Thursday, March 12, 2009

International Women's Day

Together with Maria Chin Abdullah (NGO-Empower), Teresa Kok, Rodziah Ismail, Gan Pei Nei and Jenice Lee in Sunway Pyramid during the press conference on International Women's Day. We spoke on the need to restore safety for women in Malaysia.

Addressing the line dancing group in USJ 11 on the history of International Women's Day and thanking the ladies for their contribution to their families, the Subang Jaya community and the nation. These ladies have been exercising for years now and I salute them for their determination and the will power to complete what they have started.

It was a surprise visit and I gave them each a red rose and Coffee Bean vouchers for them to celebrate their womenhood and to enjoy the day with their loved ones. The joy of being a woman is truly priceless!

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