Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lagoon Perdana - uncompleted units

On 13 December 2008, the developer for Lagoon Perdana called for a meeting with purchasers of Block 7. The developer briefed the purchasers on the problem faced by them in completing Block 7 (original plan was to build 18 floors, but now the purchasers were informed by the developer that they could only build up to 9 floors for safety reasons). A survey form was given to each purchaser present on the options available to them. Representatives from Kementerian Perumahan Dan Kerajaan Tempatan ("KPKT"), MPSJ and Mr Tony Chang of National House Buyers Association were also present. I invited Mr Tony Chang to share his views on the issue with the purchasers and I also raised a few legal concerns.

At the meeting (which was intended merely to conduct a survey among the purchasers of Block 7), the purchasers were informed by the developer of the followings:·

  • should they decide to build Block 7, the size of the units including common properties will be in accordance to that stated in the Sale and Purchase Agreement;
  • for purchasers who wish to get a refund for the units which will not be built, the refund would only be for the full purchase price and legal fees involved (no interest would be paid);
  • difference in price units (for swapping of units) will be refunded back to the purchaser;
  • time frame for the refund to be paid is still unknown (estimated to be about 3 to 5 months from the date of new agreement signed);
  • the survey and proposed changes will be subject to approval by MPSJ on the amended plan.

Pursuant to the meeting, I have been chasing Kementerian Perumahan Dan Kerajaan Tempatan ("KPKT") to quickly hold a meeting with all parties involved including the bridging financier for discussion on this issue and also on the status of Blocks 1, 3 and 8. Earlier, we were told that Blocks 1 and 8 would be completed by December 2008 or January 2009. This meeting is also needed for the developer to brief all parties on the results obtained from the survey conducted on Block 7. I will only be able to provide more updates once the meeting is convened by KPKT as KPKT is monitoring the project.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the updates on the project, Hannah!

I'm one of the purchaser of Block 7. My unit is on the 7th floor. I was overseas at the time of the meeting and thus unable to attend.

Can anyone update on the status of the survey? I'm pondering a few options: 1. Keep my unit and wait for the block 7 to be fully completed. 2. Sell my unit to another willing buyer from floors 10 and above. 3. Get back a full refund.

Are the above options viable? Would appreciate if anyone can advise. Thanks so much and have a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

Thanks for your help and supports for us. As per your blog stating that the developer has agreed to handover the block 1 & 8 latest by january 09, yet they have back out on their words again and nothing from them since. Apparently the follow up had died down and we are again in puzzle of what is happening. We are very worried !

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

Thanks for pushing all these through. Believed that it is not an easy one to come to this stage. I am yet another owner that owns one of the units at block 8 and am eagerly awaiting for the handover. Sad to say that there isn't much progress since the last update. Your assistance in expediting this would be very appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Block 7 owner again here, I would like to know any update and follow up from your site...I have been waiting for so many yearsss...pls HELP us...I believe u r the only one can help us, no others...


Elan said...

Hi Hannah,

From your post, I can read that you will be only able to provide more updates once the meeting is convened by KPKT. Despite of waiting unknownly, could your side assist to check with the respective organization on what is the current status?

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

it has been ~ 7 mth after the last meeting Dec 2008. I would like to know is there any update for this apartment....hopefully, we dont need to wait another 10 YEARS....Pls do let us know what will be the latest update for this.

Kok Hui said...

Hi, Selamat HARI Raya Hannah.
Glad to see this blog providing updating information for all the "stuck" onwer of Block 7, LP.
My unit is loan from Bhg Pinjaman Perumahan, despite of meeting in Dec 2008 has informed & decided that the block 7 will unable to build higher than 9th floor and my unit is at 13th. Thus, i chose to refund.
However, until today every month deduction on the house loan is still take place from my salary. has try to call to Bhg Pinjaman Perumahan, Bhg Project Terbengkalai and Bhg Pemantauan yet they say they do not receive official information about the block 7's 9th floor above are abundant, therefore the salary deduction is still ON.
How can i talk over the Government sector? Or How can i check whether the developer (Tenaga Gagah? OR IJM)who suppose to send official letter to inform the Bhg Pinjaman Perumahan can stop deducting my salary.
Please help and guide us. Thank you.
Or any other who read this comment and has a solution to stop salary deduction from Governemnt servant payroll, please do reply to me at

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Is 17 Dec 2009, another year...I having serving the loan for ~ 7 yearsssss...this is really a nightmare...and is suffer me long time....Why the god do something like this to us....Why the goverment still helping those RICH people but not the poor ppl like us. Why the goverment always take care rich people...but not the consumer????? WHY??? why our property still not manage to build after so many years....Tuhan...god...can you please help us...please help to take those BAD people....this is really hopeless...our country really NO HOPE....plz help us...our 'lovely' goverment , do you think you can do something and help us??? plz give us some light ...*sign*

KenaTipuLagi said...

Block 8 Owner, I believed 27 months from commencement date is already over. However, we still haven't received the key yet. Anyone know what is happening? or kena tipu sekali lagi. wait for another 27 months?

Anonymous said...

**SIGN**, I believe our god did love us, but only the Malaysia goverment didnt love the people...because there like to protect those 'rich' people only...why are there doing something like this to the people...??? y?? I know those 'goverment' staff are all 'rich'...but v r not...if any in charge person saw this, please help and pass the message to the housing department..or who ever involve where those ppl can help us....I think I know who to vote if this really done by some one...i know our 'lovely' goverment will only act when the election come....this is become normal....n only when there WON there election...otherwise...u hv to 'makan sendiri' lo....sign...Malaysia ai...Malaysia....When will u wake up from the confortable zone....???? please give ppl the good environment to leave...otherwise...ppl will cont migrate out from Malaysia....tanah cinta ku....haha..i think only for those sit in Parlimen...