Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No agents

Lately I've been hearing from people that there are others out there who are claiming to be my lawyers, agents, advisors or “right-hand men”. I have blogged about this before but I will make it clear again that I have not instructed anyone to do anything on my behalf apart from those who are part of my team (details of which can be found on the right column of my blog).

I do not believe in the conventional way of surviving politics - you scratch my back and I scratch yours or we give you contracts in exchange for support. If my office needs funding, we will call for an official fundraising. So, do not give any money to any so-called agents, lawyers, advisors, right-hand men, left-hand men or whatever position they choose to call themselves who promise to help resolve matters on my behalf. I have a service centre to assist residents with their problems – there is no need for agents.

Some people tell me this "You will walk a very lonely road if you choose to think and act straight, without any compromise". To them I have replied : "The day I conform to the conventional way of surviving politics is the day I should leave politics because I will no longer be a relevant agent of change”. This is something Edward Ling has reminded me from the very beginning : never settle for status quo.


Eyes Wide Open said...

bravo hannah! you make us all proud. Any chance of inspiring more people like you to take up politics in this country?

Anonymous said...


I am so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

I love You

Anonymous said...


Gan said...

Many will try and sway you or even use other foul means to fix you or your family to pursuade you to go their ways.

However, please stay strong and stand tall to your beliefs & principles !

Subang Jaya residents is blessed to have you as their rep.

ronin said...

Well done, Hannah. This is exactly what the Rakyat wants from their elected representatives. If only the rest of BN and Pakatan reps believe in the same things too, then Malaysia has hope. My children and future Malaysian generations will have hope too!

Min Khang said...

This is the right attitude!

Anonymous said...

I salute you YB Hannah. You are real cool.

MACC has moved with great speed,and some are now being hauled up for questioning or being investigated. I am sure, those few won't be the last. And many won't last till the next GE.

We need you to be standing come next GE.

jack the plumber said...

If only we have more Hannah Yeoh in State Assembly our country would be a much better place to live in, if we have more Hannah Yeoh in paliment our country would not have wasted 52 years, if only we have more Hannah Yeoh in Paliment our country would be a develop nation and I would not need to seek employment in a foreign land.

Anonymous said...

My Blessings first be upon you and May the Hands of God always guide you in all things , particularly handling human beings, the most complex creatures on earth !

First, I must say, myself and, I am very sure, multitudes of the public, is pleased with one thing you have done. That is , displaying all of your Income and Expenses for the Centre, from Official Duties in public. At this website and perhaps at your Centre Displaying it.

2nd. Hannah, you have been a trained lawyer and a Christian. You have this great opportunity to combine the talents and gifts bestowed upon you God, And, till now, you have used it well.

3rd. Hannah, this Complex Society of Malaysia, interacting between the races and religion, waht Malaysia has advocated to the world, about our multiracial and multi religious practises has not gone down well with the world, particularly to those who has operated their affairs in Malaysia and has seen it all. What we say is not what they see. Therefore,
Hannah, please do something about it on long term basis. As an ADUN, correct this picture in a larger context and may the Federal Government take notice and use it as a Model for the future.

Finally, I pray that the Good Lord will Bless your hands, give you a Spirit of Boldness and not timidity, grant you Peace and Bless you Abudantly i n all the things that you do.

Beck Chew

Anonymous said...

Hannah, you are my best YB! Muacks!

Anonymous said...

ADUN Hannah,

You are a model ADUN in Selangor and Malaysia.

Your principles and honour means more to you than little gains.

Keep up the good work and keep your party and PR flag flying high.

Your work had been appreciated by all in Subang Jaya and the Selangor State government is a model state with good governance.

Anonymous said...


I respect and admire your principles. Not many can stand by them for a very long time. Don't give up.

Hope you can speed up the development of essential infrastructure in Subang. The LRT & Public Transport network is a very big agenda for Subang residents. It has been all talk, but very little action.

The crime rates in Subang have not improved. While it's difficult to put a hand on crime, better police enforcement can help. I know there're some good officers, but my personal experience with reporting a crime has not been taken seriously by the police. This is with reference to the SS15 police station. Many may disagree, but this is what I experienced. Most residents are going for 'security / gated' communities. Many residents belief the police will not help them. This is what Subang has became.

This not is not intended to discourage your strive, but only to highlight where we have been lacking and needs improvement.

I belief you have the people's trust already - this you have already won. Now the focus is, really the time to deliver and make things happen. For principles alone cannot serve.

Subang Resident Hoping for Great Things, Ken

agnes said...


Well Said and Well Done...

You are the "ROLE MODELS" for the Youth and the Young. Hope the Old will learn from you, the positive attitude. "Black is Black, White is White... no nonsenses and no compromise.

Malaysia will be a better country if all politicians think like you.

Keep up with your noble works.

Alan said...

Stick to your principles, Hannah.

You are totally different others so called politician.

To me, you are the one who serve
the community, and I rather call
you "Wakil Rakyat", instead
of politician.

It is tought to find a new-age
wakil rakyat like you. I hope
that we will have more Wakil Rakyat
like you (in this country) in the

Take care.

USJ 8 Resident.

Anonymous said...

Righteousness does indeed exalt a nation.

May goodness, wisdom, righteousness and fairness guide your hand always; and may you be forever strongly upright.

I wish I could be just like you. When I come back to Subang Jaya, maybe I can meet you.

Whatmeworry said...

Happy Easter to you. If you are honest in the way you do things, nobody can touch you.

Anonymous said...

dear hannah,
the easy path leads to destruction but
the lonely and narrow road leads to righteousness. Jesus said these words, He understands what you are going through.
keep your chin up! thanks for all the good work you have done so far.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah ,
Light will win over darkness as ure the salt of the earth ....
being an ambassador which makes him proud .
In times of despair there is joy coz we have a future secured and we are to serve our duties and resposibility with principles of integrity and accountability as we are paid by the above and fear no men...