Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Capitol Hill

This morning we were taken on an insider tour of the Capitol Building (equivalent to our Parliament building in Malaysia). Yesterday President Obama was sworn-in as the 44th President here. We were briefed on the role of Congress in the American System and also had the opportunity to learn from their research advisor on domestic and foreign policy priorities. When we arrived, we noticed that the inauguration logistics were still in place and we grabbed the opportunity to snap a few pictures of the historical venue.

This is the door leading to the flight of stairs in which both the former President and President Obama walked through to get to the balcony for the inauguration.

This is the Honourable Mr Samuel Basil, Member of Parliament for Bulolo, Papua New Guinea. He is part of our team and in the last few days of knowing him, we have been able to discuss and exchange ideas on service to our communities. Tomorrow I will leave Washington, DC and fly to Florida to study transitions at the local level.


viv said...

although obama's inauguration speech was disappointing, the ceremony still had a 'wow' factor that brought americans together after the elections. enjoy your break, dear hannah.

Subang jaya fans said...

Wow, it's so nice to see your cheerful, vibrant smiles. You are being strong enough to endure the freezing winter days, aren't you? We are awaiting your return with bags of new ideas, to serve the constituency better, of course, haha! Take care.

Turtle said...

... transitions at the local level

hmmmm... seems like Hannah is working hard. Enjoy your trip :)