Sunday, January 11, 2009

SS14 Neighbourhood Watch

The recent burglary attempts at SS14/7 and the coming festive season have motivated about 20 residents of the SS14 Neighbourhood Watch to come out and patrol their neighbourhood few hours ago. Young and old, men and women walked for almost 2 hours for the safety of their families and neighbours. My husband and I managed to join them at midnight and walked for about 45 minutes. This will be a weekly community activity. For those residents who are interested to be part of this, you may email for further details.


charis14 said...

Residents should be encouraged to switch on their porch light at night. This helps deter burglars.

Jing SS14/7 said...

do hope that they can set up a security guard station, my house also kena break in last yr april. sigh, even the girls pad also they want to steal. i duno why. ORZ. they come in around 5,6 pm evening time. the same things happened to my neighbour as well. they come in around evening time.