Thursday, November 13, 2008

Town Hall meeting at PJS 7 for November

Just got home not too long ago from this month's Town Hall meeting at PJS 7, Bandar Sunway. We had a "full house" crowd. The Jawatankuasa Penduduk Zone 2 ("JKP") members were also present at the meeting. MPSJ councillor for PJS 7, Ken Chia together with the JKP members also assisted in answering some of the questions raised by the residents there. Representative from Alam Flora was also present. The Bandar Sunway Residents' Association also attended the meeting and provided their feedback.
Introducing the members of JKP Zone 2 to the residents

The residents of PJS 7

My office organises Town Hall meeting every month to ensure my constituents have an opportunity to meet their state assemblyman and for residents to come out together and exchange views on the issues surrounding this area. I do this because I do not want to hear this said about us (the new breed of politicians) that residents can only see us during "campaign time". In season and out of season, we must work. I may not be able to resolve ALL issues during my term but I want to do my best. Amongst the issues raised tonight : lack of public transportation in PJS 7, incorrect location of bus stops, increasing crime rate, stray dogs, lighting of parks, maintenance of flats, supervision work by MPSJ on contractors' works, dengue, sound barrier along LDP and etc. Is it scary meeting the residents? The answer is "yes, it can be daunting at times when faced with very unreasonable residents". I look for courage before each meeting with residents for I am only human.


luxury cars rental said...

reading through ur blog... i am amzed at all the work and effort you put in.
compared to some politicians who would probably spent their time at hotel lobby and restaurants discussing on biz deals and how they can squeeze more from the public and how they can get more contracts..

i do hope all msian politicians will be putting in similar effort like u.

3rd dimension said...

By reading your blog is good enought to know what you have done. Keep going keep going and you will suddenly aware, Yes I have done it.

true patriot said...

YB, your blog is one of the main sources to restore my confidence in our politicians.

We have some good politicians but majority are not up to the standard, especially those from you know where. Hopefully more politicians will be inspired by you, and learn how to do a good job.

Grateful to your effort.

UniversalTraveller65 said...

Why isn't the MPSJ doing the meetings? Isn't the responsibility of the Town Council to look into the local communities problems? Isn't that what they paid to do?

Jarod said...

Keep it up. I know is not easy to meet the demand of the people, but have put in your effort. that is what the people want. :) TC