Wednesday, February 11, 2009

War on dengue continues...

I accompanied the MPSJ Health Team on their rounds of spot-checks and fogging at SS15 Subang Jaya last week, a day after I arrived from the US. I urge every resident to continuously inspect your homes, especially indoors for potential breeding grounds of aedes mosquitoes. Just spend 10 minutes a week and you can save your life and your neighbours' lives. Read more about dengue here. May I say it again - fogging is not the only solution! Many residents only want to see fogging done but they do not participate in cleaning and checking their own households for potential breeding grounds. Fogging only kills adult mosquitoes. Therefore it is imperative for us to cooperate by doing our part.

MPSJ has informed me that at this point, there are no hotspots in the Subang Jaya constituency yet - however we cannot afford to sit back and wait. I will be urging MPSJ to monitor public areas to ensure they are free from breeding grounds for aedes mosquitoes. If you suspect anywhere in your neighbourhood to be potential breeding grounds (clean, clear water catchments sheltered from direct sunlight), please lodge a complaint with MPSJ directly and immediately.

Efforts have also been made to coordinate with resident groups to educate neighbours. Every second week for this month and next month, I will be going to different neighbourhoods in Subang Jaya with MPSJ to conduct spot checks. Look out, you may just find me at your doorstep!

Me donning a protective mask during a fogging activity in SS15

MPSJ has informed me that breeding grounds have been found in some schools in Subang Jaya. The school authorities (and not MPSJ) are responsible for ensuring that the school compounds are free from breeding grounds. MPSJ has discovered the following in these schools:

Sek Ren Agama Integrasi SS15 - 1 breeding ground
SMK Subang Utama, SS18 - 4 breeding grounds
SMK Seafield, USJ 2 - 2 breeding grounds

I strongly urge the school authorities to take this seriously. Lives of hundreds, if not thousands of children are at stake.


meng said...

There is a pool of water (a very deep pool) in he abandoned construction site diagonal to GIANT in USJ1. The fencing is gone at some parts and if you look in, its gotta be a breding ground.

Lumut Voters said...

We are residents of Sitiawan, a town where our YB Kong Cho Ha, the Timbalan Menteri Kewangan, lives. If you walk around the town, you can see mosquito breeding grounds everywhere. I wonder what our MP Kong has to comment. Isn't it part of his responsibility to ensure that we live in a dengue-free environment?

Anonymous said...

Lumut Voters, there's a saying that when there's a fire in your house, you don't go to your neighbour's house to talk about fire-fighting.
You should complain direct to the local council instead of counting sheep in ur own home.
There's no benefit in talking politics in here when lives are at risk...go call your council and rid ur place of aedes

stella said...

Commonlah, this 10mins campaign was done last year to no effect. Subang Jaya is still a hotspot.

Time to think of a better idea? Is your large team of assistants empty of ideas?

Francis said...

Stella, why can't u read the posting carefully before posting your thoughts? Hannah has already said that Subang Jaya is NOT a hotspot at this moment.

Can you propose any new ideas instead of being such an armchair critic? We have too much of such people around, only good at complaining!

hui said...

i'm a student in SMK Seafield, USJ 2 school. cld i pls know where in the school the breeding grounds are so i can alert my teachers? (or did u already send a letter or smthing to the school? i wouldn't know...)

thx for this blog n ur honest comments btw. =)