Saturday, October 4, 2008

SJ Alert

I called for a press conference in my office yesterday to highlight the existence of SJ Alert to the Subang Jaya community. The following passage is taken from SJ Alert's website:

How we got started - Rampant car thefts, robberies and snatch thieves in Subang Jaya and USJ never fail to spark debate on the forum of It was in late June 2006, in one of the Forum threads that a group of active members first suggested the idea of a mass SMS (Short Message System) to help stem the rising crime rate in Subang Jaya.

Christopher Ng (better known to his friends as Orchi) a resident from USJ2 started a personal SMS Alert for this group of concerned forumers from the e-community. Using his recently acquired Nokia 9300i, Orchi was able to send out regular Crime Alerts and as you can imagine within a few weeks the group grew to about 200 strong.

The effectiveness of Orchi’s Alert System was realised on 20th July 2006 when a badly damaged Camry, used by the “Camry Gang” was spotted and recovered by the Police acting on information received through this support group.

Then again on 3rd August 2006, reacting to information received through Orchi’s support network, there was a Police pursuit of the “Camry gang”, culminating in a gang member being wounded by a gunshot and the subsequent abandoning of their Camry. In their hasty retreat, important clues were left behind in their abandoned vehicle, which resulted in the arrest of one of them 8 days later on 10th August 2006 in Bukit Beruntung.

From this humble beginning, a group of concerned SJ/USJ residents came together to start the SJ Alert SMS System on 1st October 2006 and subsequently SJ Alert EMS on 15th August 2008 and the SJ Alert Web Forum on 1st September 2008. Do not wait, join us today. There are so many reasons why you should consider taking on an active part in the Community where you live. Be a registered member and become the eyes and ears of SJ today. We hope that in time this initiative, will empower the Residents of Subang Jaya not only to help reduce CRIME, but to learn to respect each other in true Malaysian Community Spirit.

With some of the committee members of SJ Alert

SJ Alert began a few years ago. They have more than 3000 subscribers for now. I called for a press conference to highlight this because I want more residents to be a part of SJ Alert. Solving crime is the responsibility of the police, however, residents can help in prevention of crime. You can read all about SJ Alert on their website and I do encourage residents of Subang Jaya to participate in this.


Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah
The SJ Alert is another clear indication that our police and our government has failed miserably. There is nothing to be proud about. To me it is a waste of our time and resources, that is why our productivity is low, how to compete a world arena. Each of us has a role to play. To fight crime it should be the police. How much is the annual budget for the police? But much of their resources is wasted by the politician for their own agenda. I appreciate your effort in crime fighting but not in this way. You should have spent your time on SJ alert to discussing with the police their programme and activities in fighting crime, push them harder, push them to the street. I have never seen policemen walking on the street on a daily routine basis like in Bangkok or Hong Kong or in Singapore.

Chong said...

It's no use complaining about the failure of our Govt or Police force - that is just the easy way out and it does not help anybody. Better to do something than just sit by and complain.
I think SJ Alert is a good idea, though I would prefer if it is a community funded effort rather than giving our H/P numbers to advertisers. Perhaps our annual assessment or quit rent should pay for this service? And maybe some closer co-operation with the police force and their own RAKAN COP initiative.

Anonymous said...

It is disheartening to read comments of "it's not our responsibility" from people who post here.
Yes, it is always easier to point a finger in the opposite direction and say "It's your job".
But do remember, 4 fingers point back towards the person who started pushing it away.
I happen to be a committee member of SJ Alert and I have never found any group as dedicated as they are in working with everyone, irrespective of what their responsibilities are.
The committee is made up of volunteers and it is through concerted efforts that we have friendlier and more cooperative police personnel in Subang Jaya, Sunway, Putra Heights and USJ8.
Every single member in the committee is a volunteer and I have seen how they work tirelessly day and night in getting every party working together.
If you wish to help, join us and share with us ideas which you can also implement physically.
"We" as individuals have failed if we only know how to make comments and not budge to action.



ethereality said...

the right thing at the right time is what matters most. yes, the police should be doing a better job. but this is a time when our country is at one of its lowest ebbs; shall we the general populace just sit down, do nothing and still complain that bad things are happening to us? hard times call for special measures. we can't be doing this forever, but if there is a time to do something to hold the fort, it is now. besides, how wrong can it be to take some ownership in the responsibility of safeguarding each others' security?

true patriot said...

Well I believe Hannah is doing her very best to get things right, but it won't be easy.

While she's trying fr her position, it's necessary for we people to lend our hands in solving our problem. Fr the current development, it's obvious that our police force ARE NOT doing what they are supposed to do, indeed on the contray, they are doing many things which they are NOT supposed to do.

This serious increasing crime rate can't wait for our police force to wake up to realise what are their main duties. At the moment, it's a wiser move to support Hannah's call to work with SJ Alert till our dear PDRM wake up fr their current state & know that the rakyat are their bosses !

Bravo YB & SJ Alert, and thank you !

UniversalTraveller65 said...

Dear YB Hannah,

This is indeed what good citizens can do until our pathetic police force improves.

However u can get the S'gor G'vement to start on large scale, so that other communities also can benefit from such a scheme.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah, Chong and the rest
Thanks for the responds, I am not against SJ alert, your enthusiasm and
dedication is deeply appreciated. I only try to point out the following
-SJ Alert indicate the failure of our police and government.Why I said nothing to be proud of? We iron grilled our house, alarmed our house, I have just extended my alarm motion senser to the roof (they came in from the roof). We engaged (we pay) security guard to patrol our housing, we set up guard house, we iron-grilled our hind lane, are we proud ? are you proud? After all the above, now comes this new thing SJ Alert. After SJ Alert comes what ?

You have a servant at home, she is not doing her work, don't sit and complain ok so negative, don't point finger ok 4 of your finger is going to point at yourself. Do something,mama do the cooking, papa mop the floor, sister takes care of the laundry, hi little brother organize a home alert, be more enthusiastic, more dedicated...we are not doing what we should be doing, papa is a lawyer, must do a good job in legal issue, mama a teacher, think and plan how to produce good student, sister must study hard to get 13A......We must do the right thing, we must diagnose the problem and give the right medicine. I do recognize SJ Alert can help, house alarm can help....they do improve situation but it is not a long term solution. Hannah is a YB now, please spend more time together with Metri Besar, Police chief and make sure that the servants work and behave according to their roles and responsibilities. Stay close to them, pressure them, check what they are doing, guide them, suggest to them how to give us a crime free nation. May be the first step is to get the police to walk the street day and night. More patrolling and more friendly. Do something to improve the quality of the police.Dear Hannah,I know this is a very difficult task, many times more difficult than calling for a press conference for the SJ Alert but since you have chosen your path you will have to walk the journey. May God bless you.

sikapitan said...

Dear YB Hannah,

This is a great effort that is totally voluntary and does not inconvenience others.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the decision to close off public roads at USJ 11/3 AND USJ 5.

I can't list my arguments here because it'll be too long though:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,

You sound like a small boy who's just split his milk but doesn't know how to clean his own mess but only know how to cry and blame everyone but himself.

Think la brader, would you patrol the streets in the hot sun? I can see you running for the shades already. So what makes u think the police would stroll by your streets every now and then.

Probably you son would like to join the police force? Wanna see him patrol SS18?

Now modern already, yeah that's why you have home alarms. But that won't deter thiefs. They have brains too, that's why came through your roof.

Keeping the streets safe is not just the police of Hannah's job. It's yours and mine too. So please, be a good boy and keep your eyes out for the real baddies and not just bug Hannah or undermine progress such as SJ Alert.

Kudos to YB Hannah and SJ Alert.
Shut up Mr.Annoying-mous.

Your evil twin.

Anonymous said...

SJ Alert is great to disseminate news to alert the community. I wonder if the local Police are in the loop and taking note of the emails,though. I haven't come across any emails from the Police in the group. Perhaps the moderator should include the CPO's and the OCS's email address in.