Sunday, January 4, 2009

Meeting with the traffic team

In anticipation of the back-to-school traffic tomorrow, I have arranged for a meeting with the traffic team from IPD Subang Jaya last week. I made a courtesy call to DSP Tengku Anuar, the new Ketua Bhg Ketenteraman Awam/Ketua Trafik Daerah of IPD Subang Jaya. The purpose of our meeting was to request for traffic policemen to be stationed at Persiaran Tujuan and Persiaran Kewajipan to assist with the morning and evening traffic.

Right after the election, I had immediately requested MPSJ to appoint an independent traffic consultant to prepare an in-depth traffic study on Persiaran Tujuan, Persiaran Kewajipan and the entire SS16 (again, in anticipation of the traffic which will be coming in once all the development works are completed behind Subang Parade). At each infrastructure meeting in the last few months, we have been told the details of the studies were still not completed and would be completed by December 2008. I am not pleased with the delay and will continue to push for this at MPSJ.

While we still await suggestions and improvement of traffic flow from the independent traffic consultant at these main areas, I am grateful for the cooperation given by DSP Tengku Anuar and his team. The meeting was very fruitful as we managed to discuss other traffic issues in Bandar Sunway and also the possibility of seeking assistance from RELA officers and MPSJ officers for traffic control. We discovered from the police that this option is not feasible as the relevant provisions in law do not allow this. Traffic policemen will continue to be stationed at the traffic light in front of Summit USJ (Persiaran Kewajipan) and the traffic light at SS19 and USJ 3 (Persiaran Tujuan) from 6:45am to 9:00am and from 4:30pm to 7:00pm. I have specially requested for priority to be given to the main traffic leaving USJ in the morning and main traffic entering Subang Jaya from Federal Highway in the evening.


soon seng said...

Hello there! Thanks for dropping by! I would have taken even more photos if I had brought along my actual camera.. In any case, kudos to a great event!

hmatter said...

Thanks Hannah for the effort.
But you must know that your predecessor has "screwed " ( pardon my crude term ) it up. I stay in USJ 2/6. I dare not use P Kewajipan. P Tujuan is bad when school opened but is still better. How come you cannot get the authorities to get a comprehensive traffic review done in reasonable time and presented. Am I to understand that the PK gomen of Selangor has also inherited the BN lagecy of inefficiency?
I could never understand why and what they are doing in P Kewajipan ( the stretch next to SDMCSJ )? It can only make things worse. I suppose AZRB may be the only beneficiary.
Of course, the development near carrefor and subang parade, will only worsen the traffic.
At this stage, I cant see an easy solution. We may need a subang jaya master traffic plan and maybe a mass transport system, intra-subang and subang to KL / Klang. Please push your PK gomen harder. Please show us that you are different.

hmatter said...

Hi Hannah,
Yesterday, I wrote a comment which is still under " editorial consideration " ( read censorship ).
I am glad to know that the PK / DAP censors the comments of their constituents when they have differing views from yours. Looks like you are then no different from BN.
Thanks for letting me know that.
Dr SC Ng

hmatter said...

Thanks Hannah,
Thanks for allowing the earlier comment to go thru'. Please be open. We are all trying to help.
The Tujuan traffic situation ( USJ 2 to ss17 turnoff ) on Monday was good, Tuesday was horrendous(Bad). Wedsnesday and Thursday was so, so. Looks like part of the problem is the timing of the traffic flow from the SS 19 traffic light. Sometimes the traffic policeman at that traffic light is slow to recognise the problem.

Iz said...

I guess its not as easy as it seems huh?keep on trying 2 improve da road system in subang hannah im sure blh 1..n hmatter.. y so quick 2 judge 1..she just 1 yr only in office 1.think she can change da whole world le..2 me this is the first issue out of many which she has addressed and is trying 2 do sumthing abt it lets see wat she does..(im not say ur criticism is not valid, after all whats the world without a bit of criticism)

daisy said...

hi, i stayed in USJ 5 area, the reason i write this is bcoz I really fed up with the jam from the persiaran tujuan and also the traffic light at ss19.
As I coming out from my housing area USJ 5 using the Persiaran Murni (if I am not wrong with the road name) way leading to Persiaran Tujuan. The traffic light at this junction really need to do something about it either the timing or the rotation of the traffic light between SS19 traffic light, Persiaran Tujuan and Persiaran Murni traffic light.

The traffic always jammed up, piled up and got stuck when the traffic light allow Persiaran Tujuan (from USJ leding to SS19 way) traffic to go first before Persiaran Murni so when the traffic light is green for Persiaran Murni all in Persiaran Murni road can’t even move/go at all and is only 60 seconds. But when Persiaran Tujuan road opposite side (which mean from Subang SS15 towards USJ areas that road) are moving and the other side traffic (from USJ leading to SS19 that road) is so free and why cant they allow the Persiaran Tujuan road traffic to go at that time so that when the Persiaran Murni traffic light is green then at least can move.

I also don’t understand why they place the police at SS19 traffic light and can still cause all these problem, why don’t they realize all these. Pls do something…

Anonymous said...

Hi! Hannah,
I am Tan and staying in USJ 3A/B/C/D. I wonder when there is any prompt or "amicable" solution towards this very bad, critical and heavy + massive traffic congestion along Persiaran Tujuan especially during early morning hours when everyone is rushing to work. Just like for tdy, I left home ard 7.30am (a very short distance to exit USJ) BUT it took me almost 1 1/2 hr from USJ3 to enter Federal highway this morning! The condition is getting worst nowadays! Yesterday morning, I also noticed, there are several police traffics blocked the exit from Subang Jaya to Federal highway for a moment, say 5 mins under this rushing hours. I would not think it is feasible practice to block the main exit out from Subang to Federal H'way. WIth the blocking, it caused such huge massive jam in Subang and also USJ area. And with such huge numbers of vehicles moving out daily out from Subang, it is really "nightmare?" to all of us. Much appreciate if you can into this matter for it is been nightmare for me each time I travel to work, regardless during wee morning hrs or after 9am.

chcy said...

Hi Hannah...
This the 1st time commenting on the traffic condition here. I do not know if you realize that the traffic light controllers are seriously dumb and defective for todays condition. Ever heard of adaptive system controller or rather a traffic controller that is able to modify the timings on demand real time. Such a controller place onto the ss19 and usj2 junction would have increase the traffic throughput by up to 30% which translate to another lane into/out of usj.
I've observe at the junction that on most condition the traffic in not saturated in all direction and under such situation an adaptive controller would have the timings adjusted to suit the flow. The impact on the flow would be especially obvious for the returning traffic in the evening.
If you have the impression that putting a traffic policeman would improve the flow , then, putting an adaptive traffic controller would do the same with the added advantage of working 24/7 365 . We have to use , apply, todays technology to do such mundane task and let the policeman to nab those that break the law.
I would say that current traffic light are the initiator of more than 50% of the traffic jam situation . Of course if all the roads are fully saturated with traffic , which is rarely the case except a small percentage in a day , then , God help us...