Thursday, May 14, 2009

Launch of SS15 Neighbourhood Watch

Last weekend, my office led by Edward Ling and the pro-tem committee of the SS15 Neighbourhood Watch organised a meet-the-residents session in SS15. This initiative started when a group of concerned residents turned up at my office to discuss about the rising crime rate and the gated or guarded scheme. SS15 has a large business community, colleges, schools and residential homes. As such, a gated or guarded scheme will be difficult to implement. However, this group of residents is determined to bring about change in their neighbourhood. They met up with the police and decided to do patrolling on their streets. Very quickly, a pro-tem committee is established.

At the meet-the-residents session, the pro-tem committee was introduced to the residents. There was a huge turnout by the residents. MPSJ councillor Mdm Theresa Ratnam Thong, committee members of JKP Zone 1, Mr Robert Chan of SJ Alert, Dr Roslan of MPSJ and YB Loh Gwo Burne were all present to address the residents. MPSJ councillor Ken Chia of JKP Zone 2 was also present to extend his support.

Mothers also received a surprise from my office in conjunction with Mother's Day celebration. I also allocated money from the state allocation for purchase of 4 bicycles, walkie-talkies, safety vests, t-shirts and torch lights to assist the residents in their patrolling efforts.

I have said before that gated or guarded scheme is not a long term solution. The Home Ministry needs to improve its police force. In the interim, residents are encouraged to participate in fighting crime together for the safety of their neighbourhood.

I urge more young people to come out and assist the pro-tem committee in making their streets safe again. Congratulations to the team for working hard and thumbs up for the multiracial composition, initiative and giving of their time and energy to serve others voluntarily! For those who wish to assist the pro-tem committee, please contact En Borhan Rahmat at


kftang said...

The multiracial setup of the SS15 Neighbourhood Watch by its residents is a step in the right direction to combat and reduce crime in the area. It is a noble effort worthy of praise and commendation for its civic consciousness to society.

To make it doubly sure that the neighbourhood is safe from criminal activities and unhealthy elements, the police should also redouble its rounds and surveillance to patrol the area round the clock.

All the best to the pro-tem committee of the SS15 Neighbourhood Watch.

Anonymous said...

Wisdom words to share...

I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have ~ Abraham Lincoln