Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back to basic

Lately I have been receiving a number of emails from residents on their complaints against certain issues managed by MPSJ. May I gently remind all to do the followings:-

1. First, lodge your complaint with MPSJ (all details are found on the left hand side of my blog);

2. Then you will be given a complaint number;

3. If no action is taken by MPSJ after the first complaint, contact your MPSJ councillor immediately and provide the complaint number for them to follow up with MPSJ; and

4. If you do not hear from your MPSJ councillor, then contact me.

Similarly, if you have an emergency – you need to first contact the ambulance and not my office. My office has received calls before from residents who have difficulty in breathing.

If you experience water cut – you need to first contact Syabas and the same applies for electricity cut – contact TNB first.

At each meeting with residents, I remind them of these steps. Please do your part to enable me to do my part more effectively. I do not have 1200 MPSJ staff working in my office, I only have one full time staff employed by the State Government. I must thank those selfless residents who are proactive and civic-minded, people who care enough not to just care about their own backyards but their surrounding neighbourhood as well. I am not complaining, I will assist you when a system fails but I do urge that you play your part first. Also for those who wish to lodge a complaint yet want to remain anonymous, we are sorry we cannot entertain an anonymous resident. I have encountered at least 2 complaints which are hoax complaints. Educating the public is an ongoing process, people who think that March 8 is a magic wand that has changed the whole nation in the blink of an eye are greatly mistaken. Join me at my service centre on one Thursday evening and allow me to explain to you the truth in that aforesaid statement.

Below is an email I received from a thoughtful resident in USJ 8:

Case: Inclined Lamppost

- On 28th October, 2008, I went to MPSJ to make a report, regarding to one lamp post which seemed like falling down soon.

- That lamppost is nearby Good Year Court 3 & Jalan Kewajipan.

- Days later, I made a call to MPSJ to follow up. Another week later, I made another call to Jabatan Kejuruteraan to follow up again. I was told that the new lamppost had been ordered, and the replacement work would be completed before 17th November 2008.

- On 10th November 2008, I noticed that the new lamppost has already been replaced.

My message to all residents in Subang Jaya and USJ:

We all can do our part in taking care of this community. We should not always hope that some other people will help us solve problems. We ourselves should take initiative in making report to MPSJ, whenever we notice there are broken roads, inclined lamppost, or broken water pipes, etc.

The above case is not the first case which I made report to MPSJ and followed up all by myself, without disturbing our ADUN. I have been doing this kind of "reporting" job since many years ago. Got a broken-road case happened several years ago took me about 4 months to settle with many authorities.

In fact, beside the above case, I have also made reports regarding to one more inclined lamppost nearby Kawasan Perindustrian (Near Giant USJ) and one "rotten" tree which has been damaged by termites near USJ 2. I will follow up and monitor these 2 cases until they are solved by MPSJ.

Showing this kind of case to you all does not mean that I want to get compliment from Hannah Yeoh, or does not mean that I want to show off. In fact, I do not need any compliment from anyone, and I do not need to show off by sharing this kind of case with you all.

My intentions of doing such a job are just very simple:
1) I cannot assume that other people would have already made a report to MPSJ, so I can just wait and see whether such inclined lamppost will be fixed one day. So, please do not think that some people might already make a report, so that you, as a resident in this community, can do nothing.

2) I am concerned that if such inclined lamppost really falls down one day, some people will get hurt. I really do not want to see such incident to happen.

3) Without disturbing our ADUN, Hannah Yeoh, I myself can take initiative to go to MPSJ and make a report. Then, most importantly, I myself will also follow up the case until the problem is finally solved by MPSJ. The whole process can all be done by myself. So, the whole process can also be done by you, as a resident in Subang Jaya/USJ.

4) By doing all those reporting and monitoring jobs by ourselves, we can help our ADUN in reducing her daily workloads. Please do not always wait for Hannah Yeoh
to appear in front of you, then you only know how to make a complaint to her at that time. As a resident in this community, we should do our part. In fact, if we see similar case in other area, i.e, KL, PJ, which we do not live there, whenever possible, we should also always try to make a report to the nearest councils.

5) Lead by example. If you can do this kind of job by your own, not only you will understand a bit of how a ADUN or his/her associates got to do whenever receiving such report, but also you can show a good example to your neighbours, and most importantly, to your own family members that you are able to take initiative in solving such case all by yourself, without seeking for ADUN's help.

It is not a rocket-science project which we are not able to do. By doing all those jobs ourselves, we can help our ADUN save so much time, and we can make sure that nobody will get hurt due to a broken road or falling lamppost.

If your own house got problems, do you need to wait for someone to ring up contractors and get them fixed? The answer is "No". If that is your house, you would already take many steps in solving those problems by your own. However, when seeing something is wrong out there, many of us usually will have "I-Don't-Care" mindset, or wait for others to make report, or worse still, "Raise voice in front of your ADUN,as though that is only her problem".

Please do not have such mindsets starting from today. If we do not care about our own community, who will?

We need a great ADUN like Hannah Yeoh in solving more important issues for the community, and Hannah Yeoh also needs residents who will take initiative in taking care this community! Stop passing all responsibilities to our ADUN. If we do not lead by example, the tendency of our future generations having a "Don't Care" mindset/attitude will be high.

After you all read about my sharing, I hope that many of you who stay in this community will start doing what I have been doing. Let's work together to make our place even better.

God Bless You & The Community.

USJ 8 Resident.


hmatter said...

Hi Hannah,
The honeymoon period is over, and the hard work is getting to you. Although I think, I know where you are coming from, I CANNOT agree with you that the onus is on the residents to follow all the red-tape and bureaucracy.
WE ARE RESIDENTS AND TAX - PAYERS. BY BRINGING TO THE ATTENTION OF THE AUTHORITIES THE PROBLEM. The MPSJ officers ( who are hired by the taxpayers ) must followup and do their job. It cannot be us to keep complaint numbers, followup with phone calls, fill more forms, come in to the office.
Hey, we are just civic-minded enough to bring it to your attention. We don't have too. We do it because we care. We have our full-time job to do. Of course, we do pay taxes ( alot too ).
I suggest that you get you MB to get cracking at the civil servants, and get them to do their job. If the MB and state government cannot, then they have not been good leaders.
We must help, as good citizens, but please do not give us red-tapes and bureaucracy. Otherwise, no one will help. Just let the lamppost fall, just let the sewage leak, just let the snatch thief escape, etc. And that will be sad.

Malaysian said...

Hannah, I completely agree with your posting. This is political education which Malaysians lack. People do not know where to complain. So many people bark up the wrong tree, like hmatter here. You're an ADUN, not the YDP of MPSJ. I do not want my ADUN to be a 'longkang' ADUN, like the previous ADUN (Lee Hwa Beng).

And hmatter, complaining is not a sign of being civic-minded. Our beloved ADUN has been probably the most hard-working ADUN in the state, if not the entire country! She never had a honeymoon, mind you. Where have you been all this while hmatter? Remember, this is not red tape. Why don't you complain to your Prime Minister, since you keep harping on the fact that you pay taxes? It's the federal government that receive your taxes, not the State! This is another fine example of why Malaysians lack political and governance education!

Alan said...

To Hmatter,

After reading what you have commented above, I am not sure if you have ever made any report to MPSJ before.

If comparing the past and the present, MPSJ has improved so much, in terms of following-up & solving cases reported by residents!

Once you make a report, respective department will start going through the internal procedures in doing their jobs. Once the job is completed, MPSJ will even issue a letter nowadays, informing and updating the one who makes the report! Do you know about this?

I am a tax payer too, but when I need to make calls and follow up with cases that I have reported,
I will NEVER think that I am a tax payer, so somebody (in this case that you mention above, those "somebody" are MB, State Government and the local ADUN) must do all those jobs for me first!

Only when I really find no more way in dealing with certain authorities, I would then consider seeking further assistance from the local ADUN. However, so far, I still do not need my ADUN to assist me, as I believe that I am still able to handle that by my own.

Full-time job means we do not even have time to do follow up?
We do not go out for lunch, when we do full-time job?

When we go out for lunch, I believe that many people will spend at least 45 minutes in
chit-chatting with colleagues, or go to pay our bills, or do some other personal matters.

If before going out for lunch, just spend 5-10 minutes by ringing up MPSJ and following up the case that we have reported, is that too difficult for us to do? What we need to do is just to talk lesser a bit with our colleague during lunch hour for 5-10 minutes.
Very tough job?

Today, I have noticed that the big road at the back of Good Year Court 10 got many holes, as many big vehicles got to use that road
very often. That road can lead us to the new Digital Mall. If you live in this community, then I believe that you know which road that I mention.

Can you just try to make a report to MPSJ and follow up with them, without bringing such issue directly to our ADUN first?

There are so many issues in one community, and we just CANNOT always think that we are tax payer or we got full-time job, so the only channel or the very first party that we should make complaint is to go through our local ADUN.

Everything got its steps and procedures.

When our passport expires, do we need our local ADUN to help us renew? We got to travel to Shah Alam or some other places to get it renewed. Is that considered troublesome for us to do? Ohh, yes, it can be a bit troublesome, and we may think that how nice if the immigration office can open one branch at USJ. If that office is just next to our house, that may even be better!

However, that immigration office is not in USJ, so we got to travel to the nearest branch to get it renewed, all done by ourselves!

When we do our own personal things, we usually will not make so much complaints, as we know that if we ourselves do not do it, nobody can help us do that.

However, when we notice something is wrong in our community, many people will just know how to make complaints to our local ADUN.

Once our local ADUN shows them those proper steps that they have to handle first, certain people will think that our ADUN seems not doing jobs for us.

At first, why must we really need our ADUN to do all those jobs for us first? Because that is not our own passport renewal issue, but because those are cases like leaking pipes or broken roads in our community, so we ourselves cannot deal with MPSJ and follow up with respective departments there first?

So, when talking about some issues
about "Community", that no longer is our own matter, or that no longer be something that we, as a resident here, actually can try to see if we ourselves are able to solve them first, before seeking further helps from our ADUN?

When I personally make reports to MPSJ, I would NEVER think that Hannah Yeoh wants me to go through so called red-tape or bureaucracy that you mention above.

In my mind, I just know that it is part of my responsibility as a resident here.

My responsibilities are not only about making report, but also doing follow-ups until the case can be settled. If the case still cannot be settled, I would then go through the 2nd channel and so on.

Certainly, not everyone in MPSJ may work efficiently, and those people need improvements.

However, the VERY FIRST IMPROVEMENT should start from
our own self!

If we do not improve ourselves first by leading by example, more people will still think in the old ways by saying, "We are tax payers or we vote for you, so you must do all the job for us!"

I do not even need to ask how many issues that Hannah Yeoh got to deal with day in day out. I believe that the things that she has reported in her blog are only parts of certain cases which she thinks that she would like to further highlight to the community.

Since March 8 till now, if Hannah really needs to update every single thing that she has done for the community, I believe that
the pages here can be as thick as our yellow pages!

So, we must help each other to get things done, and that "Each Other" includes our local ADUN too!

In my own eyes, a person like Hannah Yeoh does not even treat the first few months of her political career as "Honeymoon"!

If we ourselves do not go through the proper channels first and always only know how to raise voice to our local ADUN, then we ourselves are the one really living in "Honeymoon"!

Please do our part in serving this community, without always waiting for some people to do all the jobs for us first.

Imagine that if you yourself can make a report to MPSJ, regarding to the above broken road, then follow up with them, when necessary; once that broken road is fixed, you will feel very happy!

You will feel happy not only because you can now take initiative in solving problems on your own for the community, but most importantly, you feel happy because you are able to get the broken road fixed (by MPSA or whoever needs to fix that road),
before anyone gets injured there caused by that broken road!

Just try to complete that above task by your own that I have mentioned, and you will know what I really mean.

If you still believe that you cannot handle all those follow up jobs because you are a tax payer and you got a full time job, then please do not pass that broken road issue to Hannah Yeoh first.
Tell me, I am just an ordinary resident like you here, and I will guarantee you that I can get the broken road issue solved, all by myself!

By the way, I can't go fixing that road by my own, as I don't have the tools & rights! But I know which party that I have to go through, and I will do the follow ups (even if it will take me months, etc.), until certain parties get that broken road fixed!

Thank you.

USJ 8 Resident.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Alan.

If every Malaysian is like you,we will lead the world and even stop wars in Gaza. Unfortunately we Malaysia's prefer to be a bunch of losers and have others clean our backsides for us after we take a poop.

Anonymous said...


I think you are paid and employed by MCA (aka Mr Lee Hwa Ah Beng) to create problems just to make Hannah look bad. Go dig yourself a grave and bury yourself (if you could even do so).

Anonymous said...

I agree cause hmatter english needs help too:)

Anonymous said...

Yes, totally agreed with the rest we need to do our part.
I logged a report online with MPSJ website requesting for trimming of overgrown trees (planted by developer) in front of my house. I then received a reply from MPSJ stating the report number, date they will complete the task & escalation process should no one show up.
Well, guess what, the trees were all trimmed & best part is all the branches trimmed were collected clean.
Thank you very much MPSJ !!

So, please do your part & leave our ADUN to more critical matters.

Anonymous said...

The trouble is the old practice created by BN and MCA. When BN ADUN or MP take up the longkang issues, the people think that MCA and Gerakan are very great and doinga good job and that is their job. The rakyat is to make noise and ADUN takes over. But they are very silence over national issues like corruption and why money spend over the highways and tolls.

Lau Weng San said...

What I usually do is to request them to lodge a complaint with the relevant authority and also lodge the same complaint on myself but the complainant must take the first move as they have the responsibility to make the first move and ours it to follow up subsequently.

hmatter said...

Hi Alan, You should take up politics. You will make a good ADUN for Hannah. Thanks for your great devotion and support for her. You are indeed a good boy.
Hi anonymous, if you have the guts to make comments, also have take guts to sign your name. Otherwise you become another noisy gong, only. No, BTW, I am not an MCA-man, if that is what you are worried about. Dato HB Lee received the same flak when I raise problems with him previously. I think that Hannah does not need parrots to follow her blindly. She will value frank opinions and comments, though it may sting for awhile. Also at least, I have the guts to sign every post with my name.
I say again, yes, we must help the authorities, to be their eyes and ears, but they must do their work.
Anyway, I am so proud that there are so many great Malaysians like Alan. This is really great for our future. Wake-up and face the real world, my friends.

Wong said...

A fellow like hmatter only knows how to talk better than do! As simple as that. I think he feels so great whenever he could tell ADUN to do this and that. In real life, this kind of person usually contributes nothing to the society.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah, Alan, Hmatter and the residents,

Thank you.

I think that all of you and your constructive discussions are bringing the community towards a better place.


true patriot said...

I love to visit this blog. It's a good channel to share/learn how to solve problem that we face in our daily life.

Thanks to those who have been contributing constructive ideas and sharing, and educating residents here to do their parts, so that our ADUN & her team can concentrate on more important matters which will benefit us ultimately.

Cheers !!!