Thursday, March 26, 2009

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Edward Ling!

Finally! Edward Ling is married. Last weekend, Edward, my political secretary, married the love of his life, Sandra Chan in a simple yet beautiful church ceremony. Edward sang for his bride as she walked in towards the altar. Tony Pua (MP for PJ Utara) and Edward Lee (ADUN for Bukit Gasing) were also present to celebrate this joyous occasion. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Edward Ling!


Alex G said...

Many congrats Edward!!!! :)

agneslee said...

Congratulation to our Newly WED

Edward & Sandra

Best wishes from

Henry, Agnes, Sheng Yang & Sheng Wang

Bob K said...

Trinity Methodist Church .. always a nice picturesque venue for the dream wedding :)

Congrats Edward!

kenckc1 said...

COngratulation Edward.

kenckc1 said...

COngratulation Edward.Thanks for your fighting of justice and fairness to Malaysian.

Baby said...