Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sound barriers at USJ 3A & 3C

The sound barriers at USJ 3A and 3C are not new issues. I was told at the last meeting I had in July in MPSJ that the sound barrier work at USJ 3A would be continued and the one at 3C would see new trees being planted. The costs of erecting the sound barriers are to be borne by the developer. I have been following up with MPSJ and each time I was told that the developer was in the process of appointing contractor and that work was in progress.
Site visit together with MPSJ councillor for the area En Ismail Kamal, MPSJ, developer and residents from USJ 3A and 3C
Details of the site visit are found in today's report in The Star. You can read about it here. I have repeatedly informed MPSJ about my concerns on the opening of the bridge connecting USJ Heights and USJ 3A/B/C/D. The conditions imposed on the developer for the construction of the bridge must be fulfilled before its opening. I will continue to monitor the upgrading works on Persiaran Setia as well.

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Andy TCH said...

Hi Hannah, i am a resident of USJ3D/5, my house is facing KESAS highway, near the bridge to USJ heights. There is a fence separated between the highway and the playground in front of our houses, will there be a sound barrier built here too? (i.e. replacing the fences)

thank you
Andy Tan