Sunday, March 8, 2009

Residents' protest in USJ 6

I'm sorry I have not been blogging for almost a week now. I have been very exhausted physically, working and moving about with very little sleep. A while ago I was invited by the residents of USJ 6 to be present with them while they protested against the recently approved 9 storey development on a Telekom land (opposite True Fitness in Taipan).

At the public hearing in June 2008, I requested for the Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) report but there was none then. The application for the proposed development together with the residents' objections were forwarded and referred by the OSC committee in MPSJ to Jabatan Perancangan Bandar dan Desa Selangor (State Planning Committee). I then wrote to the State Planning Committee requesting them to take serious consideration of the residents' objections in view of the intended original purpose of the said land which is for Telekom Exchange and the deplorable and horrendous traffic congestion in that area. Despite constant follow-up with MPSJ over the last few months, I am disappointed to discover that a TIA report has been submitted in September 2008 but I was never informed of it. We have recently been notified in writing by MPSJ and the State Planning Committee that the proposed development has been approved.

A 9-storey commercial building to be built on a land space of 0.867 acre in a residential area is not acceptable considering the residents purchased their houses after being informed via their Sale and Purchase Agreements that the land in front of their houses would be for Telekom Exchange only. So many questions remain unanswered. When was the land alienated to Telekom? When was the conversion allowed, from utility to commercial? Was a public hearing called for such a conversion? The history of the land is unknown despite requests being made at MPSJ and the Petaling Land Office (old files have to be located first I was told)!

Next step - the residents would be filing their appeal at the Lembaga Rayuan while I continue to pursue this matter and escalate it to the State Exco level. I will continue to say this loud and clear - no more unsustainable development in Subang Jaya!


3rd dimension said...

This is only because of money, those approve the project see only money to them, not the consern of the residents. MPSJ is still as dirty as BN time.

Anonymous said...

What is the Pakatan Rakyat govt doing?Don't always blame the staff of mpsj,you are now the boss,so start acting like one.

Anonymous said...

We still have bureaucrats at MPSJ still behaving like the "good old" BN days. You scrub my back, I scrub yours.

Don't they know who are their real bosses?

Please do a real independent audits on the whole MPSJ. We need real solid facts and figures to get rid of you know who.

hmatter said...

Hi Hannah, we support you on this one. I think that the bigger issue is that the state exco has no control over the state civil service. This is so obvious. With the MB and state exco on your side, I am sure a temporary freeze pending a detail study can be done. Please do not let the "crooks " get away with it. By the way, I am sure that you must know that there are many more "USJ 9 " type decision made secretly by the last stae government, probaly all signed at 11pm on March 8th 2009. Please help our USJ9 neighbours.
Thanks for the goodwork.

pycazu said...

USJ Taipan is a hell-jammed place where you couldn't observe any parking space from 8.30am to 6pm during working day, even if you want to do some illegal double parking is quite impossible now! But MPSJ enforcers seem efficient enough on issuing summons (instantly!) even if you just stop-by 5 min to click away few hundred bucks out from ATM!
It is not I want to promote illegal parking, but there is almost impossible to find a parking space even you take how many turns, I swear! I'm sure many would agree with me on this.
Another 9-storey commercial building opposite Taipan?!! You must be kidding, or else only blind-deaf-bloody-dumb would approve that!
Stand on your ground, Hannah, you have our support!

Anonymous said...

The civil servant in mpsj still " crook ". They suppose to serve the resident but instead they always lead us to different direction and work for their own benefit and hope to get away with it. mpsj TIPU

Hannah, continue your good work and we will support you.

Jason Thiang
61, USJ 6/4A, SJ