Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Satu lagi projek Barisan Nasional?

I have just been informed by several community leaders in Subang Jaya that MCA Kelana Jaya Division led by Mdm Ong Chong Swen is organising a consultation session with resident reps in her office on information pertaining to the LRT route provided by the Ministry of Transport. Since last year, we have been calling on the LRT concessionaire (Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd) and the Ministry of Transport to provide MPSJ with the proposed LRT route. To date, my office and MPSJ has yet to receive any news from them. This is despite official letters and even a public briefing for the residents which was organized by residents with my office. We have been kept waiting for months to hear of anything from Prasarana and the Ministry of Transport.

A proper consultation session should be organised by the Ministry of Transport or the LRT concessionaire involving MPSJ, the Member of Parliament, State Assemblymen, MPSJ councillors and all affected residents. The LRT project is not funded by Barisan Nasional or MCA, it is funded by the federal government using taxpayers' money. What is the role of MCA Kelana Jaya in this consultation session? So many questions remain unanswered. The Minister of Transport has to be more forthcoming. Inviting selected resident reps to attend a consultation session on the LRT route in a MCA service centre is highly inappropriate. The people of Subang Jaya is being denied key information for the sake of political mileage with MCA tagging onto the LRT project and trying to use this to score political points. I reiterate the case here again: the people's elected reps should not be denied information and access to the due process for a government project that has implications affecting everyone. The LRT is not a "Projek Barisan Nasional" or a "Projek MCA".


Siew Lean said...

BN has been carrying government projects with the project signboard carrying the heading " Projek Barisan Nasional ".

BN has also set up Federal Project Management Departments in the States governed by Opposition Parties to oversee this type of projects. This practice was first applied to Kelantan.

These Federal Project Management Departments would report directly to the respective Headquarters of the Federal Departments and are not answerable to the Chief Ministers of the States.

I do not think the Pakatan Rakyat State Government can stop BN to use this practice in Selangor.

Those Resident Representatives invited by MCA for the consultation session on the proposed LRT should just boycott the session.

Chong Swen 钟璇 said...

I’m very much taken aback and somewhat surprised to note your sentiment in the article posted in YB Adun Subang Jaya’s blog.

I do not understand how a casual & informal meeting which I was planning to arrange with a few residents can draw the ire and attention from YB Adun Subang Jaya in a negatively-perceived manner.

Please allow me to make the following clarifications to set the record straight.

1st. There is no "consultation" session/meeting on the proposed LRT tracking route in my MCA Kelana Jaya office.

The informal get-together which I had proposed with a handful of invited residents is merely to enable me to get some feedback on their views so that I can better gauge public views on a matter that is of extremely high public interest among our Subang Jaya community.

In any case, this proposed meeting is only a tentative which is subject to actual confirmation. In the course of my working with the community, I too need to brainstorm with and get feedback from the community.

2nd. The idea to hold this informal meeting with selected community representatives had its origins when some community leaders came to my office last Tuesday (12th May) to brief me on the LRT matter during which they also conveyed their own residents’ concerns.

To ensure a fair and wider representation of views, I then proposed to them to invite a few more persons and organise an informal meeting to gather more inputs for a more comprehensive perspective of the issue that will impact in a great way in our community.

3rd. There is NO NEED to turn this into a political issue and create division lines on an issue that affects everyone of us, yourself and myself included.

The LRT issue is a major project with wide implications -- the final consequences will ultimately be a "cost" to some sectors of our community or a boon to others in favour of improved transportation.

But before it is eventually a reality, there is no harm to get as much info of benefit , from all sectors of community, to be input for the final decision-making process.

Like you, and everyone else, we are all seeking more information on the LRT route confirmation and all of us , I think, are anxious over it and the impact. It is no point to "grope in the dark" on an important and massive issue like the LRT without proper facts and information.

4th. I have been a resident and community leader in Subang Jaya and USJ for many years and I am equally concerned regarding the wellbeing and quality of life for ALL residents in Subang Jaya -- just as you and other community leaders are committed and interested in in the various issues.

In this context, I am only responding to the request of some residents who had come to see me. if approached, I cannot turn the residents away, and will extend whatever help/service within our capabilities.

5th. I respect you as a wakil raykat to perform your duties, but do not over react and do let me -- as a community leader too -- to do whatever best I could to help the people in Kelana Jaya constituency, especially in Subang Jaya and USJ which has been my home for the past 30 years.

I too am committed to provide service to the community, even though it's under the MCA Kelana Jaya banner. After all, if it's for the betterment and benefit of the community and the people, I see no reason why my efforts and contributions should be denied and/or rejected.

Ong Chong Swen
Chairman, MCA Kelana Jaya

Anonymous said...

MCA Kelana Jaya has no right in this issue to try and "mempertahankan" hak rakyat. Their chairman should just bungkus kedai and close shop.
Yes..we should just boycott the briefing since the division has no locus standi. All they know how to do is organise fundraising events for themselves and gather for dancing classes.

Malaysian said...

Dear Ong Chong Swen,

USJ residents want to know one thing from you: do you have the proposed route for LRT or not? If you don't have one, then what are you doing calling for a consultation session at your MCA office? If you were really concerned for our community, where were you at the public briefing for LRT in SS14 last year? And why aren't u reading residents' views on usj.com.my? Public views on the LRT has been made well known by the community for a long time.

MCA, do not bluff us!

Anonymous said...

Project Barisan Nasional again. I've seen these type of projects almost every where. What has LRT got to do with them? Is not their project. Is everybody's project.

hmatter said...

Hi Hannah,

It is all politics. It sure looks like BN / MCA can help us solve our problems, more than outsider PR/DAP. Remember the USJ 2 U-turn problem? It is all politics for politicians and a better life for us, Rakyat. Nothing personal.

Whatmeworry said...

YB Hannah, you're doing a good job as a wakil rakyat. I supposed these MCA goons are worried and would try their level best to put you and the DAP in bad light whenever they have a chance.

Maybe, they should have extended an invitation to you.

Francis Yap said...


Nothing personal, but you seem to lack the necessary grey matter. Wait till the LRT track run in front of your house, then we'll see who you'll run to, BN or PR.

What has LRT got to do with politics? MCA thinks it all has to do with politics. That is precisely the problem here! MCA is not the elected people's representative in Subang Jaya, so I suggest MCA to stay out of this! Just because the Transport Minister is from MCA, it does not mean this MCA branch is authorized to act on his behalf. Transport Minister must learn to use proper channels and respect our elected reps and local authorities.

Anonymous said...

Why in kelana jaya office? Why need informa meeting and why need to meet some of the subang jaya/USJ residents only. Just keep the issue simple and ask you boss Dato Sri Ong Tee keat annouce the LRT route and when to complete the project. If Ministry of Transport unable to give the answer do you think you can? Don't waste our time........

Anonymous said...

Politics shouldn't involve in Public Transports. Public Transport like LRT is for everyone. Tak kira is BN or DAP or etc. SEMUA ORANG NAK KEMUDAHAN AWAM. So is Everybody's Project.

No. Nine said...

Since the issue is eventually about politics, I like to affirm that Hannah is doing a great job. So what if OCS has the exquisite right to discuss the LRT plan....I will still vote for Hannah. Knowing how implementation usually is, without the elected representative present, it is not going to work to at least 50% satisfaction. It is about time to stop such 'Satu lagi projek oleh BN or MCA.' It is our rights not politicians.

ps. OCS...I am pissed with some Chinese schools here which only allowed MCA & company to officiate functions and the likes. So I stopped donating. I hope others will do the same and let it be exquisitely 'Satu lagi projek MCA' until they change with the time. At least, we get our tax monies worth.

klang valley said...

Before anyone starts to jump the gun, a few things need to be made clear.

First, the planning process for the LRT extension is not complete.

Prasarana is currently looking at route options - and they have not made a final decision yet. Just because soil tests are taking place, this is not a guarantee that the route has been set.

Second, the Railway Act stipulates that after the route has been chosen, it must be publicly announced and there will be a 3 month objection period.

Since Prasarana has not made a decision yet, there is no opportunity for the public or wakil rakyat to object or give feedback.

Third, it must be noted that the proposed route for the LRT does not comply with the routes shown in the Selangor Structural Plan or the Subang Jaya Draft Local Plan.

Fourth, since a large amount of the land is under the control of the Selangor government, the wakil rakyat are going to have to come together and work toegether on a realistic solution.

Finally, TRANSIT is following this issue very closely and would be happy to give feedback to all residents and wakil rakyat, no matter their political leanings. Just contact us at the email below or visit our website.

Finally, I just wish to say that *public* transport is a *public/rakyat* issue and the discussion needs to be open and transparent. The *public* must be of the foremost importance.


Moaz Yusuf Ahmad

Anak Subang Jaya said...

LRT issue in Subang is not a political issue but a Subang Jaya community issue. This is a big project and the impact will be long term.

Don’t be like UMNO in BN. The Taiko Style. I believe DAP people in Subang Jaya can be more open. Two brains think better then one. We should encourage all Subang Jaya Residents may it from Associations, Groups, XX members, LRT users, even the “Padang Uncles & Aunties” etc in this area should start to discuss and prepare to give their views when the Ministry/SPNB call for public hearing before they finalized this project.

Since Ah Beng time until now we are not sure how the LRT route in Subang. I hope YB can provide us more info on this.

kftang said...

Trying to take credit for what is not theirs!

hmatter said...

Hi Francis,
No the LRT is not running pass my house, and I hope that it does not run pass yours. One thing I know that is true, the recent Jalan Tujuan traffic alteration remove the U-turn next to my house, make me take a long detour to get to work and my "hardworking ADUN " cannot do anything to help me. I think you like the ADUN, but we need results, not just talk and PR pictures.
Like I said, it is nothing personal.

sad_klguy said...

Actually this kind of issues I always tell my frens why the project name under Project Barisan Nasional,I discuss with my frens is that the project BN fork out money or the Government fork out money.If the project is sponsor by BN,I had nothing to said coz is their money and they have rights to do that but I think if by our income tax and then they should put Project Dari Kerajaan Malaysia.

I think 1 things about Malaysia is they cannot differentiate Politics Party and Government Body.They just mixed up everything under BN is the Goverment and not the Government of the Malaysian.

I think this should high light in the newspaper,I always have curious here but sometimes dunno how to get the answer.Luckly today you raise up this issues.

Maybe next time in Pakatan Rakyat states,they should put Project Dari Pakatan Rakyat or DAP or PAS or PKR.

Can Pakatan Rakyat states do that?I think no issues right,if BN can do,so do PR.

Yeap Cheng Liang said...

YB Hannah

This is very typical BN modus operandi - informal/ closed door meeting. I want to ask Mdm Ong, if the issue concerns your "invited residents", don't you think it also concerns us all Subang Jayan as a community? If you need to brainstorm with and get feedback from the community, please do it openly in a dewan. Invite state government rep, local NGO, Prasarana Negara rep, etc. , I am sure with this you will get more accurate feedbacks.

A pissed off kampung boy from Terengganu said...

Haiya, everyone knows what's the motive Madam Ong and MCA have. MCA is trying to rebrand themselves. After losing the last General Election only started to aware how they and BN have been taken advantage on the people all these while? I think MCA is irrelevant in this country anymore, especially they are merely fighting for Chinese community's rights, oopsss, I should say only those Chinese tauke linked to Barisan Nasional.

I had bad experience with MCA local reps in my hometown. I am from Terengganu. When the state was ruled by PAS, BN used the petroleum royalty as Wang Ehsan to be distributed to the people in Terengganu. However, the local "leaders" especially those in MCA which I never respect them as a leader, have created so much trouble for the people to apply for the aid. The intention of giving Wang Ehsan may be good, but the local BN component parties were acting bossy, and everyone needed to see their face in order to get the money. Worse still, if they are not happy with you, they will tell you "Oh, your name is not in the list", while the fact is your name is written clearly on the list. The MCA's cronies family members will have several names on the list though! Damn it.. MCA is irrelevant.

USJ Kid said...

This Mdm. Chong Swen didn't get Hannah's message. I believe what Hannah wanted to tell her is that if this Mdm Chong Swen really wants to contribute to the LRT implementation, she can directly talk to her chairman Mr Transport Minister, instead of holding rounds and rounds of meeting with residents which is a waste of resources. Many meetings have been held prior to hers. Things are now stucked at BN's top guns. Just go and talk to your bosses directly, instead of meeting us residents. Our answer is simple, give us a LRT by action, instead of talk talk talk... Crap MCA..

Chmmr_X said...

HI all.

Reading from the comments, I can tell most comments are rather biased even though some, if not most, have good basis to justify them. However, as we talk and discuss about this issue, let us try not to jump the gun and brand people whatever we want to brand them just on certain things.

Let me be clear that I'm no fan of MCA but at the same time, I believe that there are genuine people even in BN (even if they are very very small number) who want to help the community. The way that this can go forward is if everyone works together, despite the racial/political/religious differences. Isn't this what we are trying to achieve? Whatever for the good of the people? Mr. Lim Guan Eng tried to do that in Penang but UMNO didn't like it. Let's not be the same here...

Personally, I believe our beloved ADUN may have jumped the gun a little and maybe for good reason especially after what she had gone through and the trouble the people in the Federal Government are giving her. She is after all, human and I understand why she may have done it. Also, she posted this before Ong Chong Swen (OCS) gave her side of her story.

Now that OCS have given her side of the story, I suggest we give her the benefit of the doubt. Then again, working with MCA, despite what has happened in the past and present, we can be reasonable people right? MCA can cover some ground. Even if it's just 15% of the people affected, it allows Hannah to know 15% more of what's going on in the ground and help better the people's welfare.

What remains to be seen here I suppose is whether OCS is truly genuine in wanting to help the residents and would not just exploit this for political gain and call it "Projek BN/MCA". If she truly want to help through this informal meeting, she would pass whatever info she has to Hannah from that meeting and would discuss things with her for the good of the people.

At the same time, in the event OCS does prove she is genuine, the PR govt (esp. Hannah) would have to be humble enough to share the credit with MCA because in the end, they did help the PR to better serve the people. Isn't this what we are striving for? Everyone working side by side for the people?

Of course, admittedly, this maybe very naive and idealistic esp after what BN has done to the country for 50 years. But all I'm saying is... give OCS the benefit of the doubt and allow her the room to help as well. Unless we have evidence that OCS has info on the LRT and using it for political mileage etc, we should not jump the gun any further.

Let us all work together for a better Malaysia.

klang valley said...

I received this email from a resident of Putra Heights who has been expressing her concern about the unannounced change in the routing of the LRT.

Dear All,

Please come for the press conference regarding the LRT line which is supposed to run along the powerline.

This is the only way we can make our views known to the authorities concerned. Our speaker will be Gobind Singh Deo (MP Puchong – DAP). He is sitting in as a family friend. He will speak on our behalf.

Date:23rd May 2009, Saturday (this Sat)


Venue: Restaurant Mak Jah
No33, Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/6A,
Seksyen 7,
Putra Heights
Subang Jaya

Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend.

Anonymous said...

There is LRT in Subang Jaya? Since when la??

Tay said...

Dear YB Hannah Yeoh & Madam Ong,

Both of you have your respective role to play as political leaders of Subang Jaya constituency even though sitting on opposing bench divided by different political ideologies. I salute you for your effort to serve Malaysians well in uniquely different approaches converging to the benefit of Subang Jaya community.
As a resident of Subang Jaya, I would like to see issues being settled in a amicably way, and not being politicized to serve personal and party agendas.
Personally, I strongly feel that Madam Ong is obliged to gauge public opinions on the LRT issue either formally or informally. On the other hand, YB Hannah Yeoh can also hold public discussion.
As a concerned resident of Subang Jaya, We would like to be informed of the outcome of processes.This is a fair representation of opinions. Let's us make our own arithmetic and come to our conclusion. Finally. no matter how divergent points of view are, always similarities coexist.
Let's both of my respected leaders work in one way and another to solve problems facing Subang Jaya community.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Moaz Yusuf Ahmad

Just curiuos as to the authority has not make up its decision. If they have make up their decision, then what is the point of have public consulation and building a public transport? STAR and PUTRA were build by Mahatail w/o public consulation.

Or it is UMNO's usual style - building w/o public consulation. BTW, why MCa is involved? The transport is non-political as they are all paid by rakyat's taxes. Hanna as the ADUN for the area should at least be informed. UMNO style is not Malay Adat

Baby said...

LRT is not there yet but is going to be built. I wonder where are they going to put it

klang valley said...

Anonymous, the point of public consultation is to get feedback from people ... while you are planning.

That includes giving people some options (different routes for the LRT) and explaining the reasons behind the choices (noise, land aquisition, cut costs, etc) ... and then letting people give their opinions and feedback.

We are more used to another model of public "consultation" which is more like a public "briefing" ... The government/ authority/ agency "tells" instead of "asks"

Hannah is very clear in her posting that we need an open and transparent system of public consultation.

The previous LRT lines were not successful initially because of poor consultation about the routes. The government had to take over the PUTRA and Star lines because of this. Today the Kelana Jaya (PUTRA) line is overcapacity because of development in the area while the Ampang (STAR) line is still not at capacity.

As for the MCA involvement, MCA Kelana Jaya division has campaigned publicly and behind the scenes to bring the LRT to Subang Jaya. Former MP Loh Seng Kok and ADUN Lee Hwa Beng were both supporters of the LRT Extension - for the transport benefits *and* the political benefits it would bring.


Moaz Yusuf Ahmad
on behalf of TRANSIT


Anonymous said...


Who does not want a LRT? Most of them would like to have them but Question is where and what kind of impact.

Another thing is the planners putting a cart before the horse? We might as well goes back to the cowboy and injun - well fargo. Why doing soil tests? It shows they have quite predetermine the routes.

klang valley said...


Everyone *wants* LRT but not near their houses. And how many people in Putra Heights will use the LRT anyways (ok that might be a separate issue)

Whatever does happen, the LRT has to be built legally - according to the legal, gazetted State Structural Plan.

Prasarana is a company owned by the Ministry of Finance but it does not have the right to go around changing the proposed route for the LRT as it wishes.

Prasarana *must* consult and collaborate with the State Government and Local Council in order to make the LRT plan legal - otherwise the State Government can protest that Prasarana is in violation of the State Structural Plan.

You are right that the soil tests suggest that Prasarana has already determined the route they would like to follow - of course it could just be a test for an optional route but that is unlikely.

Whatever the plan is, it must be brought forth and done in the public eye. And whatever their politics, when it comes to LRT & Public Transport, the wakil rakyat need to work together in the interests of the rakyat - not their own interests.


Moaz Yusuf Ahmad
on behalf of TRANSIT

w. http://transitmy.org

tw. http://twitter.com/transitmy
e. klangvalley.transit@gmail.com

Anonymous said...


In Malaysia - under UMNO semua mesti boleh. Just look at how STAR over ride JPS on the Station in Jln Tun Perak or Seri Petaling when the flyover is just beside. The column restrict the width of Klang river and as the result, Ampang Street gets flooded.

As you say, the State Government can only "protest" but cannot stop it as it is better to have the LRT than none even it is not the preferred route and may be running above Uncle Lim's or hmatter's house.

BTW, do U have a blog so that people can comment on the LRT or transportation in Malaysia?

klang valley said...


Thanks for your comments.

If the State Government and wakil rakyat do not protest bad planning, then they are not carrying out their full duties.

You and everyone else are always welcome to make comments at TRANSIT's blog,


other ways to comment can be found there as well.

Regards, Moaz

Anonymous said...


How to protest when rakayt do not know where the train is running? Worst, if simple chores of wearing black and burning candles deserves curry rice FOC and sending helicopters, I cannot imagine the consequences if the rakyat were to protest!