Saturday, March 21, 2009

Voice for the animals

Voice for the animals as reported in Malay Mail on 16 March 2009.

GOOD news for all animal lovers. The Selangor State government has started taking steps to stop animal cruelty at local councils.
For many years, animal lovers and NGOs, such as Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), have been calling for tighter guidelines and regulations to prevent local council contractors employed to catch dogs from abusing their powers.
Subang Jaya State assemblyman Hannah Yeoh, accompanied by SPCA chairman Christine Chin, made the well received announcement at her service centre in SS14, Subang Jaya yesterday.
“I have informed the State Assembly about what’s going on and the response was good.
State Executive Councillor for Local Government, Study and Research Committee Ronnie Liu assured me he would take necessary action to stop animal cruelty,” said Yeoh.
“For starters, Liu said a contractor employed to catch stray dogs by one particular local council cannot be employed by other councils.
Prior to this, one company will be hired by several local councils. This led to contractors to ‘reuse’ dogs that are captured,” she added.
“Secondly, Liu is open to the idea of having someone from SPCA to sit on the council committee in charge of animal control.”
It has been alleged that some contractors have been charging several local councils for dogs caught in one area.
“In one case, the council overpaid the contractors RM70,000. After investigations, it was learnt that the dogs were not caught in their area,” said Chin.
She, however, declined to name the local council that was defrauded.
The SPCA representative will monitor and advise the committee on animal rights and welfare. Besides that, the representative will ensure that animals are not illtreated by contractors.
Also, the representative will make sure the guidelines on catching and exterminating stray dogs as set out by the Department of Veterinary Services is followed.
On March 6, Malay Mail highlighted the issue with pictures showing captured dogs placed in vehicles with no cages to separate them as stipulated in the May 2008 Department of Veterinary Services’ (DVS) Guidelines on Catching and Exterminating Stray Dogs.
The three councils said to be practising this method of stray management were Ampang Jaya, Klang and Kajang municipal councils.
In the report, it was also stated that the Klang Municipal Council still used wire to snare strays, which cuts into the throats and bodies of the animals causing a slow and painful death.


Anonymous said...

YB Why catch dogs to be paid RM70K or more to contractors. Instead to contractors, why not to RSCPA? They will run a more active and humane programs

Anonymous said...

Hai Hannah, Good to hear about the poor stray dogs. What about stray cats? Do notice that Subang Jaya got alot of stray cats too? Hope the SPCA and the contractor do something about it. TQ

mrs tham said...

Dear Hannah, in our society many are still very sceptic over keeping animals especially strays. Some are with great humane and compasion at heart but very few. Hope MPSJ can work together with SPCA like MPPJ to set up a klinik kembiri here so that the low-middle income group especially those animals lovers can afford to neuter their pets as some keep alot of them out of love but cannot afford to neuter them thus creating many unnecessary strays. Please look into a catch, neuter and release campaign. A moving vet would be great once monthly stationed at a few area in subang jaya offering affordable petcare and neutering services for non pedigree. I guess its a good start to educate people to be more responsible when keeping pets.

kenny said...

Dear Hannah

I am so disappointed with Pakatan with the way it is handling the dogs in Pulau Ketam. It is cruel.

I think this shows a side of Pakatan which I think will make think twice.

I see you people as uncaring and power crazy. You have cause a lot of misery and peoples money to dump the dogs on a uninhabited island. It is causing us money to try to rescue the dogs and give them a decent place.

I say shame on Pakatan. I see you people from a different light now.

Audrey said...

Dear Hannah,

Please please do something about MPK and their evil deeds. Not only for what they did to the Pulau Ketam dogs, but I still see them using snares to catch strays while I was in Taman Eng Ann one weekend. These contractors are just doing it for the money and have no compassion at all for the strays. It's a bloody shame!

Julian said...

This is a great start. Will this also be spreading to Ipoh, where I have witnessed atrocities to stray dogs ?

I certainly hope so.

Thank you.

Stephanie said...

Dear Hannah ,

Do notice that Bandar Sunway got alot of stray dog also..this has made me more worry as i have own dog at home currently.I really hope that the contractor can really take good care of them and not let them wandering at our housing area..

Stephanie said...

Hi Hannah, i would like to send you a notice that Bandar Sunway PJS7 got a lot of stray dogs. i hope that SPCA or the contractor can find them a home and hope it would not disturbing the neighbours.As currently they are a stray dogs use to wandering at in front of my house and disturbing my dogs too.I've trying to get rid of the stray dog away from my house compound , but still it keep coming back and even the stray dog jumped into my house compound and attacking my dog.i would like to suggest that a moving campaign would be great to carry out once monthly stationed at a few area in bandar sunway PJS 7 area to offering affordable petcare and neutering services for non pedigree. i hope that you can take action as soon as possible.