Thursday, April 23, 2009

Improvements to be made along Persiaran Tujuan

After the full board meeting in MPSJ last month, we had a press conference to announce the proposed traffic improvements to be made along Persiaran Tujuan which would be implemented on 1st of May 2009. As soon as I was elected in 2008, I requested MPSJ to arrange for a wholesome traffic study to be carried out by an independent consultant. Please click here to view the proposed traffic improvements suggested by IKRAM. Few important points for residents to note:
  • these proposed improvements were prepared by IKRAM, a professional independent consultant and not random suggestions by lay persons;
  • these proposed improvements will provide maximum effect only if the exit to Federal Highway from Persiaran Tujuan is not already congested in the morning;
  • IKRAM, MPSJ and the traffic police will be monitoring the effect of these changes and there will be a trial period of one month;
  • a permanent solution to replace the SS19 traffic light is being sought. IKRAM has suggested for an underpass to be constructed. I am working on this together with MPSJ;
  • a lot of suggestions have been made by residents on traffic issues, however we are unable to accommodate all these suggestions without them being substantiated by a professional report. As such, I urge all residents to give these professional proposed improvements a chance for them to be implemented. Residents can send feedback to MPSJ throughout the month of May, just email them to Encik Mohd Ariffuddin of Engineering Department, MPSJ at

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Updates on Lagoon Perdana (uncompleted units)

After months of awaiting updates and reply from the developer and Kementerian Perumahan Dan Kerajaan Tempatan ("KPKT"), I finally received the status updates from the developer as stated below (in italic). I was at the site yesterday together with MPSJ councillor Ken Chia to verify the status updates. I will continue to push KPKT to monitor this closely, especially on issues pertaining to Block 7 and I hope KPKT can provide updates regularly by calling for frequent meetings. I hope there will be no further delay and that the timeline provided below can be fulfilled. As soon as I receive more news, I will provide them here for the affected purchasers/residents.

Updates provided by the developer for Blocks 1 and 8 - Work on these 2 block are completed and the contractors are making good the defects. We have also connected the permanent electricity supply temporarily for the lift contractor to do their final testing and commissioning so that JKKP can come for the safety inspection. Upon their clearance, we can then submit to invite Bomba to come for inspection. We are also getting our consultants to obtain clearance from Syabas and IWK.

Updates provided by the developer for Blocks 1 and 8 - We are also awaiting TNB to process our application to supply the equipment for our 4 substations. Landscaping works have also been completed. Once all the clearances have been obtained, our architect will recommend to submit borang E to MPSJ for the Vacant Possession and CF sometime in May 2009.

Updates provided by the developer for Block 3 - Final stages of the work is still in progress and expected to be completed in June 2009 for the various authority clearances. Vacant Possession is estimated to be end July 2009.

Updates provided by the developer for Block 7 - We had concluded the tender exercise for the new foundation for the affected section of the building. However the cost was much too expensive for just building up to 9 floors of apartments and we have requested our consultant engineer to relook at the various alternatives to achieve a more realistic cost for the repair and reconstruction of the block. They have suggested maybe constructing only up to 6 floors or less.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eli, please stay on!

The Selangor state government has urged Elizabeth Wong to stay on as executive councillor and assemblyman. I do hope Eli will respond positively and resume work again. Based on my experience of working with her, she has shown extreme commitment and diligence to her constituents and her works.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Close shave

This morning at about 9:25am, I was driving alone, along USJ 11/1G and I was driving very slowly because of a road hump and as I looked right, I saw a Chinese man on a motorbike right next to me and he was about to take a weapon from underneath his shirt to attack me. I could not see if it was a pistol, a knife or a hammer and all I could do at that time was to honk continuously. The loud honk caused him to turn away and I sped off, drove straight to the shops nearby and rang Chief Inspector Loi. I was only thinking of the next person he would be after in the neighbourhood and so I rang SJ Alert to notify the residents. I hope his motive was robbery and not something else. I thank God for keeping me safe. Please observe your surroundings at all times and be alert.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Town hall for PJS 9 and PJS 11

Recently, my office organised a town hall meeting for the residents of PJS 9 and PJS 11 of Bandar Sunway. MPSJ councillor for Zone 2 Mr Ken Chia was also present to brief residents on information relating to his service centre in Bandar Sunway.

Although it was a week day night, the turn out was very encouraging. Residents of different races came to listen to updates on issues concerning them. I took the opportunity to again remind the residents on the threat of dengue fever and how they must play a role in destroying aedes mosquitoes.

Member of Parliament for PJ Utara, YB Tony Pua who is part of the State's water restructuring committee was also present to give a briefing on the current water restructuring scheme in Selangor.

I also took the opportunity to congratulate a young man from PJS 9, Lee Sheng Wang by presenting a congratulatory letter to his family. In my letter, I encouraged Sheng Wang to continue to be an example to the rest of the young people. Sheng Wang, at the young age of 15 produced a short film titled “Keluarga Bahagia Tanpa Dadah” which was shortlisted as the Top Ten in the Public Service Category in a National Competition “Anugerah Filem Pendek 2006” organized by Filem Negara Malaysia, RTM and the Ministry of Information. His achievement is commendable as he was the youngest contestant. His recent submission “Pembedahan Implan Koklea” is shortlisted as the Top Ten in the documentary category. This documentary is educational, promoting the restoration of hearing to those who are impaired in hearing. The results depend on 70% jury marks and 30% sms votes from the public. You can log on to to vote. I hope many more young people from Subang Jaya will excel and use their talents to bless the nation.

As an effort to improve security in the neighbourhood, I also presented 4 units of walkie talkie and vests to the Rukun Tetangga of PJS 9. This group of hardworking residents diligently patrol their neighbourhood to keep the residents safe.

The night ended with a simple supper provided by my office. Thank you to all who made the dialogue a success.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No agents

Lately I've been hearing from people that there are others out there who are claiming to be my lawyers, agents, advisors or “right-hand men”. I have blogged about this before but I will make it clear again that I have not instructed anyone to do anything on my behalf apart from those who are part of my team (details of which can be found on the right column of my blog).

I do not believe in the conventional way of surviving politics - you scratch my back and I scratch yours or we give you contracts in exchange for support. If my office needs funding, we will call for an official fundraising. So, do not give any money to any so-called agents, lawyers, advisors, right-hand men, left-hand men or whatever position they choose to call themselves who promise to help resolve matters on my behalf. I have a service centre to assist residents with their problems – there is no need for agents.

Some people tell me this "You will walk a very lonely road if you choose to think and act straight, without any compromise". To them I have replied : "The day I conform to the conventional way of surviving politics is the day I should leave politics because I will no longer be a relevant agent of change”. This is something Edward Ling has reminded me from the very beginning : never settle for status quo.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

On-site visits for traffic infrastructure improvements

Recently, several on-site visits in Subang Jaya were made together with MPSJ councillor Theresa Ratnam Thong and the Engineering team from MPSJ. A few residents from these affected areas also joined us to discuss some of the issues concerning them.

SS13, Subang Jaya

Together with AZRB contractor discussing improvements to be done on the service road parallel to Persiaran Kewajipan such as the resurfacing of the road and to provide clear indicators of traffic flow.

SS12, Subang Jaya

With residents from SS12 discussing on the effectiveness of the traffic solution in front of the hospital. A prior meeting was held in MPSJ to discuss on ways to curb double parking all around the hospital and shops in SS12. Barriers have been placed on roads surrounding the hospital to prevent indiscriminate parking.

SS16, Subang Jaya

Discussion and resolution on issues concerning entrance and exit beside Carrefour together with representatives from E-tiara development and Brunsfield development. Improvements will be made to the service road in front of the new developments and widening of the very narrow exit in front of Carrefour.