Thursday, April 23, 2009

Improvements to be made along Persiaran Tujuan

After the full board meeting in MPSJ last month, we had a press conference to announce the proposed traffic improvements to be made along Persiaran Tujuan which would be implemented on 1st of May 2009. As soon as I was elected in 2008, I requested MPSJ to arrange for a wholesome traffic study to be carried out by an independent consultant. Please click here to view the proposed traffic improvements suggested by IKRAM. Few important points for residents to note:
  • these proposed improvements were prepared by IKRAM, a professional independent consultant and not random suggestions by lay persons;
  • these proposed improvements will provide maximum effect only if the exit to Federal Highway from Persiaran Tujuan is not already congested in the morning;
  • IKRAM, MPSJ and the traffic police will be monitoring the effect of these changes and there will be a trial period of one month;
  • a permanent solution to replace the SS19 traffic light is being sought. IKRAM has suggested for an underpass to be constructed. I am working on this together with MPSJ;
  • a lot of suggestions have been made by residents on traffic issues, however we are unable to accommodate all these suggestions without them being substantiated by a professional report. As such, I urge all residents to give these professional proposed improvements a chance for them to be implemented. Residents can send feedback to MPSJ throughout the month of May, just email them to Encik Mohd Ariffuddin of Engineering Department, MPSJ at


klang valley said...

Dear Hannah

Thank you for sharing this information.

Increasing the flow of traffic through these three intersections will benefit the drivers.

However, does it have to come at the expense of public transport users and pedestrians - who are not even part of the problem (since they are not using their cars and causing congestion).

Whatever the changes that are made to the SS19/6 junction, a pedestrian bridge should be considered as a necessary improvement and part of the project.

I know that IKRAM is a professional consultant but sometimes the scope given to these professional consultants is very narrow and limited.

Regards, Moaz Yusuf Ahmad

ps. Some people may say that this is not the forum for this discussion and they might be right - but comments and observations shared with mpsj rarely get feedback.

pywong said...

Hannah said: a lot of suggestions have been made by residents on traffic issues, however we are unable to accommodate all these suggestions without them being substantiated by a professional report:

Hannah, your condition implies that no one can give any suggestions on traffic improvement. This may have unintended consequences.


Anak Bangsa Malaysia said...

Great! It's good to know that it will be implemented on a trial basis to gauge its effectiveness.

I personally have heard lots of suggestions from people (some good, some downright silly) on how to solve traffic woes. And because of that, I appreciate the fact that you have sought the professionals to study the issue. This goes to show that you're not simply pushing your idea or your solution to solve the problem but rather seek to gather the experts' advice. Surely you cannot accommodate everyone's suggestions. But it's great to know that you've taken in a lot of suggestions from residents and are still requesting for feedback from residents during the trial period. This is true Local Agenda 21 in practice!

kftang said...

Hope with this development, traffic jam will be a thing of the past!

hmatter said...

Hi Hannah,
What about those of us who stay in USJ2 ( we bought our house way before the folks from Puchong and passing thru traffic cause us the T Jam problem ), go to work in Subang Jaya? We need the Murni/Tujuan junction U-turn to remain open. Using Persiaran Kewajipan will increase the Kewajipan problem. The IKRAM people have not thought over these things well.
Unlike you la-la boys, I think this traffic revamp is bad for USJ2 to go to work.

Paanjang16 said...

Glad to hear that efforts are being made to reduce the traffic problem. May I add another:- have a tow truck on standby during the evening rush at Persiaran Tujuan as a few times the traffic back-up all the way to the Federal Hwy & Sunway Pyramid just because some car broke down at the stretch between SMK Subang Utama and the Tujuan bridge over Kesas. Last Wednesday a car broke down on that stretch and even at 8pm the jam spilled onto the Federal Hwy till in front of Subang Parade!

Anonymous said...


Traffic woes are social problems and there is a limit politicians can do unless they impose a restricted zone like the CBD. The solutions have to be resolved by consultants. But they must also heard the views of the residents as they are input information to the studies and solutions. Also before they are implemented, their proposal should be studied as their judgement can be slightly flawed like the bridge cracks in MRR3.

SPTan said...

Dear Hannah, the proposed U-turn ban at the Persiaran Murni junction will be a major problem for USJ2 residents. How would they access the Federal Highway? The current U-turn does not contribute towards the morning jam as the issue lies with the heavy flow toward the Federal Highway and not the flow towards USJ Taipan. On the contrary, if USJ2 residents are diverted elsewhere to access the Highway, it will result in more traffic jam.


Haris Angel said...

this is an extract of a report by an independent journalist which shows that the Election Commission is just PRO BN! If you support this report, please cut and paste on every group in Facebook. Thank you.

"The same views have been echoed by no less than the Election Commission (EC). Plus, the EC has openly supported proposals by some BN leaders such as Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir and Tan Keng Liang to prevent "unnecessary" elections. These include suggestions for stricter laws, and penalties for elected reps or their parties should an elected representative resign for reasons other than what's stated in Article 48(1) of the Federal Constitution."

hmatter said...

Hi Hannah,
I am writing again my concern for USJ2 resident. What will happen when they ban the U-turn at the Jalan Murni/Tujuan junction. How are USJ2 residents to get to the Federal Hwy? Please remember that when we bought our house, we were assured that we have easy access to town. I agree with Mr SPTan. The U-turn is not contributing to the traffic jam. Stopping the U-turn may divert us and cause traffic jam elsewhere.
PLEASE ADVICE US. HOW ARE USJ2 residents to get to Federal HWY or even Subang Jaya??

charis14 said...

To help USJ2 residents, the traffic light along the Persiaran Murni / Persiaran Bakti junction should be modified.

Long term : Due to the traffic volume, the second lane from the right should also allow for right turn into P. Bakti.

Morning Peak hour :
To cater for USJ2 residents making U-turn there to get to SS19 / Federal Highway, the traffic light timing should be extended during the peak period.

hmatter said...

Dear Hannah,

Can we have Encik Ariffuddin's phone number, either office or Handphone?. Although you give us his email, he does not respond. I have send him two emails without reply. May 1st is coming. PLEASE HELP US IN USJ2 go to work each morning.


Anonymous said...

Hi Subangians

Why you all have to depend on personal cars? You are warming the earth. God said, he will destroy those destroying the earth?

Why don't request for a better public transport? Why not build more bike tracks along the road shoulders. Use car pool or walk if they are about 15 min by walk. The traffic consultant's report is only a short term because of the growing population of cars. Father has a car, the wife has a car and so does the children. Use your simple logic. Where are the cars go to be parked?

hmatter said...

Well done anonymous.
As I said earlier, you have the guts to talk, at least have the guts to identify yourself. I am so impress with you "greenness". Maybe they should give you a nobel price for this "inconvenient truth ".
By the way, we are discussing traffic adjustment recommended by IKRAM, who was commissioned to do a study on traffic improvement for USJ / Jln Tujuan. Maybe it will be a good idea for you to sing your public transport and "green " ideas to IKRAM. Maybe you can convince them.
Anyway, thanks for your great ideas. How come we did not think about that??

Anonymous said...

Neither you have guts to show yourself. Anway, the blog here is not to put rubbish but constructive suggestions. Base on what we see around the world, traffic improvement is only a short term solution. hmatter, if everyone finds the traffic flow along a certain stretch is very good, everyone will use that road!!! Elementary, every a primary school boy will use it. Don't you think it is boring to use the same old road?
The longer solution is to have public transport or to use cycle tracks. If you like built LRTs with the line behind your house. You will be screaming to your ADUN for help.

Anonymous said...

well done Hannah Yeoh..
hope all Adun and Mp will do a great work like you..keep up your good work..

go go go keadilan,pas,dap

Anonymous said...

I am with you on this matter. This whole closure of the U-turn is absurd, and it is a hassle for people of USJ 2. And please, for the others, dont come up with rubbish such as 'better good/benefit for the greater number of people'. I have written an email to Hannah regarding this matter, and we will see how long she takes to reply. Anyway, Anonymous with the green ideas, please take your idealistic suggestions to some other places. Maybe next, we'll be hearing about saving the whales and tigers in USJ 2 from you. Hmatter, I had enough of this nonsense this morning, and I decided to U-turn myself anyway. There is a small gap/turning between the orange cones, so do it slowly and carefully if you may. Soon, you'll see others following you from behind! The sense of accomplishment. Let the others say whatever they want to say. Like you have aptly put it, we bought our houses way before those other Puchong folks, and we were promised access to town etc. No one is going to take this right of mine away, not even Hannah or IKRAM bullshits, or MPSJ.
Till then, if you see me tomorrow making a U-turn (WJC 1111, black Honda Accord), please wave Hi to me, and give me a friendly smile).
Towards a better USJ neighbourhood!
Cheers and best regards,

Arvin Chia said...

Dear Hannah, Great job on the new traffic system. I think everyone has to understand that this is an interim measure that has to be adopted in the interest of the majority as during peak hours, traffic exiting & entering USJ must be given priority due to the sheer volume of vehicles moving in & out. Whilst this may cause some minor inconvenience to drivers on the reverse of the flow, it should be borne in mind that the new system rightly addresses the needs of the majority as based on my layman estimation, there are probably something like 5 cars to 1 from/to USJ versus the opposite. Thanks for the efforts & keep up the good work.

Arvin Chia

Anonymous said...


It is animals like you who don't deserve to live in this neighbourhood!
You are selfish and definitely not law abiding. If i am coming from USJ and I see your beloved WJC 1111 making the illegal U-turn, I will drive my car straight into you.
Maybe the jolt from the knock might put your brains straight and back to perspective!
We are all law abiding citizens and no vigilantes who think for themselves only are welcome.
What is so great about living in USJ2 that you think you can break the law?
What is one month compared to better traffic flow for everyone.
You don't own Subang Jaya alone.
We all have a right to better traffic...not u and ur u-turn only.
If you don't like the present trial arrangements, perhaps you might like to consider staying at home for a month.
Now we see what kind of animals we have caged up in the homes!!



Anonymous said...

I don't even know why I am wasting my time on turds like you, Michael..but hey, its 5.15pm on a Tuesday evening, and I doubt I would be able to return home after the new implementation of this traffic system. So here goes:

Dear Michael of USJ 13,

Is there anything else I could comment of, since you are not a "Michael of USJ 2"? Easy for you to say, as you are conveniently tucked way in the backyard of USJ 13, and this "taffic flow" would benefit turds like yourself, and inconvenient the rest of the LAW-ABIDING citizens of USJ 2. Why am I not surprised to see such comments, eg for the "greater benefit of the greater number of people." What a load of Utilitarian nonsense.

Hence, if that is the case, let us all not complain or bitch (oops, no pun intended about animals) when you see discrimination being practiced in this country to favour certain sections of society. WHY? It is for the greater good of the greater number of people, isnt it? You should give up your rights, because in a long term, it will benefit everyone equally! Can I forsee a comment from yourself that this is an inane analogy?

My point being, just imagine yourself being a citizen of USJ 2 for the past 21 years (Yes, you are absolutely right. We were the first ones here before you turds came along and destroy our peaceful loving neighbourhood) - having to brave through non-sensical traffic to get out to the Federal Highway in the morning.

Anyway, cheers to you Michael of USJ 13! Looking forward to have coffee and tea with you, after making our police report at SS17 regarding our little car accident mishap. Or can I entice you with some delightful chicken rice/tau fu fah in USJ 2 itself?

Lastly, stop contradicting yourself about being law-abiding when all you can think of is driving your little puny brains into my Honda Accord. There is something called intentional assault, reckless driving, infliction of emotional distress etc...If my eyesight doesnt fail me, there were about 15 other cars who decided to U-turn anyway! Best of luck into knocking into everyone of them. Cheers!

Best regards from:
The Animal Lim

Anonymous said...

Animal Lim

Don't worry. Since you are one of the FIRST (U love to be first), Let the government build a flyover especailly near your house just like Seri Petaling so that people who live further in can "by pass" your house by going over and you can crawl under.

Just look at Sinkapore, Krung Thep and hong Kong. To solve the traffic problems to make you very happy since you are the FIRST, building flyover is the solution. Otherwise you always curse when the road tax payer passes the road you are using as if he did not pay his road tax.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I shocked beyond words. I'm ecstatic and I cannot wait. Having a flyover just next to my villa, while having every motorist take a peak at me sitting on my porcelain throne every morning, sure sounds like fun.

It seems that the people of USJ2 are the the losing end.
Can I say that, I finally know how it feels like being a 'minority' and having my rights taken away, and being told to keep my mouth shut, because in the long term, it is for the best and benefit for everyone, eventhough my forefathers were the ones who also inhabited this USJ2 land of mine? You are pathetic.

Please don't be hypocryptical you silly douche. If you were the ones who lived in USJ 2, and you are presented with this whole new arrangement of traffic, please tell me how would you feel. Everytime now, when you decided to bark (again, no pun intended) about how discrimination is being practised in terms of education, economy etc in this country, please think of your old man Lim here, and that you told him to shut his mouth about being selfish, and that you told him to think about the benefit and good for the entire nation.

Time for my mid-afternoon crap at my porcelain throne.


see said...

Dear Hannah,

Thanks for your efforts to sort the traffics jam headache for USJ residents..the traffics been really improved and seeing the MPSJ staffs positioning at every junctions, knowing that surely is yr good deeds.

but there is another big traffic problem which contributed to the jams from Persiaran Tujuan exit to Sunway and Subang Jaya interchange.
when the oncoming traffics from federal highway moving toward the flyover leading to Sunway and cutting over to the bridge and the USJ traffics from persiaran tujuan cutting out towards Subang (infront of SS15 police station)it is really mixed up n so messy. which means left lane cars wants to turn right and right lane cars wants to turn left and all got stuck..coz all cars wants to squeeze thru and do not wants to give ways and the jammed was all the way right after the SS19 traffic lights. this occurred in the morning..

as the morning traffics have been improved in USJ, we will appreciate if there will be some MPSJ staffs or traffic polices to be station there at the exit interchange (from persiaran Tujuan towards Subang SS14,15..and the oncoming traffics from federal highways towards the flyover to Sunway) to guide and control. It will definitely helps.

Thanks and appreciate your hard works, care and concern for the Subang residents.

Keep up the good works


usjTraffic said...

Dear Hannah,

It's certaintly an effort to be reckon with. While it is a positive effort, let's hope we will see the days of traffic woes in Subang Jaya and USJ become a thing of the past.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Hannah,

If anyone have check, one would have seen the recent evening (even until past 8.30pm) traffic heading into USJ from Federal Highway is backed up all the way from Persiaran Tujuan/Persiaran Murni junction out to the entrance from the Federal Highway. Seems like this traffic light junction is causing the backlog. I thought there was some improvement done to help the traffic flow into USJ in May? What happened? I've stayed in USJ for 10 years and the evening traffic there is now getting from bad to worse to horrendous. I would appreciate it if MPSJ or someone responsible for that Per. Tujuan/Murni junction traffic lights to look into giving more "green time" going into USJ even after 8.30pm. A lot of people are only returning from work at that time.

Thank you very much.