Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Helping the residents of USJ 1/4

I was informed by the residents of USJ 1/4 area about the problems they face with mosquitoes and the Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) sewerage treatment plant next to their houses. Some of the issues raised were : damaged fence surrounding the IWK plant, the smell on rainy days and the shrubs becoming the breeding place for mosquitoes and insects. I made a site visit together with members of Jawatankuasa Penduduk (JKP) Zone 4 and the residents came out to voice their concerns.

With residents

The shrubs

The mosquitoes/insects collected by a resident from her house

Subsequent to that site visit, I made arrangement with IWK Konsortium Sdn Bhd and MPSJ to "turun padang" once more to sort out the issues. MPSJ will continue to monitor the area in view of the rising dengue threat. We were told by IWK that their pumps are functioning well and that a new perimeter wall would be built around the IWK plant this year. I also introduced the IWK team to the residents there and they established contact for future correspondence. It is all about empowering the people.

Alam Flora contractors were also present to remove the plants that were acting as habitats for insects, as requested by the residents

One of the residents who is pro-active also received a surprise announcement by the IWK team. She was invited to be an "EYE" for IWK. The "EYES" IWK program is for:
(1) Customer who has an account with IWK;
(2) Customer's house is near and visible enough to see the sewerage treatment plant;
(3) Only owner of the house and not tenant can participate in “EYES”
(4) Sewerage treatment plant is a high risk or critical plant (near playground, pond type, problematic plants and etc...) EYES must report immediately to IWK if they see trespassers, anyone not from IWK, contractor appointed by IWK, children at their site trespassing, fishing, vandalism at the sewerage treatment plant or animals such as cows, goats or buffaloes entering the site.

IWK will send their officers to the customer’s house if they’re interested, and if all things run smoothly, the customer who becomes IWK's EYES will not have to pay their IWK bill for one year starting from the date mentioned in the contract released by IWK HQ. For those who are interested, you may contact mohseinr@gmail.com of IWK for further details.

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