Thursday, January 1, 2009

Congratulations Edward!

Edward Ling

My political secretary, Edward Ling has recently been included in the DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) leadership for 2008-2010. This is good news for the youth of Subang Jaya as this is a national committee. May the voice of our youth be heard in all areas of governance.

For those who do not know, Edward Ling played a key role in inspiring me to register myself as a voter prior to March 2008. His interest in politics started when he was still in school. He would read the newspapers more than his textbooks and that passion never ceased. Returning from Australia after obtaining his degree, he began to seriously consider how he could make a difference in our nation's politics. He would speak to his friends over coffee on the effect of corruption and danger of being indifferent. I was one of them at such coffee sessions. Sometimes, a single act of encouraging someone to do something small yet positive could lead to something way greater than what you can ever ask or imagine. Congratulations Edward! May you continue to inspire many more young people to bring change to this land. For more information on Edward, please visit his blog


Baby said...


keith said...

YB Hannah..and this is the first time i really mean the true meaning of YB. U have done good and along the way Edward is also doing good!

Kudos to Edward! Way to Go!!!!!!!!!

Keith Khoo... who usually associate YB to -
- Yang Bodoh
- Yang Biadap
- Yang XBoleh

But here, You guys deserve the Yang Berhormat :-) and even the Yang Bahagia :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

Notice that you do not hold any post in DAP?Why?This is not good for your political career in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I Agree with Keith 101%

kenckc1 said...

HI Edward/Hannah and DAPSY,
Thanks for your effort,time,and everything been sacrified for Malaysia.
*Pls be relax and patient when facing UMNO moron/MCA dog.

petluc said...

May God continue to guide and lead Edward, that he may continue to pursue his dreams of making Malaysia a better place.

Likewise, the same prayer goes to Hannah and her team.

Usaha Hinggs Jaya - To strive, to seek, to find but not to Yield!

I am truly proud to be associated with these two great people!

Calvin said...

A fine young man..congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Edward,

May you inspire more youths to lead the country...

Good Luck Hannah and Edward !!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Edward,

May you inspire more youths to lead the country...

Good Luck Hannah and Edward !!