Friday, December 26, 2008


Right after I won the election, I received multiple complaints about the parks in Subang Jaya, mainly on lighting. We began to investigate as to why 21 parks had lamp-posts but they were not lighted. Result of the investigation - these lamp-posts were installed prior to election in March using funds from the Land Office but some were not built in accordance to specifications while others were not connected to TNB.

My team began reporting these cases to MPSJ and pushed for parks to be lighted up in Subang Jaya. New lamp-posts were also installed in 6 parks. As a result, a total of 27 parks have been lighted up as of November 2008:
1.USJ 1/2A
2.USJ 1/4L
3.USJ 2/6E
4.USJ 3/3M
5.USJ 4/8
6.USJ 5/1D
7.USJ 5/3A
8.USJ 6/2C
9.USJ 6/4B
10.USJ 6/6D
11.USJ 9/5J
12.USJ 11/2E
13.USJ 11/3F
14.USJ 12/2F
15.USJ 13/1D
16.USJ 13/3B
17.SS 15/5E
18.SS 15/5G
19.SS 17/2J
20.SS 18/3D
21.SS 18/4B
22.SS 18/5A
23.SS 19/1
24.SS 19/2
25.SS 19/6K
26.PJS 7/11D
27.PJS 9/20

Next year, I will continue to push for more parks to be lighted up. This is one of the steps I have taken to improve safety in our neighbourhood. With these lights on, residents can go for walks in the evening at these parks and feel safer. You can read more about it here as reported in The Star and here as reported in the blog of one of the resident groups. A big thank you to MPSJ for their cooperation.
Installation work

the park in PJS 9/20

a park in PJS 9

When I personally went to check on the parks and to take photographs, I bumped into the Rukun Tetangga of PJS 9 doing their rounds at midnight. Syabas to the team for working hard for the safety of their neighbourhood!

a park in SS17

a park in SS19

a park in USJ 4

a park in USJ 6

a park in USJ 12


Anonymous said...

congratulations to all for a job well done! Now we can feel safer!

wongjolene said...

congratulations! it seems like the parks will be lighted and gloomy anymore..

amethyst213 said...

great job!!!!

fantastic citizen rep who work more than talk, i must say you are a great role model for every office holder..


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!... Thanks Hannah & MPSJ. Wonderful. There is indeed lights at the end of the tunnel for Subang after so many years! Can we also have more street lights later also..

temenggong said...

You are doing a good job.

Alan said...

Get those parks lighted is a big improvement!

However, going to parks at night time, we better always go together with a group of people.

Nowadays, robbery and more serious crime can even happen in day time.
So, night time will sure be more

Anyhow, again, having such parks
lighted is a big improvement, which we did not last time.

Hannah Yeoh does bring good changes
to our community! Let's us support her FOREVER!

USJ 8 Resident

Anonymous said...

wah awesome.. thanks!

mengkungchng said...

Hi Hannah,

At the rate you're working and producing results for the people of Subang Jaya, the local offices of all the BN parties will soon become museums.

Way to go, Honourable YB Hannah Yeoh.


Anonymous said...

I sure envy those staying in USJ who has such a hardworking and dedicated ADUN. I am sure she will be another Lee Lam Thye in the makingwho is unbeatable in Bukit Bintang

Anonymous said...

Hai Hannah, Congratulation and thanks to mpsj and all for a job well done. Anyway,I would like to point out something which I hope your goodself and mpsj can look into. That is you know SS14 area have alot of pedestrian mall which I hope you can see if lights can be provided too. TQ

tailik said...

Your 9months service in Subang is better than >50years under corrupted regime racist umno !
nex & future election.... regime can forget Subang & fearing losing their election deposit too !
kongsi kongsi Hannah.... u've done us proud & rakyat will trust PR gomen more.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awesome effort in lighting up the parks. My house is close to USJ 4 park & we are now enojoying the brigh lights. Thanks

One more request. Some of the basketball courts in USJ are in deplorable state with the board rotting & hoop missing. Appreciate something can be done.

Please continue the good effort. Thanks

Anonymous said...

million thanks to the left hand corner where you put the "how to complaint to mpsj and how to contact police" ALL MP AND ADUN MUST HAVE THIS INFO in their websites.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,

I can see the great effort that you have been carrying out in such a short period after the March's GE.

If my constituency - Taman Johor Jaya, Johor can have such a responsible & hardworking YB like you, this area will be more safer & lively. What I can see the MCA state assemblyman does is to attend wedding dinner & open ceremony for the new restaurant. He makes no effort to improve the most basic's need of the ppl here which is "security". snatch thief is so "free" to do whatever they want, ppl here are just waiting the time to be the next victim.

Can DAP or Keadilan propel more credible & responsible ppl like Norman Joseph to help the ppl here. I have given up hope on BN especially MCA, ADUN here Tan Cher Puk. Shame on him!!

Mark Chan

Anonymous said...

Good work Hannah

Could U push MPSJ to repair the faulty lights at our park in section 12 Bandar Puteri Puchong. Its under MPSJ but they r sleeping.

Anonymous said...

With reference to today's star "In reference to Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh’s announcement that lights had been installed in 27 parks in Subang Jaya (“Lights in 27 parks in Subang Jaya”, StarMetro, Dec 23, pg 5), Ong said that credit should also be given to the Federal government which had allocated funds for the lamp-posts through the Land Office."
Everyone wants to take the credit...but then how come only now er get the lights up? During LWB's time, it is still loom and gloom? And MCA people only seen as distributing calendars?? For what? The people need to see things happening to their constituency not getting once a year calendar!!!

Anonymous said...

Quote "the Federal government which had allocated funds for the lamp-posts through the Land Office."
Yes of course the funds have to come from federal government. And where federal government gets the money? From Rakyat's income tax of course. So what is the big deal? Unless Ong is saying that the money comes from MCA politician own pocket, then it would be a big deal. This is what i call blowing the trumpet through the wrong hole.

Am also proud that kids in subang jaya can go camping at the backyard of their houses. This has never happened before. The constituency in Subang has seen changes indeed.

Darick said...

Hahaha..... poor guy MCA gonna walk around Pasar pagi/malam to 'please' d rakyat.
y do it now?
d message is very clear:

"Rakyat gonna unite & kick corrupted regime racist umno & their lap-dogs hard enough to get regime pleasing their BOSS(Rakyat) !"

It's Rakyat power that put them up & it was Rakyat tax money who paying them salary!
corrupted regime racist umno selalu ingat:
- m'sia, dia yang punya !
- wang & khazanah negara, dia yang punya !
- melayu & islam, dia yang punya !
- bandaraya, sekolah/universiti, GLC, polis, ACA, AG & judiciary dia yang punya !
Pohdah..... itu semua Rakyat m'sia punyalah !!!!

keith said...

what about the smallest park in SJaya? the island park of SS17/2c,D,E???

After a persistent request from the days of LWBeng...2yrs 4months ago!

6weeks ago...The MPSJ came and pile a pole we are still awaiitng tenaga to electrify it...i hope it won't take another 2years wait??


Anonymous said...

Keith have faith. At least MPSJ came and pile a pole up. The light will come.

keith khoo said...

Yippeeeeeeee! We got lighted up last nite!

RIbuan terima kasih to all parties (YB Hannah, Councilor Theresa, MPSJ and Tenaga) for making it happened.

Yang Banyak happy keith & ss17/2 gang

Anonymous said...

Good. Now we can feel safer and make good use of the parks provided.

Hannah, can you also please look into the Subang Lake. The place is in very bad condition and do not even have a proper playground. It would be nice to turn it into a nice recreation area for everyone.