Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Site visit conducted at SS19

We have been receiving complaints from residents of SS19 concerning snake holes at the field behind their houses. Together with MPSJ councillor for Zone 1, Theresa Ratnam Thong and MPSJ officers, we visited that place to assess the situation and determine the repair work involved. MPSJ will now look into ways to repair the holes.

At the field behind SS19/4, along SS19/5

We then proceeded to the construction site at SS19. We had earlier requested MPSJ to appoint IKRAM to do a traffic study at the loop area. IKRAM has then reverted on measures to improve safety of road users. The loop area must not be punctured as it is not safe to do so. I have been told by residents that accidents often happened at the loop. We requested MPSJ to monitor the loop closely and ensure safety measures by IKRAM are implemented as soon as possible.

With MPSJ officers and MPSJ councillor for Zone 1, Theresa Ratnam Thong

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Baby said...

may i ask what's snake holes?