Saturday, November 8, 2008

What's the real threat to national security?

It is reported in The Star online today that the Home Ministry will appeal against the court's decision to free RPK. The same Home Minister whom the court has found to have abused his powers in issuing the ISA detention order is now wanting to get RPK back into the Kamunting detention camp! Our Home Minister doesn't seem to get it. The court has decreed that he has abused his power. Within the span of 1 day, our Home Minister has performed an about-turn from first claiming that the Home Ministry will not dispute the court's decision to now wanting to appeal for the reversal of that decision.

I wish the Home Ministry would invest their energy and time into improving the police force and devote their resources into making sure that real criminals are prosecuted justly and our streets and homes are safe. This will save the rakyat from having to set up gated & guarded schemes to protect themselves when it is the duty of the Home Ministry to ensure national security. RPK was detained for allegedly being a threat to national security. The real threat to national security is the rising crime rate. How can the ministry not see this when the signs are so clear on the streets of this nation?


3rd dimension said...

Seriously the real person to go to jail is this Home minister.
Is he a human being with brain?

Darick said...

Corrupted rejim racist umno has ruled m'sia >50years with their 'Jungle Laws' of OSA, PPP Act, Sedition Act & finally ISA.

it's supported by their 'korek korek gomen machineries' of polis, AG, ACA & Judges to silent off critics, Oppositions & suara rakyat !

cooldad said...

The reality is that every single guardhouse in a residential neighbourhood is a visible vote of no confidence against the police and ultimately the Home Minister who must bear sole responsibility.

Is our Home Minister blind, really stupid or is he just simply the ultimate example of "bodoh sombong"

Anonymous said...

Yes... you are very correct. Very correct. Some people just don't get it ...what they are supposed to do.

Sharing said...

I agree with you YB Hannah,the real threat to national security is the rising crime rate but not RPK and......,what the ministry should focus is in this area and not to be distracted by them.

KFTANG said...

It's quite a norm for BN leaders especially from 'Big Brother' UMNO to flip-flop on their decisions. The latest instance applies to RPK's court release from ISA detention. Home Minister SHA had an about-turn on RPK's case. One moment one thing and the next, another. This is indecisiveness of the highest order! In the first place, RPK is not a security threat nor a terrorist. He is just a blogger and a writer and commends nonchalantly of what he feels as a true-breed Malaysian. He should be allowed his freedom!

bayi said...

The Home Minister is now motivated by securing his position, not by the interests of the rakyat.

Power corrupts, so it goes...

Mak Meng Chin said...

YB Hannah,

Thank you for putting more pressure to make sure streets are safe. That's what the police should do. Not arrest people with no threat to safety and security.

Please continue to put in more pressure together with your fellow Pakatan Rakyat MPs and ADUNs on this SECURITY matter.

Anonymous said...

I believe things happen for a reason, If we have a smart and caring Home Minster, UMNO will not be what it is today. You tell me what umno has become?

Ching Tat said...

That's true! See how the crime rate going... Today news reported that 4 people being beaten up by gang of Mat Rempit just because they tried to rush off from the accident site! Another instance is police disperse Bersih rally, 23 being arrested for doing nothing wrong!!
What those police protecting us or ruining our life?!

UniversalTraveller65 said...

Things will get worse before they get better. There's a Malay saying "Anak di rumah ditinggalkan, Kera Di Hutan Disusu". The crime in the streets is left begging, but the people fighting for justice is brutalised.There's a desperation from the certain quaters to control society. The political DAM has been broken, the force of political liberty is rushing down the hill. This force cannot be stopped but will get stronger & overide any obstacle in its path.

Anonymous said...

this article i support 100%

true patriot said...

Very Sad to say, YB

I found the real national security threat came from (1) UMNO's narrow-minded & short-sighted racists (2) Home Minister (3) PDRM

I hope they realise that the world is not that big; Malaysia is not so isolated; cyber world has not border, and many foreigners including our potential investors are watching us.

Rakyat kept telling these people they felt threaten by their speech & action, but they arrogantly ignored rakyat’s voice, where is the God within them?

Every time these people opened their mouths to say something or did something so evil to the rakyat, I truly felt so shameful for them, do they have respect for themselves at all ? I am not being sarcastic, I truly felt so, and so sad that they are supposed to be the guardian angels for us - the rakyat.

KoSong Cafe said...

It is obviously because of the Umno elections that he had to act macho.

Freedom of expression seems to work against Umno, so the threat to national security is equated to their own insecurity.

3rd dimension said...

Our Home Minister is such a joker that is a disgrace to Malaysia to do such thing. Where is the justice?

Anonymous said...

That disgraceful minister incharge of internal affairs will do everything within his power to discredit the judge.
Pakatan should now concentrate on the young voters and once for all remove these scumbags from our society.

Chan Kwang Yew said...

Dear Hannah,
I am glad you know the problem, now forget about the botak head, Selangor is under the opposition now, i.e. under your side of the government. Can your government do something to improve the security in Selangor? I hope your party can.

Chan KY

true patriot said...

Could you believe this ? His pride & his party is more important than the nation and the rakyat's voice. What a shame to have such home minister !!

"Malaysiakini reported :

Appeal filed against Raja Petra's release
Hafiz Yatim | Nov 13, 08 6:45pm

The Home Ministry is contesting the Shah Alam High Court’s ruling which saw blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin being released from detention under the Internal Security Act (ISA) last Friday.

Based on a check at the court registry, the appeal was filed yesterday about 3.30pm.

The Federal Court will hear the appeal at a date to be fixed after it obtains the notes of proceedings from the lower court. "

true patriot said...

Dear YB,

A sharing with those readers who have yet to know why Raja Petra gains so much respect and support.

Below is a BBC interview touching on his depression and worry of getting arrested, yet continues to do what he's doing for the nation

I was in tears listening to this.