Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fighting dengue in PJS 9, Bandar Sunway

Last weekend I organised an anti-dengue program in PJS 9. This was a combined effort by my office, MPSJ, Rukun Tetangga of PJS 9 (RT), Jawatankuasa Penduduk Zone 2 (JKP) and Alam Flora. 3 positive cases have been reported since January 2009. About 15 residents turned up to assist in this program. MPSJ enforcement officers conducted spot checks at houses while residents and I moved in groups to knock on neighbours' doors to distribute pamphlets and sachets of the larvicide Abate. We walked for more than 3 hours and managed to cover 867 houses. When I saw the condition of the drains there, I instructed Alam Flora to begin cleaning them immediately and we discovered that renovation debris and tiles had clogged up the drains. Next week, we will be conducting spot checks in USJ area. You can read more about it in NST and The Star.

With RT residents and JKP members

Me, telling residents to check their houses

RT members reminding their neighbours about the danger of dengue

With En Mat Nor, deputy chairman of RT knocking on doors

MPSJ enforcement officers

Alam Flora workers cleaning up drains


Subangfan said...

Haha, YB Hannah, I think you are the most qualified person to be our Minister of Health when the PR takes over the Federal Government.

Nori said...

How Great! You walked for more than 3 hours and was able to cover 867 houses? This should put you in the Malaysia Book Of Records. Has KJ's supporter any comment?

Anonymous said...

Just One note YB, Alam Flora already has a contract with MPSJ to clean the drains on a regular basis.

Instead of using high power jets as they did on that day, most of the time they come with cangkul and are only able to clean what they can see, how about under the culverts etc .. they remain clogged

Let's start getting them to deliver on what we pay them to do!!

Anonymous said...

Using high power jet result in more water and if the water does not flow, then it become a nest for the moaquitoes. High power jet may flush at that point, but the rubbish and sediments still in the drain maybe further downstream. The end result is still the same - ponding for mosquitoes. The only solution is to carry out an inspection to ensure there is no pointing and built trash rack to entrances of every culverts and rubbish bins. Educate people not to use drains as rubbish bins. all aquatic life will also die if as the rubbish causes contimation

Anonymous said...



Subang Indah said...


I live next to the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. I was told that there were about 7 dengue cases at this apartment in PJS 11/6. They have done fogging twice here.

Sunway Lagoon does it's fogging quite regularly. What I've noticed is each time it is done, there seem to be more mosquitoes over at this apartment that I'm staying.

I mean lots and lots of mosquitoes.

Does fogging chase the mosquitoes away from one place to another?

I know I may sound ignorant here. But I am.

Thanks for reading.