Saturday, April 18, 2009

Updates on Lagoon Perdana (uncompleted units)

After months of awaiting updates and reply from the developer and Kementerian Perumahan Dan Kerajaan Tempatan ("KPKT"), I finally received the status updates from the developer as stated below (in italic). I was at the site yesterday together with MPSJ councillor Ken Chia to verify the status updates. I will continue to push KPKT to monitor this closely, especially on issues pertaining to Block 7 and I hope KPKT can provide updates regularly by calling for frequent meetings. I hope there will be no further delay and that the timeline provided below can be fulfilled. As soon as I receive more news, I will provide them here for the affected purchasers/residents.

Updates provided by the developer for Blocks 1 and 8 - Work on these 2 block are completed and the contractors are making good the defects. We have also connected the permanent electricity supply temporarily for the lift contractor to do their final testing and commissioning so that JKKP can come for the safety inspection. Upon their clearance, we can then submit to invite Bomba to come for inspection. We are also getting our consultants to obtain clearance from Syabas and IWK.

Updates provided by the developer for Blocks 1 and 8 - We are also awaiting TNB to process our application to supply the equipment for our 4 substations. Landscaping works have also been completed. Once all the clearances have been obtained, our architect will recommend to submit borang E to MPSJ for the Vacant Possession and CF sometime in May 2009.

Updates provided by the developer for Block 3 - Final stages of the work is still in progress and expected to be completed in June 2009 for the various authority clearances. Vacant Possession is estimated to be end July 2009.

Updates provided by the developer for Block 7 - We had concluded the tender exercise for the new foundation for the affected section of the building. However the cost was much too expensive for just building up to 9 floors of apartments and we have requested our consultant engineer to relook at the various alternatives to achieve a more realistic cost for the repair and reconstruction of the block. They have suggested maybe constructing only up to 6 floors or less.


lordapes said...

dear Hannah,

I've been following your blog for quite a while now, and I must say that I'm impressed by you. While I am not a Subang resident, nor even a PR supporter, I must admit that you are one of those assemblyman that I admire.

Whilst others are busy politicking, you have showed nothing but love and devotion to your constituency. Your blog gives information and updates to your people about activities around them. Not spreading rumours and hatred about the other party. This is what a assemblyman is supposed to be. Man, this is what a Malaysian supposed to be. If you were in my constituency, I assure you, you have my vote.

And as a bonus, you are beautiful. I wish I had a girlfriend like you. Haha.

Kudos to you and keep up the good work!

YANZ said...



Thank you for all your hard work, all your efforts. My family owns a unit at Phase 2, and are looking forward to move in.

Take heart, all your sweat & tears are not in vain, your efforts are appreciated. When you serve the people, you are serving the Lord. And as you honor Him, He shall honor you. God bless!

cy tan said...

thanks hannah. appreciate your hard work.
God bless you!

kftang said...

YB Hannah, you are indeed and undoubtedly a very dedicated people's representative for your fortunate constituents of Subang Jaya where you have serve them selflessly and energetically to the best of your ability without fear or favour. God will always bless you with good health, prosperity and long life!

Jason said...

Dear Ms Hannah,

Thanks for your hard work for our apartments but seems that lately there is a lot of delay and no updates for us. After calling to Talam, we are again getting the round about saying either end of August or end of the year. So hereby, we are in need of your helping hand to make sure they are playing us around again.
Appreciate your help very much. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Hannah,

First of all, thank you for your time and generous effort on reviving the Lagoon Perdana project. Im one of the affected buyer. It's really a burden to pay penalty interest to the bank monthly and we cannot get the keys to our home. I called Talam yesterday and according to them, the project will be delayed again till end of the year. May i know whats the latest progress on your side? Please feedback us. Appreciate it very much. Thanks Hannah for all the things that you've done for us.

Elan said...

Hi Hannah,

Please assist to follow up and update the status of Blk 7, Lagoon Perdana. Are they decide to build 6floors/less; or project cancel & refund to buyer?

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,

Appreciate you hard work toward assisting all affected buyer of the uncomplete lagoon perdana apartment.

I my self is one of the affected buyer for block 8, I been trying to call Talam on the handover issue for block 8 but get no solid reply.

Appreciate if you could relook into the hand over issue for all completed block. Thanks


Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,

Words cannot express our feelings, nor our thanks for all your kind help.

I am one of the affected buyers for Block 7 (above the 9th floor). Just hoping that everything can be resolved as soon as possible so as not to prolong our pain over the past few years - especially after learnt that we would not even get the apartment afterall. The developer will never be able to compensate us for the pain, suffering, mental & emotional distress that we have gone through.

Now, we are just hoping to the least extend to get compensated to cover what we have spent monetarily.

Y (17 Jul'09)

Rajkumar said...

Hi Hannah,

Thanks for all the updates.. Appreciate that.. Any news whats gonna happen to Block 7 please? Mine is just right at the 6th floor :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah...
Thanks for the update..I'm one of the affected buyer,for block 7 (level 4).Really hope that it'll be completed one day since we've paid for about 6years without fail..


Rajkumar said...

Hi Hannah,

Any latest updates on the Block 7 please??

Carol said...

Hi, Hannah
Thank you for the good work you are doing, especially where the Lagoon Perdana project is concerned. I am one of the purchasers of Block 3. When can this block be ready. What is the latest situation?
God Bless you

Anonymous said...

Hi YB Hannah,

Thanks for the update. Really appreciate if you could update us again regarding the construction. It's been a while now. Still paying to the bank for nothing.

Update please please.

Anonymous said...

Hi YB Hannah,
Is there any new update coz I understand there is a delay of handover?What is latest situation coz especially the Lagoon Perdana project that suppoe timelines in feb2010 and now heard is May2010. Is this true?

Anonymous said...

HI YB Hannah
Whats going on with this? govn or opposition can call for 1 or 50Malysia for all i care if basic needs such as proper housing are even taken care off!
This is a low-med cost apartment which most of the buyers are of low or middle class.
if everybody is so busy with developing the nation for the rich, who's going to remember us thepoor? I need my place to stay and I seriously need it now before i go depress and start shooting ppl. Come on!! delayed for more than 5 years!!! this is not wawasan2020. its soon gonna be left in kawasan terbiar. Who's delaying now?


Anonymous said...

I have been following very closely for I am one of the affected one.

I must say the developer is not pushing or working hard enough to secure the CF, because they are not the one affected & not feeling the effect! I know because I'm in this line too.

Anonymous said...

i heard colleague of mine said the cf gonna issue in another 2 week time. any owner/ person related can verify this news?!

Anonymous said...

1) Developer issued letter for delivery of vacant possession, asking for bank final draw down and buyer to pay further, but the building is still barricaded and not ready,lift not even in working condition yet as of this week.
2) Developer is asking buyer to pay quit rent and assessment from SPA date till now for a project that have been abandoned for more than 10years before they deliver keys.
3) Developer asking buyer to defer LAD claim to 18months project has already been delayed for past 10years, with a further delay of another 10 months.....

nana said...

hi hannah..
could you please update the news og Block 7, lagoon Perdana?? really wanna know...