Friday, November 7, 2008

Gated/Guarded Scheme

Efforts have been made by different group of residents to set up gated/guarded scheme in Subang Jaya over the last couple of years. These schemes have faced or are still facing objections by some. Please click here for some background knowledge on this gated/guarded scheme.

At each State Assembly sitting (one in May and another in October 2008), I have raised my concerns about this and have urged the State Government to review existing guidelines as I felt there were many areas in regards to the gated/guarded scheme which lack regulation and require much needed direction for implementation. For eg. existing guidelines provide that barriers can come down from 12 midnight to 6am. However most break-ins in an urban town like Subang Jaya happen when the residents go to work and not when they're asleep. This is just one of the many challenges facing this community initiative.

Some residents are for gated/guarded scheme. Some are against it. Security vs Inconvenience.

A difference of opinion with regards to one such gated/guarded scheme in USJ 11/3 has been reported in The Star today. You can read about it here. I have received two petitions, one from the residents favoring the scheme and another from the business community objecting to the barricades that were set-up as part of the scheme. I will ensure both parties have a chance to be heard.

I would like to see this case serve as a good model for every stakeholder (state & federal govt, local council, residents, business community) to understand the complexities and challenges involved in the successful set-up and operation of such a scheme. I believe the gated/guarded scheme is viable, but we must ensure that adequate regulations are in place to safeguard its sustainability, i.e. it must serve its purpose without introducing new risks and burdens to the people.


Dzof said...

Obviously, for residents to favour a private security company to implement a gated scheme, it implies that they're not satisfied with the quality of work done by the police and other related public services.

I am curious to know how the budget to operate an effective police presence in a neighbourhood compares with what is paid to a private security firm.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hannah Yeoh,
Thank you very much for this article....its been much awaited. I for one having been waiting for you to say something on this for a long time.

I believe that the G&G is possible and sustainable, however like you mentioned, the implementation and rules supporting this is not clear.

The current fiasco in 11/3 between the residents and business owners is not about what is being done but HOW it is being done. Furthermore the lack of goodwill from both parties is seriously lacking. The facts from both sides have been distorted so much that no one really knows what they are arguing about. Also, fuelling hatred for the business community through their blog (read it and you'll know what i mean) is hurting the effort of bringing both parties closer. People do things without realizing their actions unfortunately.....if they were only in their shoes will they know.

I also know that you have been put in a difficult situation in this matter...and am not in a position to offer any advice but one thing i can say that may help the current situation (at least till some guideline can be implemented), is for you to call a meeting for both parties (residents and business community) and mediate this meeting. Allow both sides to say their peace. I am sure something positive will come out of this.
As of now i am not aware of any (proper/real) meeting that has taken place with both parties sitting down on one table. It has always been either one or two people representing either side trying to tell the other party what they want but definitely not where both have sat together and discussed like adults.

I still believe there are two sides to a coin but no one is willing to accept this. Everyone insist that they are right and as such this animosity and tit for tat continues.
I hope that all this ends and things can to normal......or maybe its just wishful thinking.

David (11/4E)

scyeo said...

My 2 sen. The probable solution lies somewhere in recognising that neither party can have their absolute wish. The residents must accept that they cannot impede or restrict the general public's right to access and that their contribution is limited to watching, monitoring, patrolling and deterence which is still worthwhile and workable, unlike the proper private developements' G&G where access is a privilege. This can then be for 24x7.

There can be a speed hump to slow traffic at security stations for cctv and security observations, and only very limited halting of access in obviously suspicious cases.

At the moment my observation is that the residents are acting as if they have total jurisdiction over their area and the public access, which is certainly not the case. This must be the basis for a any solution.

Anonymous said...

In olden time, army used to look after everything. As time change, police been introduced to look after the citizen. Both is paid by the people's money.
It is sad now these day, people's continue pay tax and at the same time pay for the security guard too. One of the reason security guard is introduced because of requirement from insurance firm to certain businesses.
Where is the money paid by the tax payer goes to? The army, police, public servant or politician?

Anonymous said...

As a general public, I am very disappointed and fed up that USJ Residents' Association is behaving like "Gangsters" themselves to ignore general law of the country. Can I ask whether there is any bylaw or law to allow them to forbide or control any Malaysian or non-Malaysian to access to USJ 11 to enter the area as one like or wish. Mind you, USJ 11 is a public place. Even police cannot stop me to enter USJ11 as I like, unless I commit crime. This is so simple as ABC. Yang Berhormat, if you cannot answer such a simple question, please let me act as YB ADUN. Please act and dismantle immediately all guided controls in USJ as MPSJ has directed, they cannot act against the law, why waste time to argue over the case. Their security in the area cannot put the general public into inconvenience, it is the work of the police, a recognised body who has the right and gazetted authority and power. Where is the power or authority of those Residents' Association or Security company from any act of law? If not, their actions are amount to "gangterism" at best.

Anonymous said...

We are sick and tired of being robbed. We can't even walk the streets without the fear of being victims to snatch thieves.

The G&G scheme is our defence and we are willing to pay for it.

The traders should not just think of their profits.

Anonymous said...

There are always two sides to a coin. If one being a victim of a crime, clearly he wants more security but on the other hand the other person feels his freedom is restricted because he was not a victim until one day when he suffer, he wants to impose controls.

There are a few RELATIVE controls.
1. use more cameras - Tell sll the visitors that they can smile because they are on candid camera
2. Home owners to rear dogs in their compounds
3. Use more slow down ramps to prevent snatch thieves from speeding.
4. Put more police pondoks at stragetic locations and any calls shall be within 10 min or less. Pondoks to have phone nos and residents can call the 2 nearest pondoks.

Hope suggestions help rather than just criticise.-

Dr SC Ng said...

I am a resident of USJ 2. I think all barricades should be removed. We cannot allow vigilantes here. If there is crime in the area, the police must deal with it, and NOT allow residents to form committees and take matters into their own hands. THE POLICE MUST DEAL WITH CRIME. How can we allow residents to implement the law? Where do we draw the line, when we start barricating areas as and when we like. I am sorry that there are crimes, and with a recession, there may be more. Does that mean that we all carry a gun?? All tax-payers have a right of access to all public road. USJ 2/6H is a public road. It does not belong to me, although I stay there.
I hope that you Hannah, can bring that up in the state assembly.
BTW, I suspect that the Law / by-Laws are silent on this??
Dr SC Ng

Anonymous said...

Hai Hannah, what I am going to say is simple Subang Jaya and USJ is not build or developed as a G$G housing development. Now all this house owner when they bought they should know. If you want to stay at G&G area go lah sieramas or tropicana. All this is just because that section have this section also must have type of idea. I have read about owners intending to shift out, by all means go, go to tropicana or sieramas they are waiting to welcome them.

Anonymous said...

I seconded Dr SC Ng.
Police should protect the citizen.
Citizen pay tax, the government should allocate more fund on police unit. Citizen is helping/assist police to fight crime and and enforce it themselves as they are not the enforcer.

SFChong, USJ5 said...

To be fair, especially to YB Hannah, those who wish to comment on the merit or demerit of the gated scheme should use a byline and not comment anonymously or with animosity.

petluc said...

This is strictly a community issue and should not be exploited but anyone for any obvious political purposes and hiding behind a shield of "annonymous".

As with all community issues, the solution will come through a dialogue.

Further to that, the solution must be a win-win-win formula. We must remember that it takes all kinds of people to make this world thus we cannot please all the people all the time.

The best solution would be to please most of the people most of the time.

I do not just talk and comment but I am more than willing to offer myself to mediate on this USJ11 problem. I have been following this matter for quite a while now.

There can be a solution but it requires each party taking a small step sidewards and maybe even backwards.

Lets let common sense prevail.

I am happy to note that most of the comments here have good and sincere intention. That is indeed a positive note.....keep that spirit up.

Anonymous said...

Hello , to those who against G&G .
Can you ensure our security based on what we have paid income tax and with the present crime situation .
a. Can the police manage the present crime ?
b. Why the crime rate is increasing and happening ?
c. Do we all feel secure ?
BTW , we have no choice and needed to have G&G .
We all are not rich people that able to stay at Tropicana etc .
That what we can do at this moment .
Hope you can understand .
Otherwise , we suggest to have debate ??? ok ?

Anonymous said...

Hello ,
Can we suggest to have debate on G&G ?

Anonymous said...

I am in agreement to have debate on G&G .
BTW , who will be representing against G&G ? show us your face .
We would like to know who are you .
See you soon .

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hannah,

It is interesting to read the comment by Mr. David from 11/3E. If he still believes that the information were distorted in any way in the community blog or anywhere else, he is most welcome to join the people behind the scenes.

Please do that and maybe you might see that there is genuine effort to resolve issues on the part of the residents. But if they are pushed to a corner, they will just push back which is what had happened, unfortunately.

You do not have to make assumptions, just make a phone call or write to them. I am sure you will then have a different opinion after that.

May USJ 11/3 said...

I am one of the residents of USJ 11/3 and before we have our G&G scheme, crimes were reported happened in this area nearly every fortnight.I can say majority of us here are fed up and we can't even walk out of our gate without worrying whether we will be the next victims of robbery, snatch theft etc.
I am not saying that the G&G scheme will protect us 100% but at least help to reduce crime.The difference before and after the G&G scheme is very obvious now.
We are not rich people who can afford to shift to tropicana, sierramas, gitabayu etc.This is the least that we can do to protect our selves and our beloved ones.

kinkin said...

I am not in favour G&G concept for whole day. It cause alots of inconvenience to public and residents.

Probably from midnight to 6 am morning. Since resident pay for G&G services, they can adopt guard (with dog) doing the patrolling during the daytime. And random check on suspect vehicle and motorcycle going in and out.

I don;t have the statistic on how many of such crime are committed by the foreigner. I believe if anyone of us less depends on foreign workers, it could less crime. Moreover, some of the guard are foreigner too.

It is very disheartening to know most of us are so fearful of increasing of crime, some of us has no trust to anyone.

I believe with the new USJ 8 BALAI POLIS, there should be more police resources to combat crime in USJ.

Anonymous said...

when i brought a house in usj, this is suppose to be an open concept community.

regarding this guarded n gated community, isn't it akin to us taking the law into our own hands?

so now everyone is jumping onto the band wagon in hving their own guarded n gated community, erecting their own road block, asking to retain id card for entrance, asking n stoping to checked everyone.
was usj designed as a guarded n gated community? do anyone hv rights to question our movement? worst of all the inconvenience of stopping for security check to hv accesss to one's own home.

i believe it is everyone's right to employ their own secuity but what does the law say when it is imposed onto others?

the question here is - who should be held responsible if legal action is to be initiated? the police? mpsj? ra head?

any lawyers care to comment?