Thursday, November 13, 2008

Addressing the future leaders of our country

I was invited by KDU to speak to their law students. Theme of the talk : "Think like a lawyer". I love sharing my story to the young. They fuel my passion and remind me of the cause I'm fighting for. I think in general the young people in Malaysia love this land but they are disillusioned. They do not want to follow the same path of our former generations - we want to see Malaysia free of race based politics.

In my sharing, I encouraged them to continue to pursue their law degree and to enjoy their time in college and in university. I also reminded those who will be going abroad to be responsible with the trust given by their parents as most parents have to save for years to be able to afford to send their children to pursue higher education. I appealed to these bright young people to come home and contribute in whatever capacity possible for the rebuilding of this nation. The temptation to work abroad is great for many of our young people and this is a real issue faced by young Malaysians. I urged them to never forget those of us who are here at home working for a better Malaysia.

After the talk, I had a lovely time catching up with Prof Don Chalmers, Dean of the Law School in University of Tasmania where I graduated from, together with his team from Tasmania and the management of KDU. I am just glad that there are still so many educators around who truly know how to celebrate the success of their students and not label them as "rebel" simply because they do not come from the political party they have been favoring for half a century.


Darick said...

u really did DAP & PR gomen proud !
all this events organised/attended by u has been very 'SCARY' to corruted regime racist umno !
Rakyat will support u all d way to greater height in ur political career to serve d nation better.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, someday, I would like to return to Malaysia to help....

But how can I, after all the education I have and hopes my parents have on me, come back to Malaysia to work when the situation there is much worse, dangerous, discriminatory and difficult?

There is also the matter of pushing on with a career which is never easy in Malaysia especially when you are ethnically chinese, work honestly and will always have to forge your way through a corrupt, discriminatory, injudicious society.

I admire your strength. I wish I have that but since I don't, the next thing I can do is support someone who does - you! =)

Add oil! When I come back to Malaysia, I will lend a hand in your efforts to make a better Subang Jaya, then a better Malaysia.

God bless you, Allah bless you, May Buddha always be around to teach you and may all the Taoist and Hindu Gods watch over you.

I pray for a better Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

You're so right...
I love home so much but really really disillusioned...
Will it ever love me back?

I never felt the government care for my family and my education.
Dad worked so hard to put me and my brother abroad...what do I have to go back to?

I want to be part of THE generation that re-builts the country and I know the country needs people like me but the reality of the situation is, staying abroad is so much easier, monetary and opportunity wise.
Having said so, I really do hope one day I have the bravery to contribute to the nation like you.

Hang in there hannah

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah, I am very encouraged by your testimonies at Acts Church. I am going for further studies abroad too. Previously I am indeed on fire to serve for the nation, but the situation in the country hold me back. Like what they have mentioned earlier, people who want to contribute are often being placed under difficult situation.

Racial based politics in careers and education always place the others under pressure.

Many of my friends are working overseas in countries like UK, US, Germany, Singapore... When they are asked of their choices,many replied by saying," we don't want to get involved in the complicated situation due to racial issues in the country..."

It is sad to hear that. But, what to do?