Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Off The Edge

This month, Nurul Izzah (MP Lembah Pantai), Gan Pei Nei (ADUN Rawang), Jenice Lee (ADUN Teratai), Elizabeth Wong (ADUN Bukit Lanjan) and me (ADUN Subang Jaya) are all covered in the special May issue of Off The Edge magazine. Get a copy to find out more about our experiences, hopes and struggles in politics.


kimsng said...

omg omg!!! awesome!! imma so get that mag! congratz to hannah! fuyo model wei!! ok after i get the mag imma ask for an autograph!! :D

- No.1 fan of Hannah Yeoh -

kftang said...

YB Hannah, you look wonderful and gracious in that pose! Looks like it's women's power all the way in this 'Edge' issue. Sure, you all honourable YBs have done your parties and the country proud with all your dedication and commitment to work for the rakyat. Keep up the good work. The force is with you all!

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hannah
We are proud of you.
You epitomise hard work, commitment, seriousness in your job & responsibility to the people of Subang Jaya & the Rakyat. Most of all discharging your many & varied responsibilities with zest, enthusiasm, honesty & transparency.
Blessed are those who walk the straight & righteous path.

from a friend wih Tassie Connection

honga said...

Hello YB,

I'm your blog reader from Brisbane, Australia. Is there any way that i can get a copy of OFF THE EDGE magazine?

Anonymous said...

Subscription to 'Off The Edge' :

e-mail : or


kftang said...

YB Hannah, do you ever rest and relax as you have been selflessly serving your constituents with boundless energy? You should take care of your health at all material times. Good luck and good health to you!

Anonymous said...

Hey...great 2 hear bout that...nice 2 noe tat u continue to serve the public with great effort. Take care n God bless! Love from Singapore.