Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chinese New Year Open House

This Chinese New Year, I am pleased to inform you that the Selangor state government is hosting the state open house at DUN Subang Jaya. Details are stated in the banner above. MPSJ is organising the event. I hope to see residents of Subang Jaya there – all of you are invited!

I am finally home after spending more than 30 hours at airports in Raleigh, Chicago and Hong Kong. Before the takeoff at Chicago, we were told that there was a serious malfunction with the plane as an oil leak was detected. Apparently the last time a similar incident like this has ever happened was 25 years ago! I thank God they discovered this just before the takeoff otherwise I would not have made it home.

A resident in Subang Jaya has sent out a mass email to some in MCA and other residents criticising me for not putting up banners to wish the Chinese community here in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration. He claims that because there were no banners from me, the interest of the Chinese community is not being met.

I wish to state it clearly here that all previous festive banners put up by my office were to invite residents and to provide details of our open house celebrations, such as date, time and venue (hence the need for banners).

Since the state open house will be held at Subang Jaya, there is no need for my office to organise a separate open house here. Hence, there was no need for me to produce banners as MPSJ will be producing them. Furthermore, I am reconsidering the need to organise open house for all festivals this year due to the economic situation. I would rather use the thousands of ringgit to assist those in need in Subang Jaya.

I have a lot of respect for tradition. I celebrate Chinese New Year too, but I simply cannot comprehend the logic of such an argument where banners would indicate that your assemblymen and MPs are protecting your rights and interests. I believe real work supersedes the superficiality of banners. I see UMNO banners wishing the Chinese community; does it immediately mean that UMNO is protecting your rights? Gimmicks such as this, putting up banners, giving out calendars and umbrellas, these do not and will not hide real issues - corruption, racial discrimination, and money politics which the proponents of such gimmicks are not bold enough to confront. I am not from MCA; as such I am not elected to only look out for the rights of the Chinese. I represent Malaysians of all races in Subang Jaya. The people in BN and MCA will not understand this. When will Malaysians truly reject the arguments of race and all the excesses of race-based politics?


Eyes Wide Open said...

Much respect for you YB.

We need more people like you in government - more work, less politicking.

Would you consider running for parliament next term?

sai fun said...

Bravo, YB! Well said! We have had enough of show; let's have some wisdom for a change. Banners don't help the needy in our community. The money really can be better spent, and I for one don't need banners to assure me that our ADUN is looking after the interests of her constituents, regardless of race, as best she can. Her track record IS her banner. All that is needed is to have the courage to see with objective eyes and not choose to be voluntarily blind.

By the way, welcome home, YB. We sorely need people with common sense.

pycazu said...

I am not from MCA; as such I am not elected to only look out for the rights of the Chinese. I represent Malaysians of all races in Subang Jaya. The people in BN and MCA will not understand this.
I salute this! These words are what we wanted to hear most! Anyway, don't worry about those banner gimmick, that doesn't change what we feel on UMNO and MCA. I Don't see how it could fool people around.

Suresh said...

You go girl!

I think you are an awesome, ballsy leader for this statement alone.

Too bad you're not in my constituency.

Anonymous said...

Banners are a waste of money! Did you know that a large size banner about 4 feet by 6 feet costs about RM250 each???

4 banners would cost RM1000, only to be put up for two weeks and then thrown away!!

A simple HAPPY NEW YEAR on your blog costs nothing! Well Done!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree that the SJ resident's claim is petty and ridiculous.

Shame on him/her.


Anonymous said...

My dear wakil rakyat, Hannah,

Dont worry la with that small minded gimp. We, the Subang folks love you as our rep.

There will always be some idiots who will make a fuss out of nothing BUT do remember the majority of us here appreciate and know you have the people of Subang close to your heart.

By the way, I am voting for you in the next GE. So, make sure you contest ok!

Anonymous said...

that person who criticised on such small issues should be ignored. I am sure she/he is personally all talk and no let barking dogs lie...he doesnt deserve any attention...
Representation of the different communities is not represented by the number of banners one puts up...perhaps for the next festival, we can ask the person who criticised to sponsor the banners since he/she thinks money is not an issue for such a cause?

Anonymous said...

Perak state government is falling. Lets talk about that instead. Nobody gives a rat ass about CNY celebration banners.

Anonymous said...

Much Respect Wakil Rakyat, YB Hannah Yeoh,

Welcome Back and Subang Jaya people love you and forget about those people talking bad about you. We know that you are truly malaysian. Subang Jaya people are lucky to have you as the Wakil Rakyat. MCA and BN only care for themselves and know only how to spend our money for useless banners and gimmicks. Please ignore them. They will surely lose in the next election after this Perak incidents.

keith khoo said...

Welcome Home Hannah!

Keong Hee Huat Chai 2 u and family...that's my banner!
There are better ways to spend the Rakyak's money than just superficial banners...Keep the money for better use.

Also, No banner can make me feel any better if you are an inferior/corrupted politician.

Anonymous said...

You can't satisfy all hence you are definately right to say that you represent all Malaysians! Its the same as sending new year cards, with the advent of technology most people are resorting to e-cards, sms's, blogs etc to communicate rather than traditional way. Anyway, keep up the goodwork!

Anonymous said...

Agree. There are very small matters as compare to the amount of work to be done. MCA, BN LOVES to announce open house. They think they can bride the people with kachang puteh whereas they are reaping millions into the pockets. BN take many and the leftovers are for the DOGS.

Anonymous said...


Welcome home. Glad to have you back

Re the banner nonsense. Forget it. Better to get groceries to the needy than hanging up environment unfriendly banners. Greetings don't fill stomachs. Only real food does.

Keep up the good work. Take care and keep well.

The Malaysian Explorer said...

Welcome back. See you at the open house.

Visit Malaysia Facts for quick facts and interesting information about Malaysia.

GdYr Court 9 resident said...

YB Hannah Yeoh, thank you so much for this message. I am a guy but tears welled up immediately inside me after reading your msg. I am very touched that you are telling it as it is. Are these pettiness from all races regarding these 'symbolic gestures' has to be done away with. frankly speaking as a Chinese, i could not care less if my ADUN was Chinese, or malay, Indian or whatever. But this person must have the heart to transcend racial boundaries.Whether it is govt or the individual, our empathy for the weak and downtrodden must be colorblind. We have so much to improve in this regards and let us strive to do so everyday. There is enough politicking. The doers such as yourself are few and far in between.

DanLee said...

well done Hannah! Yes, look beyond the skin colour pls!! We are Malaysians, PERIOD!

UniversalTraveller65 said...

To YB Hannah,

A warm & safe return to Malaysia.You can save a lot time & energy doing the things needed to be done.
The people of SJ "sayang" you, respect you & have high opinion of yourself.
Please DO NOT WASTE time responding to political bigots.
I rather read on the on goings in Selangor

petluc said...

Welcome Back!

Certainly, A Leader of the People; of Anak Bangsa Malaysia is something that BN leaders cannot comprehend.

You are indeed a Harapan Negara; you are truly a leader of the people; of all Malaysians irrespective of race, religion, economic status etc.

I salute you!

Anonymous said...

Bravo YB - Well said!!!! We need someone like you and not a NO ACTION TALK ONLY figure. What the point of having a banner wishing CNY whereas everything is neglected by the previous YB.... so typical small brain

tailik said...

welcom back !
all those corrupted regime racist umno/bn banners r up there is to ADVERTISED themself only.
when rakyat is looking for them for help, habuk pun tak nampak mereka !
YB of regime umno/bn hanya service taukei taukei besar for 'projects $$$$$' only !
u've done us proud. keep up ur good work.

Anonymous said...

Kudos YB! Happy New Year to you and your family!


jing said...

hoefully i will get to see you tonight and take picture with you...^^

true patriot said...

Dear YB

If more YB has yr courage to say what needed to be said to their supporters, Malaysian voters would have been much more mature by now. Both you & RPK are the type who dare to educate your supporters for their benefit at the risk of offending them.

Wish more reps, at least the PR reps will flw yr example; and wish Malaysians, at least the PR supporters will accept such educational advice for a greater vision.

Cheers !

rainstorm said...

Well said YB. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Yi Su said...

MCA likes to waste money on items like banners and buntings.

I supposed they will need give out contracts to these supporters to continuously fund their campaigns

Anonymous said...

YB, YB terlalu sensitif .. i think kebanyakan gadis betul-betul serupa Lah. Ada yang kata gadis tidak boleh ahli politik. seperti cik hee dari Perak. Mungkin dia terlalu sensitif kepada ngeh dan tersingguh oleh croni-croni beliau...dia merajuk dan lompat seperti kotak kepada perkara reneh, jangan buang masa...terkejut baca blog yang panjang...cari kerja yang lebih penting. YB harus seperti MD, tiada masa untuk isu-isu kecil, lagipun mentaip blog post atas emel remeh.... Isu kecil boleh diselesaikan oleh PA-PA...
Antara isu besar seperti mengawal polis untuk mencari penyelesaian isu lalu lintas atau mencari penyelesaian untuk mengurangkan rasuah staff yang degil di bangunan besar MPSJ, dan padang masih rosak, jalan masih rosak...

Anonymous said...

Agree 110% with what you said!

For all you know, that person who sent out that e-mail was planted by MCA to tranish your name.

To hell they go!

They should look at the bigger picture. Making a big issue out of not having CNY banners just doesn't make sense. Like you have rightly put it, the real issues such as corruption, money politics, etc must be nibbed in the bud!

Yes, DAP represents the interest of ALL Malaysians and NOT just a specific race.

Do not fall into UMNO & BN's political trap. Politics is getting very dangerous in Malaysia, especially with the new in-coming PM. Do a good job and voters will vote you in again for many terms to come. At the same time also, becareful of those BN goons. They are out to get you the moment you make a single mistake!