Sunday, February 1, 2009

Completion of program

I arrived at Raleigh on Monday and the very same night, Steven and I were treated to a Chinese New Year feast by two new Malaysian friends we met - Ong Kian Ming and his wife, Ee Leng.
Ong Kian Ming is in his final year of his PhD studies in political science at Duke University and is a regular contributor to Malaysiakini. We had a great time discussing and catching up on politics in Malaysia.
In Raleigh, we also visited the local council there and had meetings with its commissioner, representatives from the Governor's office and Department of the Secretary of State for North Carolina.
I received my certificate of completion for this program and said goodbye to friends I have met from around the world. I left Raleigh yesterday and headed to the city of Wilmington for my final meeting with the mayor of this city. I will blog about the purpose of this meeting in my next posting.

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