Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Proposed development for a tadika and food court at USJ 11/3

This is the second public hearing I have attended together with the residents of USJ 11/3 at MPSJ on the proposed development for a tadika and food court in this neighbourhood. The residents have objected to the proposed development by the land owner. In addition to the many objections raised by the residents, I have requested MPSJ to ensure that a traffic impact assessment study is done before approving the application. No decision would be made at a public hearing. We now await the decision of the OSC committee.


katztales said...

Good luck with having a traffic impact assessment study done - and listened to!

We have a small road one way in and one way out in Wangsa Baiduri (next to SS12) and they STILL build a huge towerblock here tha chokes our little roads.

Similar cases in point are that monstrosity next to Carrefour that will cause huge jams, and the new block on the Gazebo plot in SS15 that will cause similar trouble.

We were talking about you in the pub last night (kusar in SS15) and the consensus was you're doing a good job under difficult circumstances. We're proud of you!

Min Khang said...

Traffic Impact Assessment sure looks very nice, as the traffic engineer is paid by the developer.

YB, if you want a good traffic impact assessment, please get MPSJ to get the money from the developer and appoint an independent traffic consultant.

Ho Min Khang

Baby said...

Why need to build food court? Can we not relocate them some where else? A Tadika may still be considerable. A food court will definitely cause more traffics. I always wondered why is there only a small road leading to Wangsa Baiduri. An independent traffic consultant would be a better choice (as suggested by min khang).

Anonymous said...

YB, I hope people dont simply ask for road closure to ease traffic. Many times this will only cause inconvenient. For eg the road between USJ11/4 and USJ11/3 to turn to MPSJ is close to allowed only traffic to turn in but not out. It is still jam, and trouble is there is no way to turn into MPSJ from there. The worst is USJ11/3 most of the road leading to Taipan is close so we have to use the guarded gate which is inconvenient.
All are matured people and USJ road are quite ok-ly plan why allow to change and close unnecessary ?

Indy Devgun said...

Please do a traffic impact assessment study for USJ 12/2 with having CAC and Surau, on top of that , 2 more tadika at the next row which really outright to have.