Tuesday, October 14, 2008

With great power comes great responsibility

While March 8 has given Malaysians a taste of people's power, it has also brought along another problem. Some people now feel they can say just about anything without taking responsibility for their statements and we see people giving a "piece of their mind" whenever the opportunity arises.
Lately I have been receiving sms from unknown numbers relating to some issues in Subang Jaya. May I just remind residents to be cautious of the things you read and the things you forward to others? March 8 has given Malaysians a lot of courage to speak up but this must be accompanied by wisdom, truth, accuracy, courtesy and graciousness. We sometimes blame the media for spreading half truth, lies or inaccurate news but what about ourselves?
Always make efforts to verify the accuracy of your materials before forwarding them to others. With great power comes great responsibility. Malaysians must learn to handle their new found "freedom" with care. Test everything. Filter your own thoughts and ask yourselves questions. I do that and if I don't have the answer, I would not unreasonably expect others to have it. It takes the entire team of Malaysians to change Malaysia for good. Let's work on this together...


MrReeks said...

Hi Hannah! Keep it Up! You've done a very very great job!!!
Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing!

Chris said...

What you wrote is very true. One should never forward all those sms and emails just for the sake of doing so. One should check for accuracy and not fall prey to lies and gossips.

Hi&Lo said...

YB Hannah,

I shudder at our new found power. More often, in the hands of repressed people, it becomes the power to abuse due to pent up emotions.

Pray you and family out of harm's way. Many people will be jealous of you.

katztales said...

This sent to Edward via email. Perhaps you can blog about this and find out how others feel?

15th October 2008

Dear Hannah,

As you probably know, our local supermarket Carrefour now can’t open before 10AM. This is causing me considerable difficulty.

On weekends I go to the wet market at 7AM, run by the supermarket at 8AM and am at home by 9AM - all shopping done and the weekend stretching ahead of me. Thanks to this new rule, I now have to go out at 7AM, then go home for 2 hours, then go out again to the supermarket. By the time I’m done I’ve lost the morning. This means less time to spend with my family, lots of wasted time, and extra driving which costs time and money and hurts the environment too.

On weekdays having the supermarket open late means I am stuck in heavy traffic both ways. Having the supermarket open late at 10AM has doubled my shopping and travel time. Again, a waste of time, money and fuel.

This government directive that forces shops to stay closed until 10AM is a burden to the consumer. It’s especially obnoxious to people who run their own companies, who juggle school runs with home making, and those who can’t afford to do all that extra traveling.

Please do your best to reverse this directive and allow shops choose their own opening times.

Ellen Whyte

Anonymous said...

Hai Hannah, On March 8 the rakyat entrusted the elected candidate to help them voice out. We the rakyat did not give them the Power.It was all the while that they thought they were given the Power and that is what happens to Malaysia now. Power Crazy comes with Greed and follows with Corruption. So the correct thing/word is Trust.

petluc said...

My deaar sister,
From time to time there will be some matters and issues that get to us.
Peoples expectations from us knows no boundaries......many expect us to be their servants 24/7; we cannot control that.

However, we need to give our best in whatever we do (as you are now doing) and stand firm with our feet firmly planted in the ground.

Frustrations are part and parcel of the job and change (as that of 8th March) is not an easy thing.

There is still a long learning process. After 50 years, do we expect change in 50 weeks?


I really hope to be back by years end to play my part in the change process!!!

UniversalTraveller65 said...

Dear YB Hannah,

Political power is an illusion. It can only corrupt. Power Corrupt & Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.
True Power lies in a persons ability to influence others for the betterment of society. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela are a few examples of individuals with ability to influence future generations long after they have passed.

kenckc1 said...

All this while we had been flip flop by locl newspaper -BN control media and mentioned the Bad about PAS ... but read on below from PAS daily news. You will able to different between UMNO and PAS.

Syabas PAS!


Henry Tong said...

Hannah, I agree with you 100% about responsibility and it actually means taking responsibility and be accountable for one's statement, remark, view or comment, be in verbal or on the Internet.

Some viewpoints in websites, blogs and forums are slanderous to say the least. I have just read some comments on Malaysian Insider. Calling others with differnt political viewpoints as 'barking dogs' and four-lettered words amount to nothing except to reflect the minds of the people who post such remarks. It smacks of immaturity.

traveleo said...

Aptly said Hannah, aptly said...