Monday, September 29, 2008

Open tender for car park in SS15

This is taken from MPSJ's website - Tawaran Terbuka Untuk Penyewaan Tapak Tempat Letak Kereta Di SS 15, Subang Jaya

MPSJ's budget briefing for 2009 - 2010

I was present at MPSJ for their budget briefing for year(s) 2009 - 2010. When given the opportunity to present my views on the proposed budget, I raised the following concerns:-
  • MPSJ needs to focus on improving infrastructure in the Subang Jaya zone. Efforts and budget must be focused on solving traffic congestions especially in USJ 1. With new commercial units and condominiums being completed in USJ 1, traffic situation will become worse at the traffic light near Giant.
  • MPSJ must also allocate funds to solve lack of car parks at Taipan and SS15 commercial areas. This point was subsequently dismissed by MPSJ. MPSJ replied that there are sufficient car parks and the traffic congestion is merely caused by drivers parking indiscriminately. While the latter is true, I strongly think that insufficient car parks is also the cause of this menace.
  • MPSJ must allocate sufficient funds to curb dengue as the Subang Jaya zone has always been a hot zone. There should be no excuse of lack of funds when it comes to fighting dengue because it is a matter of life and death.
  • Earlier I was informed that construction of a pedestrian bridge would cost MPSJ RM500,000 - RM700,000 per bridge. I requested for 2 pedestrian bridges to be given the priority ie. the traffic light at SS19 at Persiaran Tujuan (to avoid main traffic flow coming to a halt just to allow one person to cross the road) and one more to be constructed at USJ 6 connecting to the Metrobus hub at Persiaran Kewajipan (it is almost an impossible task for children to cross the main road and to prevent death from happening again).
  • Lighting of parks must be given a priority. In a community like Subang Jaya, parks are one of the greatest assets for the residents. I want the residents to feel safe walking in the parks in the evening.
  • MPSJ should also consider providing public washrooms. I cited the example of senior citizens coming out to exercise in the parks in the morning and facing the inconvenience of finding a public washroom.
  • MPSJ must also improve MPSJ kiosks as traders have complained about becoming drenched whenever it rained. I also highlighted that any development of infrastructure such as this must not be half-hearted. Quality of materials must be ensured. This includes repairing pot-holes and etc.
  • I also raised my concerns of CCTV. Rental of 100 units of CCTVs is RM103,333.33 per month (inclusive of maintenance fees). This matter is now being reviewed by the State Exco Ronnie Liu and I will continue to push for a review of the agreement.
  • MPSJ to invest in bins with lids for lower income area ie. low cost flats to overcome serious rat problem. MPSJ rebutted that this should be the responsibility of the relevant Joint Management Body(ies). Some of these JMBs have a deficit in their accounts and this matter would not be resolved if we sit and wait for their accounts to be in a healthy state. JMB has its own set of issues (which I will not discuss here).
  • I also asked for a stricter review system on non-performing contractors. If works done are not satisfactory, their contracts must not be extended and payment should be adjusted accordingly.
  • Sufficient budget must also be given to solve flood problems.
  • Moneys must not be wasted unnecessarily.

I will raise public transportation issues at the state level for a more wholesome solution, rather than just at Subang Jaya. Nevertheless, our councillor Theresa Ratnam Thong has also raised this at the last MPSJ full board meeting for MPSJ's consideration.

I will continue to speak up for the best interest of residents and to ensure that their payment for assessment commensurates with quality public services.

Friday, September 26, 2008

We must not forget him!

RPK has said in this article that he hopes the people would not forget him.
This is taken from Haris Ibrahim's blog - ISA candlelight vigil. I will not forget RPK and will make all effort to be there.
Have you read this? I did cringe just reading about the food served to foreign detainees. We are not a starving nation, how can we justify this? Every meal I take now, I will say a prayer for RPK and those in ISA detention.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

After 6 months - my thoughts and feelings...

Publicity stunts?
When I first started work as the state assemblyman of Subang Jaya, I attended to a lot of matters and was then told by people that my "works" were not reaching my constituents as a result of lack of publicity. I was criticised for not knowing how to handle media relations and etc.
Only about 10% of my works is being highlighted in my blog. Not every meeting, discussion or status update can be highlighted in my blog (due to confidentiality and privacy reason, sometimes requested by the complainants themselves) and therefore only information pertaining to the general interest of my constituents will usually be featured in my blog.
Now that my works are constantly being featured in the media, I have now been accused by certain individuals that I am only interested to seek publicity for myself. Either way, accusation comes flying at me. What do you think?
Being real...
For six months (since campaign time in February 2008) I had taken no rest. I worked and I worked and I worked. Even on Saturdays and Sundays I had to attend to matters and events. I am not complaining, this is my blog and I just want to share my struggles and emotions. Last weekend, I decided to take a short break as long as 2 days! I ran free on the beach and dived into the waves in the sea just to let go of some of the frustrations bottled up within me. I took time to admire the mountains and the works of the Creator. Don't mistake me as being emotional. A state assemblyman can often feel tired and drained and I want to be real with my constituents and readers here, lest I become a fake politician.

Persiaran Setia

This morning I chaired a meeting in MPSJ concerning the piling work for the bridge linking USJ Heights to USJ3A/B/C/D. The piling work had earlier caused cracks in a few houses beside the bridge. I did a site visit together with MPSJ and the developer involved and subsequently, a stop work order had been issued.
At the meeting today, the consultant, the developer and the representative of the residents involved confirmed/agreed on the followings:
(a) the 4 houses involved are structurally safe for occupation;
(b) undertaking by the developer has been obtained to undertake remedial works for the 4 houses involved once piling work is completed;
(c) stop work order will be lifted subject to daily monitoring of the 4 houses involved by the consultant;
(d) MPSJ will monitor the piling work to be completed by the developer; and
(e) piling work will resume for 2-3 weeks, thereafter the developer will submit a report to MPSJ on the remedial works involved and remedial works will then begin for the 4 houses involved.
As for the upgrading of works along Persiaran Setia (including the building of a pedestrian bridge in front of the school), the developer has informed me that the Letter of Award will be issued after Hari Raya.
I have again asked for the status of the conditions imposed on the building of the bridge but the developer's representative could not furnish an answer. I have requested for a meeting for the developer to answer my queries immediately after the Hari Raya break. I have previously informed MPSJ that the bridge should not be allowed to open if the conditions are not met otherwise this will inevitably add to the already-heavy traffic flow in USJ.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Creating a Safe Place for Children

My office will be organising an awareness program this coming Saturday:
Date: Saturday, 27th September 2008
Time: 1.45p.m.-5p.m.
Location: Auditorium 7, Sunway College
Entrance: Free (BUT only by online *registration here)

*Limited seats available. Online registration is compulsory. Priority will be given to N31 Subang Jaya residents (SS12-19, USJ1-15, PJS 7, 9 & 11).

I have always said that a constituency like Subang Jaya can lead the nation in championing a good cause like this one. Children must be given our utmost priority and attention to avoid cases of abused and missing children. Change must begin with us! We are now partnering with this NGO called P.S. The Children and below is a short write-up about them:

The safety of our children is entrenched in our laws and within the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Moreover, it is the responsibility of all adults to protect all children and ensure that their lives are free from sexual abuse and exploitation. However, the reality is that child sexual abuse (CSA) continues to be a blight in our society.
These are the basic facts:
Child sexual abuse is any act of sexual contact between a child and an adult.
Child sexual abuse happens in all countries – to any child, anytime and anywhere.
Child sexual abuse goes beyond statistics because the abuse is often unreported.
The prevention of CSA is a huge task. But, the first step is easy: Protect and Save The Children offers an awareness talk that focuses on the dynamics of CSA. By understanding the mechanics of CSA, everyone can identify how s/he can become part of the solution in eradicating CSA. The talk is open to all and covers the definition, types and characteristics of CSA, understanding the sex offender, the importance of teaching children personal safety, why children fear to disclose sexual abuse and how to handle disclosure.
An integrated approach to CSA prevention involving all members of the community is the most effective way to keep our children safe from child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Become a partner for social change, visit us at:
Protect & Save the Children (P.S. the Children) is a non-profit organisation focused on creating safer communities where children are protected from sexual abuse and exploitation. Silence and ignorance allows sexual abuse to breed. Thus, we educate. Surviving sexual abuse is a difficult road. Thus, we walk that road of healing with you by conducting therapeutic programs for at risk children and supporting their families. Ultimately, we empower children through life skills programmes and personal safety knowledge.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thanks be to God!

Teresa Kok has been released! Finally, all our prayers have been answered. Read more about it here.

Lagoon Perdana uncompleted units (Block 7)

This morning I attended a meeting at Kementerian Perumahan Dan Kerajaan Tempatan's office ("KPKT") to discuss the status of construction work for Block 7. IJM informed us that works for Blocks 1, 3, & 8 are progressing well. For Block 7 - Second opinion from a consultant received and they need at least another two weeks to revert on results of further test(s). At every meeting held related to this development which I attended, I have repeatedly stated that safety of the residents is paramount. Next meeting would be on 8th October 2008 and I will update you then.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Press Release - Selangor Investment Mission to Taiwan deferred

16th Sept 2008 Press Release by Hannah Yeoh, Assistant to State Executive Councillor for Investment, Industry and Trade:

I regret to announce that the proposed investment mission to Taiwan announced by Teresa Kok last week will be deferred until further notice due to her detention under the Internal Security Act ("ISA"). At a meeting on 15th Sept, the organising committee which comprised members of the Selangor Business Council that was chaired by me in Teresa Kok's absence, unanimously agreed that it would be meaningless and counter-productive to embark on such a trip in view of the very negative image of the political and economic outlook for Malaysia in the aftermath of the arbitrary and wholly unjustified detention of Teresa Kok under the draconian and undemocratic ISA legislation.

The Selangor Business Council is a consultative body whose members are drawn from key business and professional bodies who help advise the state government on investment and business development strategies. Council members unanimously expressed outrage at the abuse of the ISA and called upon the Minister concerned to immediately and unconditionally release Teresa Kok from detention.

The Home Minister's unjustified detention of Teresa Kok is a blot on Malaysia's political stability and investment climate and has caused severe damage to Malaysia's international reputation as a preferred investment destination. It is unacceptable that an elected state and federal legislator who is holding office in a state government is treated in such an arbitrary and uncivil manner.

It is imperative that the use of the ISA against civilians be stopped forthwith and immediate steps to review, if not, to repeal altogether this draconian law.

Residents of Subang Jaya took part in vigil

Photo and video courtesy of SJ Echo

My friends from PAS and PKR supporting us in the vigil

Young and old came out to support

Last night, over 70 residents in Subang Jaya joined us in the candle light vigil for Teresa Kok. Young and old, men and women of different races stood for one hour in silent protest against the usage of ISA on civilians. In my very short remarks, I thanked the residents for coming out in support of our call for the abolishment of ISA and reminded them that RPK and Teresa Kok are our friends and we must continue to urge the government for their early release. Special thanks to the police for allowing us to have the vigil. It ended at 8:30pm sharp.

You can view a short video clip of the vigil here.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Vigil at service centre in SS14

There will be a special candle light vigil for Teresa Kok at our service centre tomorrow for DAP Bandar Subang Jaya branch. Details are as below:-

Date : 16 September 2008 (Tuesday)
Time : 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Address : 24A, Jalan SS14/1A, 47500 Subang Jaya

This is a nationwide campaign (Kempen Sokong, Simpati dan Solidariti) for Teresa Kok and will be launched simultaneously at all DAP branches in Malaysia.

Free Teresa Campaign

15.9.08(12.30pm) Habeas corpus application by Teresa’s family assisted by Sdr Karpal Singh, KL Duta Court;
(7pm) Vigil at Kinrara Service Centre [Bala 016-6200018];

16.9.08(7.30pm) Nationwide DAP Branches and offices “Free Teresa, Abolish ISA ” candlelight vigil - please contact DAP offices nearest to you for detail. Supporters are encouraged to hold your own vigil at home by lighting candles to show solidarity with all ISA detainees.
For more details, please visit

Saturday, September 13, 2008

May justice prevail

Sin Chew reporter arrested.
Raja Petra, my constituent, arrested.
Teresa Kok, my comrade, my senior exco and friend, arrested.
All in the name of maintaining law and order and preserving national security. You can read about it here.
I had lunch with Teresa and we briefly talked about MPSJ budget for 2009, the upcoming business council meeting and we were both shocked to hear of Raja Petra's arrest during lunch. I am very upset that this has happened. I condemn the usage of ISA and stand by my conviction that it has to be abolished. To all concerned supporters and citizens of Malaysia, stay calm and be praying for our nation.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Public briefing on LRT

Photo courtesy of SJ Echo

I have been invited by some residents of SS14 to brief them together with all other interested residents from my constituency on the LRT Kelana Jaya extension to Subang Jaya-USJ-Putra Heights. I recently requested for a meeting with Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad and will be briefing the residents on the outcome of the meeting. See you there!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Town Hall Meeting

Our first town hall meeting on Saturday was a good experience for me. The residents of Goodyear Court 7, 8, 9 and 10 came out and sat for almost an hour listening to my updates on issues in my constituency.
Though it drizzled, it didn't stop the residents from coming out. The meeting was casual and I was able to explain policies and my stand on certain issues to my constituents. I invited MPSJ officers to come along to listen to some of the views from the residents. I personally think this is one step forward in engaging the residents regularly and keeping them informed on the happenings in Subang Jaya.
Every month, we will be having a town hall meeting in my constituency. I will keep you posted on our next destination!

Friday, September 5, 2008

First Town Hall Meeting for residents of Goodyear Court 7, 8, 9 and 10

Our first town hall meeting will begin this Saturday 6 September 2008 at 9:45am to 11:00am at the basketball court opposite Goodyear Court 9. This first town hall meeting is catered for residents of Goodyear Court 7, 8, 9 and 10 only. We will move to different places in my constituency each month.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Press statement in relation to "interference"

Mr Keshminder Singh has told the press that I had interfered with the assigning of councillors to their zones. He made the statement when asked about his objection to my presence at the council’s table during the recent MPSJ full board meeting.

I had earlier told the press that I was ready at all times to explain on his allegation. Here is my explanation:-

After the swearing-in of councillors, I asked the YDP of MPSJ if the councillors’ zones have been confirmed. YDP then informed me that I could propose the names of the councillors for the Subang Jaya zone.

There are 5 zones under Subang Jaya. I had proposed the followings:-

(1) Theresa Ratnam Thong (NGO)
(2) Datuk Dr. N. Subramaniam (NGO)
(3) DAP
(4) PAS
(5) PKR

Priority had to be given to the two NGOs representing the residents’ associations and jawatankuasa penduduk in the Subang Jaya constituency. My justification for this is simple – it makes no sense for these two NGOs to be assigned to a zone outside of the Subang Jaya area since they have been serving in the residents’ association and jawatankuasa penduduk in this area and are thoroughly familiar with the issues here.

I was then informed by MPSJ that Mr Keshminder Singh (PKR) and another PKR councillor insisted to be in the Subang Jaya zone. As a result of this, Datuk Dr. N. Subramaniam who represents the USJ Residents’ Association has now been assigned to a zone in Seri Kembangan.

This is the final list of the Subang Jaya zone and the councillors had their way in the zones they wanted as below:

zone 1 (SS12 – SS19, Taman Wangsa Baiduri) - Theresa Ratnam Thong (NGO)

zone 2 (PJS 7, 9 and 11, Taman Sunway Utama) - Chia Yew Ken (DAP)

zone 3 (USJ 2 – USJ 15) - Ismail Kamal b. Abdul Rahman (PKR)

zone 4 (USJ 1, Taman Subang Permai, Taman Subang Mewah, Taman Perindustrian Subang) - Roslan Shahir b. Datuk Mohd Shahir (PAS)

zone 5 (Taman Perindustrian Hi-Tech, Taman Perindustrian SIME UEP, Taman Subang Mas, Taman Batu Tiga, Kg. Rantau Selamat) - Keshminder Singh (PKR)

Speaking up for the residents in my constituency does not amount to “interference” as alleged by Mr Keshminder Singh. I was merely performing my duty as the state assemblyman for this area. I hope this statement will clarify the matter. Again, I am saying that one small plug point issue has led to allegation that I am in the business of "interfering" with councillors' zone and that is inaccurate. I do not want to waste more time on this issue as I have repeatedly said that I have more pressing issues to attend to.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Merdeka celebrations in my constituency

I have never celebrated Merdeka this way before. Back-to-back Merdeka celebrations happening all over my constituency. As the state assemblyman, I am mindful of my role as an agent of reconciliation for all the different races living in Subang Jaya and I will work very hard to ensure unity and not further division (caused by race based politics). Below are some photos to highlight the multiracial community in the Subang Jaya constituency:

Kayuhan Merdeka organised by MPSJ

Singing the national anthem with senior citizens of USJ5

This group of senior citizens embraced me like their own daughter/grand daughter and one grandmother advised me to persevere no matter how tough the task becomes

Launching the Shafiee Basketball tournament

Young basketball players all ready for their matches

Merdeka Breakfast celebration with the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association

Cutting the birthday cake for Malaysia

Singing patriotic songs with the youth group from Subang Jaya Buddhist Association

Meeting the single mothers in SS19 flats

My assistant Timothy filling up forms for single mothers for free rice aid from Selangor State Government

Together with the parents and children of Sri Subramaniar temple at PJS7

The kids with their trophies won at the sports carnival.

Meeting the single mothers at Angsana in USJ1

With Carol Rasiah at USJ1

With the children of USJ3ABCD

Fun events at the USJ3ABCD Merdeka party

Residents of USJ3ABCD in queue for food

I was exhausted by the time the celebrations were all over. I thank God for sustaining me and for blessing me with good health to continue serving my constituents. Happy 51st, Malaysia!