Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Subang Jaya celebrates Children's Day!

[In 1954 the United Nations General Assembly suggested that all nations should observe a Universal Children's Day as a day of worldwide fraternity and understanding between children and of activity promoting the welfare of the world's children.
The date of
20 November marks the day in 1959 when the Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989, and is often the day chosen by countries as their own designated day to observe Universal Children's Day. In Malaysia, Children's Day is celebrated on the last Saturday of October.]
The above is taken from Wikipedia.
We have chosen to celebrate Children's Day in Subang Jaya on 22 November 2008 (due to availability reasons). I have a dream I want to see fulfilled - I want to see children in Subang Jaya come out to have fun with their parents. I want to see parents who are often busy working set aside time for family and especially for the children.
"Saya Anak Malaysia" is the theme of our event. Whilst some in our nation are still going about with race based politics, I will choose this theme for my constituency. This is the direction Subang Jaya should take. I am a child of this land. My IC states warganegara: Malaysia. Therefore, saya anak Malaysia!
Hope Worldwide Malaysia is assisting us in organising this event. Fun activities have been planned for this event specially for your children. Come join us and let's celebrate our children!


petluc said...

Saya ANAK MALAYSIA BERBANGSA MALAYSIA. Inilah tanah tumpahnya darah ku, inilah tanah air ku.
Walau ke mana saya menjelajah, hati saya tetap di negara ku.

Mohd Adli said...

Hi, l was there with two of my children (Jasmine and Iman) celebrating the children's day. We had a great time and this is our first time meeting YB Hannah. It was really a pleasent suprise for me as YB was really a down-to- earth sort of person.
Thanks YB for taking time to at the event and taking fotos with my daughters :-) May god bless you. Adli and Family