Saturday, January 17, 2009

Persiaran Setia

When school first started, we received multiple complaints from residents of USJ3ABCD on the traffic congestion in front of SMK USJ 12 due to the closure of a few lanes. We had an urgent site visit and met with the contractors who are building the pedestrian bridge in front of the said school. It was decided then that at peak hours and school hours, there must be at least 2 lanes in each direction for the residents to use.

Pursuant to that site visit, I called for an urgent meeting at MPSJ for the developer to brief me and Persatuan Penduduk USJ3ABCD on the status of all the conditions imposed for the opening of the bridge connecting USJ Heights to USJ 3ABCD. Below is a quick status update:

(a) Menaiktaraf simpang-simpang merbahaya dan jalan-jalan di kawasan perumahan USJ3 dengan menyediakan lay-by dan lampu isyarat.
Status: The contractor briefed us on all the upgrading works along Persiaran Setia. We discussed the details of those works and the residents gave their feedback and suggestions. An amended lay out plan for the said works will be given to me, MPSJ and the Persatuan Penduduk USJ3ABCD for us to post on my blog and the residents' website.

(b) Menyediakan jejantas untuk kanak-kanak sekolah dan penduduk melintas di kawasan-kawasan tumpuan (Persiaran Setia).
Status: The pedestrian bridge was to be completed in December 2008 by the developer. The delay has now caused the bridge to be completed only in the 3rd week of March 2009.

(c) Menyediakan zon penampan yang mampu menghalang pencemaran udara dan bunyi bising kenderaan lalulalang.
Status: For the sound barrier issue in USJ3A, a further meeting will be held to finalise the long outstanding issue (we were informed by the contractor that approval for the sound barrier to be built outside of MPSJ's land has not been obtained). For the sound barrier in USJ3C, the trees will be planted before Chinese New Year and will be planted in accordance to the modified lay out of the sound barrier.

(d) Mengadakan laluan jambatan hanya untuk kenderaan ringan.
Status: Will be built when the bridge is completed.

(e) Menyediakan jalan susur keluar / masuk di flyover SS19 / USJ 3 ke KESAS.
Status: The developer has appealed to MPSJ for the slip road condition to be waived. The residents and I have made it clear that the bridge should not open if the slip road is not built.

On the repair works to be carried out by the developer at the 4 houses with cracks in USJ3C, I expressed my disappointment that the repair works have not been carried out. I want MPSJ to monitor this issue very closely. This meeting has been reported in the Streets, NST and The Star.

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