Monday, March 16, 2009

Fighting dengue in USJ 5

Close to 50 residents of Neighbourhood Watch in USJ 5 came out on a Sunday morning, March 1st to knock on their neighbours' doors to distribute leaflets and to remind them to clean up their surroundings. Young and old moved from street to street, covering more than 500 houses in more than 2 hours. MPSJ enforcement officers were present to do spot checks for breeding spots at houses. Alam Flora workers were also present to assist with cleaning up of field and drains. I got to know some of the residents there a little bit more after walking the streets with them and listening to some of the challenges they face in serving their community. Thank you to Mr Melvin Lee and Mr BK Sim for coordinating the effort by residents.

Knocking on doors

Explaining to residents on potential breeding spots

Reminding residents to check their surroundings once a week for 10 minutes only

Residents assisting to clean up

MPSJ officers teaching me how to test and look for larvae

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