Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Subang Jaya celebrates Children's Day

We had a good time with the children and parents of Subang Jaya last weekend. Many thanks to Hope Worldwide Malaysia and other corporate sponsors for making the event a success. Our appreciation also goes to the 70 volunteers from Sunway College for helping us out at the event.
In my speech, I invited all the children to join me on stage in raising 3 shouts of "Saya Anak Malaysia". Identity is important to children. That's the reason why politicians must stop playing race based politics. Children need to know that they belong to this land so that when they grow up they will not leave this nation.
Aseana Percussion Unit performing for the children of Subang Jaya. They had a brief quiz for the children to guess the musical instruments used. Children were also invited to play the instruments.

Opening launch - I had to do Vico tarik and of all 3 participants, I created the biggest mess!

Pasukan Bomba dan Penyelamat Subang Jaya demonstrating how to use the water hose to the children
Kids having a fun time with Pasukan Bomba dan Penyelamat Subang Jaya

Kids were also guided on a simple tour of the fire brigade

With the volunteers of Sunway College

Kids having fun!

Fun games for the kids

With Jasmine and her dad, En Adli

Adidas giving free footscan

Children given free footscan


Darick said...

hahahaha..... looks it's a very successful event ! kongsi kongsi... yet another 'scary' event to corrupted regime racist umno !
look at all races malays, indians & chinese mixing/chatting around, playing & enjoying happyly !

wonder what's our Unity Minister can learn fr Hannah? apa program Menteri dah buat so far mengenai Unity?
answer: apa pun takdak!
menteri hanya continue his mission immpossible to 'korek korek...'

Mei San said...

Dear YB Hannah,
Congratulations on the success of the event! I was there too, but too early. The stalls were still being set up.
I have blogged about it http://littlesteps406.blogspot.com/2008/11/dap-subang-jaya-childrens-day.html .
Although it was a slight regret to have missed the official opening and the subsequent activities, I still appreciate all that you have done for the constituency. Keep up the good work!

Mei San =)

dailymuscle said...

Hey that's Mr Krishnan from Adidas - he's got a really cool job title, which is the Head of Running, for Adidas Malaysia. Don't laugh... it's real.

Dr SC Ng said...

Well done Hannah,

It is great to help the children shout "Saya anak Malaysia ", it is much more difficult for you to convince your politicians on both sides of the political divide to agree with that, believe that and also work towards that. The children should know that "saya anak Malaysia " is not just a slogan for shouting whenever politicians are around, but a way of live and a way ahead for Malaysia.
We are all for a Malaysian Malaysia.

Dr SC Ng

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hannah
It was very gracious of you today (Thursday Dec 4)to officiate at the official launch of Sunway Pyramid's A Dazzling Christmas.
I saw from the smiles & happy faces of the young children from the Home that you really lit up their lives when you presented them each with a goodie bag.
It is indeed gratifying to be compassionate, kind & to sincerely care for the less fortunate ones isn't YB?
We will be blessed abundantly by the Al-Mighty by our good deeds & actions, kind words & temperate language. Praise be to HIM.