Saturday, November 1, 2008

Town Hall Meeting at SS18

As promised, each month we would choose an area in my constituency for us to have our Town Hall meeting. There was a good turnout at the Town Hall meeting in SS18 last night. The Chief Inspector of SS17 police station and our Timbalan Yang Dipertua for MPSJ were also present. Residents came, asked questions, listened to my explanation, some stayed back later to ask more questions, had light supper and chatted with their neighbours.
Photo courtesy of SJ Echo

The Town Hall meeting was held at the same venue as our very first debut ceramah (how memorable!). We had an obstacle with the lighting - few hours before the Town Hall meeting was about to start, we found out that the power supply at the park was not working. Sabotage? Not too sure but thanks to a very kind resident who assisted us with the power supply from his home, we were then able to proceed with the Town Hall meeting.
Photo courtesy of SJ Echo

Meeting the residents can be a daunting experience at times but this group of residents is a great bunch of people! Sometimes I may not have the answer to every question raised but it is important to be honest with the residents and to constantly engage the residents in finding a solution. Town Hall meeting also provides a platform for political education, to explain to the residents how things work in my office, how to lodge a complaint with the different agencies involved and etc. I also reminded the residents of the importance to clean up their homes in fighting dengue and also shared with them a campaign by Tenaganita (I will blog about this later). Many stayed back after the meeting ended and chatted with my husband and my team of assistants. A big thank you to my special assistant Rajiv for putting this meeting together and for working very hard to overcome our lighting obstacle. Appreciation also goes to Chief Inspector Sulaiman, Tuan Hj. Mohamad Yusoff B. Ghazali and En Azli of MPSJ for your kind support.


meng kung chng said...

Hi Hannah,

You wrote this blog at 3.13 in the mroning! Everytime I read your blog I cried tears of joy for you and your team. You're reaching out to all Malaysians and likewise they are also reaching out to you and your team like one of their own.
Politics should be like that in Malaysia; one helping another through listening to viewpoints of others and working hard to find just and workable solutions.

My only regret todate was that I am no longer physically living in USJ2 but living overseas. Otherwise I would offer my services to your service team to help make Subang Jaya and its surrounding localities a better place for all.

Well done, Hannah. Remember to rest well and not get burnt out.

Well done.

Anonymous said...

Majlis and Polis can be friendly and helpful too. They should be thanked and praised if good work has been done

Anonymous said...

Lim Kit Siang,

If you are reading this, Hannah Yeoh is the type of leader Malaysians want. I will certainly vote for this young lady again in the next coming GE without a doubt!

UniversalTraveller65 said...

Dear YB Hannah,

I am delighted by your work that u carry out in USJ. U probably the only politician who keeps her constituent uptodate.
Syabas, Hannah. Wakil Rakyat Boleh.
Can u also provide some insight to current assy sitting on the laws & legislation being tabled. That would be very good indeed.

Anonymous said...


true patriot said...

May be SJ residents should post some of YB's postings to other politicians' blogs. No harm learning from a great YB for the sake of our country, kan ?

Cheers ! YB !

Geetha said...

Dear Hannah,

Syabas on all the that you have done so far and we hope to see more issues solved progressively in our constituent.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,
It has been a blessing for your win in the last election and looking at the amount of work you put in, this constituency is your to keep but just like to know whether you'll be posting your account and expenditure for any allocation received from the state? Cheers