Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What will the PIBGs do?

This news report published on Malaysiakini on 24 March shows how Barisan Nasional is using schools as their political tools. When I was rejected by my own school back in June 2008, the Parent Teacher Association (PIBG) had to step in to resolve the matter and because of their intervention, I was allowed to attend the prefects' reunion of my own school. We need more PIBGs who are free from politics, dare to speak up against injustice and the wrong system practised by schools (if any). I am aware of some PIBGs in Subang Jaya who are controlled by Barisan Nasional and after one year of being elected by the majority of residents here, I have only been invited by private schools and colleges. Teachers are not paid by Barisan Nasional, they are paid by the taxpayers in this country. I say it again - set our schools free from politics! Will PIBGs remain quiet?

Also, read the assemblyman of Seri Setia, Nik Nazmi's latest ordeal in Universiti Malaya here.


traveleo said...

I am a firm believer that politics should not be mixed with education.

Our children's future should be politically neutral.

The way things are right now, current political figures are manipulating our future generation's future for their short term political gain.

It is highly disappointing that the ruling coalition plays such below-the-belt tactics to maintain power - which is slipping away like grains of sands.

Anonymous said...

Hai Hannah It is too late to change anything now if BN or politic are still not wash and clean. Politic already into too many things which they should not be in the first place. It is already like CANCER in Malaysian History. Its too late and a very sad and sorry case.

Malaysian Citizen said...

Dear, Madam Hannah.

Yes, I do agree with it. In fact Educational Institutes are not suppose to be involve in politics at all never-the-less, they still play their tricks on naive ones.

Even I have got news saying that Private Colleges does not want to go against the Government under any circumstances and thus they just do not want to acknowledge the current board in Subang Jaya; which is ruled by the DAP currently.

Anonymous said...

Most of PIBG heads and committees are lead by members of BN. How dare they voice out??? They are using school platform for personal gains. They will not go against BN.

Parents who cared for their children development should step out NOW to stop all the wrong doing of PIBG. Attend PIBG election and vote them out if they using PIBG for perosonal gains and not productive. You need good members of PIBG to protect the children rights.

Parents should not be lazy and "tidak apa" attitude when come to school issues. Your children depends on them to set a good role model for them.

Anonymous said...

This is clearly a case of abuse of power by the minister who is imposing himself on the school administrators and shows his lack of principles and ethics. This leads to the question : Is this guy fit to be a Minister of Education?

Anonymous said...

Since the has-been Minister's directive is meant for currently serving teachers, it would be timely to form an Association of Retired Teachers(ART) to get their consensus of opinion regarding this and other issues pertaining to our present education system.
Likewise, there should be a National Association of PTAs (NAPTA) to get their consensus of opinion on this matter and other issues. These two organisations would not be bound to toe the Minisrer's directive(s) and be able to voice their independent opinion(s) for the betterment of our education set-up.

Btw, it would be interesting to send an English translation of the has-been Minister's directive to the UNESCO office in Paris and see the outcome. For your information, the Minister of Education is the official government representative at UNESCO where he paints a different picture in the international arena while pursuing petty partisan politics at the national and local level.

Anonymous said...

they know that the moment students see for themselves that the much-demonised federal opposition is nothing like what the bn mainstream media mouthpieces have been portraying them as, there would be another tsunami in the new generation.

fact is, this is how they'll continue to stop young minds from thinking. by blocking their access to alternative sources of information. auku is another piece of law that should be top priority for abolition.

- siew eng