your dad cannot be your financial advisor unless he is already financially independent. Many of the investment advisors in the unit trust companies that I know are also not financially independent and yet they are managing your investment money. To put a cynical perpective to what granddaddy said, this would mean the crooks who amassed hundreds of millions of ringgit being BN politicians would be excellent financial advisors since they are filthy rich and most definitely very financially independent don't you think. Get my drift!
While granddaddy's advice is to be appreciated, we should try not to generalise and be too simplistic about choosing and working with a financial advisor.

Millionaire but in need of advice

armouris said...

keep up your good work!!