Saturday, April 4, 2009

On-site visits for traffic infrastructure improvements

Recently, several on-site visits in Subang Jaya were made together with MPSJ councillor Theresa Ratnam Thong and the Engineering team from MPSJ. A few residents from these affected areas also joined us to discuss some of the issues concerning them.

SS13, Subang Jaya

Together with AZRB contractor discussing improvements to be done on the service road parallel to Persiaran Kewajipan such as the resurfacing of the road and to provide clear indicators of traffic flow.

SS12, Subang Jaya

With residents from SS12 discussing on the effectiveness of the traffic solution in front of the hospital. A prior meeting was held in MPSJ to discuss on ways to curb double parking all around the hospital and shops in SS12. Barriers have been placed on roads surrounding the hospital to prevent indiscriminate parking.

SS16, Subang Jaya

Discussion and resolution on issues concerning entrance and exit beside Carrefour together with representatives from E-tiara development and Brunsfield development. Improvements will be made to the service road in front of the new developments and widening of the very narrow exit in front of Carrefour.


kftang said...

Carry on the good work. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Pleasee perform your duties excellent because many eyes are watching. Cheers!!!

allurban said...

Good to see that the MPSJ and ADUN are getting down to the sites to get a picture of what is happening.

Please do your best to ensure that these site visits results in improvements on site, and soon.

Also, make sure that MPSJ comes up with new policies for developments so that the same mistakes are not made again in the future.

And if you have a chance, please visit the corner of Jalan SS15/8 and Jalan Subang Utama next to the post office.

There you can see:

An abandoned construction project (which is illegal according to one source).

Dirty drains & back lanes

No safe place for pedestrians to walk

A poorly organized, poorly maintained "taxi stand"

Double parking everywhere and anywhere.

Regards, Moaz Yusuf Ahmad

Francis Yap said...

Info such as these are much appreciated YB Hannah! Thank you.

I'm just a bit disappointed that there are other commentators who would use such postings as opportunities to complain about other areas, like the previous commentator - allurban (Moaz Yusuf). There are proper complaint channels for those things - I do not think this is the right place for that. Go to MPSJ! Direct your complaints first to the rightful authority. MPSJ has an online complaints system, use that lah if you're really serious about that complaint. I can imagine that there are lots more people like allurban who would really put off our hardworking reps.

Ben Phang said...

Good for you, Hannah. You walk straight, you stand straight. How I wish more Malaysian politicians are like you. Your walk will be difficult but rest assured you will be blessed with respect and admiration.

Ben Phang
Pandamaran, Port Klang

Anonymous said...

To Francis Yap

Thank you for your observation. I take your point but also would point out that "proper complaint channels" are not working out well. MPSJ does not initiate community contact ask ask for feedback and comments directly - whereas the ADUN does.

I see my "complaint" as a reflection of my confidence in our ADUN - not a criticism of MPSJ.

Sincerely, Moaz Yusuf Ahmad

traveleo said...

Thanks for the barricades dividing the lanes in SS12. Made a whole world of difference.

While these may prove effective, any longer term solutions in mind?